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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Today is International women's day, the celebration of women hood.. The perfect time to pay tribute to the strength, versatility and emotions of a woman, and so i would like to wish all the women in the world a very 'Happy Woman's Day'. As women, we are proud to be playing the role of a daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, grandmother and the strength of the opp gender.. the strength of all mankind.

If you take time out to ponder, On one hand we talk about women achievers and associate the day with successful women.. but on the other hand, even today, woman are one of the worst sufferers in the world whose rights are still suppressed by woman dominating countries. Sometimes i wonder must we only speak exceptionally about the women who have achieved success and accomplished in life.. or those who have contributed to humanity.. I believe, every woman, no matter what role she plays in the world is an achiever in her own way. On this special day, every year, woman's organizations worldwide should take up steps to improve women's standard of living and her rights.. this way, am sure every year will be a better year for hopeful woman longing for a ray of light. We mustn't 'Only' adore our women idols but 'also' attempt to live them.. and also let us all get together and reach out to all the women who are unheard.

Below are the women who i've admired all my life, and some, from the time i've known them.. They dwell deep in my heart and i see myself in them, sometimes even living their lives in my dreams and imaginations.. so who is your woman idol? am eager to know :)

My beloved Mother- She's the greatest woman i've ever known, and i deeply cherish the tender loving words and care she bestowed upon us, as kids.. love you mummy :)

The motherly figure, Mother Teresa- Shes the mother of my city, and the world.. i've seen her many times but i wished i had met her personally, for once.. shes still there in our hearts, always will.

The beautiful Princess Diana- I remember going through papers and books about her before and after her wedding and would imitate her style, even as a 6 year old.. and i loved living my life as her, a princess, in my imaginations.. :) shes always in our hearts, forever.

The talented Nicole kidman- I saw most of her movies and still try to watch them.. b'coz shes my favorite Hollywood celebrity. I just admire the way she talks and everything about her.

The sensational Madhuri Dikshit- I get pepped up whenever i watch her movies. I admire her acting abilities and especially the dancer in her.. Shes my all time, Bollywood favorite celebrity.

The melodious Celine Dion- Oh, i love her music! i live, eat, sleep her music.. and play it everyday! i also admire the devoted, singer, wife and mother in her.

Dont forget to leave me your favorite woman idol in the comment box below :)


  1. Marvic said...
    my fav woman and be my idol is:

    Indra Nooyi (PepsiCo)
    Oprah Winfrey

    Celine Dion

    Whoopi Goldberg
    Meryl Streep

    The Late of Princess Diana (she always the best)

    Mother Teresa
    nisha said...
    Hi Marvic.. glad you visited me.. i like Oprah and Whoopi too.. shes hilarious, huh? so nice to know we somehow match our idols :)

    Thanks for coming over :)
    nisha said...
    Hi Marvic.. glad you visited me.. i like Oprah and Whoopi too.. shes hilarious, huh? so nice to know we somehow match our idols :)

    Thanks for coming over :)
    liza said...
    I love your choices sis! They are also on my list except for Madhuri Dikshit because it's the first time I've heard of her. But thanks for sharing, she's very beautiful.

    Belated Happy Women's Day!
    nisha said...
    Yeah Liza.. Madhuri is truly amazing and shes now settled in new york with her husband and kids, so no more of her.. yet she remains my fav bollywood star..

    i guess most females would have admiration for the late Princess Diana, Mother Teresa and Celine Dion :)

    Belated womens days to you too, sis :)
    Marly said...
    I like Nicole Kidman too..I am her fan.
    nisha said...
    Hi marly.. thanks for coming over dear.. i always admired her, and tried moving my lips the way she does.. hehe.. and yeah, shes talk, beautiful and gorgeous!

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