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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lilypie Kids birthday TickerLilypie 3rd Birthday Ticker
The pics are re sized to fit on the page, so may not be very clear :-)

Oh, am sleepy.. why did they have to awake me.. yaaaaawnnn..
I cant even relish these peanuts i stole..

Am looking for peanuts:)

Got to eat, hope no ones spying!

Hey mom, dont shoot me!

I'm sleepy, naughty mom!


Born on Oct, 2006 this little girl above is my daughter Alisha and will soon be 3 years, coming Oct! I last wrote about her when she was 26 and you can find out about her here on the Baby Alisha category. I should be writing her monthly updates ;)

Language- learnt to talk like a parrot, says "go to sleep, don't say" nodding her head left to right, when i tell her to close her eyes and sleep and she doesn't want to! ha-ha... i guess by the time she's three years old, she'll be able to frame the sentences well.

Pretend play- She does the pretend play very well and bathes me, pats on powder, make-up with a pen, clothes. And of course when am turned my back away, shes taken out my make up and dressing herself. She takes my handbag and walks to the door saying "bye, i going house"... now whose house is she in then? :-)

She cooks my face, hands and legs! he he... yeah she first watches it, then adds the masalas, burns the oil and fries me!! And then eats me too... offering me, my own self to eat!! So i call it a new dish named "Nisha Fry"... am rolling on the floor with laughter right now.. hahaha

Shes loves going for outings and strolls with her dad, and counts the cats, dogs, crows, vehicles and knows the difference between one and many. One means 1, but many means 2... her innocence is lovable and adorable just her :)

Emotions- Gets upset over things and screams over us if we talk harshly to one another, i guess she understands those quarrels and when i spank her brother, she goes to the brother and cajoles him saying "don't beat, bobby nice na?" and then says " mommy, naughty girl".. hahaha... that's because i always call her that when shes up to tantrums. Bobby is my son, Aryans, nickname :-)

Food- Her fave new items for snacks apart from food are chicken Maggi, halwa, jelebi, puris, parathas, fried potatos, peanuts, soyabean(nutrela), finger chips, pizzas and other non-veg snack items :)

Television- Her fave new cartoons apart from tom and jerry, ben ten are haugemaru, courageous-the brave dog, johny bravo, eddy, power puff girls, miffy and friends, and some more... and shes also loves balika vadhu and uttaran on colors!!

Shes a very loving, caring, careful, understanding and alert child. One who will never attempt the things i warn her for, like leaning over the balcony, touching plug holes etc... yet am more alert than her, because at this age, the mind isn't that focused and she may sometimes forget my warnings... And you can’t trust a two year old especially for how inquisitive and curious they can get :-)

Come back here to give baby (i call her Baby, it’s her nickname)... all your love and blessings and wish your kids love and blessings too :-)

Advice for moms of 2 year olds:
If your kids just learnt two word sentences, she'll gradually learn to speak three, four, five and many words added to the sentences by the time shes 3.


  1. benchiegrace said...
    hi nish, thanks for droppin by..i'm glad you like my blog...i'm trying to forget what he had said to me...but the pain still there especially when he called me bad names...
    nisha said...
    Its my pleasure grace, to have visited your lovely site and leave you the comment.. i felt it wasn't fair on anybody's part to walk into sombodys life and voice their opinions in such a rude manner.

    Dont take those spammers and haters to heart dear :-)
    nisha said...
    Its my pleasure grace, to have visited your lovely site and leave you the comment.. i felt it wasn't fair on anybody's part to walk into sombodys life and voice their opinions in such a rude manner.

    Dont take those spammers and haters to heart dear :-)
    Sweetipie said...
    wow she is growing up :)She was 26?u mean month?She is so cute LOL
    nisha said...
    Hi.. sweetie pie.. so wonderful to see you here on my site :-)

    The pics were taken few months back.. now shes grown even more.. shes a bit tiny like her mom.. hehe :-)

    Love to your kids dear :-)
    Syari said...
    oh my Nisha! she does look a bit like Bonnie. He he he. Same hair style. She sure has grown up!! Pretty girl she'd going to be. Your husband going to have a hard time shooing off the boys. :D
    Baby Photographer Minneapolis said...
    Your daughter is so pretty. Thanks by the way for the tip. My daughter is currently 2 and manages to speak two word sentences. I'm looking forward to the new things she'd say in the coming days:)
    apoorva said...
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