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Monday, March 09, 2009

Holi festival is is on the 11th of march 2009. You maybe wondering what is HOLI??? its the festival of colors celebrated in India, and is the festival of the Hindus.. i'm not a Hindu, but a catholic Muslim, which is why am not too completely familiar with why exactly the festival is celebrated but you can find out the history of holi from Here.. and lots more, like how is it traditionally celebrated. I do watch our community gatherings where the people indulge themselves into the music, feasts, drinks and pranks.. People, elders, youngsters and kids are seen spraying colorful water on each other with water guns, bombarding each other with water balloons, and oh, colored power is also literally smeared into the skin.. and takes days to fade off.. but its fun!! When the day is over and people get back to normal life.. its funny to see them wearing skin mixed with patches of red, pink, green, yellow.. hehe.. The people also drench themselves in the water, and dance away merrily to the sounds of drum beats drinking something which is called 'thandai'.

I used to play it as a kid, not anymore, since mostly the day of holi falls on the season of lent, our holy month of penance and fasting, 40 days before Easter. My family was strict on that :) This rings a bell! i am already excited about good friday and Easter :) My elder son, Aryan(8yrs) loves playing holi with his friends and i am not against it, but yes, his father does object to it being a Muslim.

Friends, protect your kids and babies from the harmful toxic colors and try and use natural colors.. and have a safe and 'Happy Holi' :)


  1. Syari said...
    Hi Nisha, :)

    A catholic Muslim? How is that?
    ROSILIE said...
    hello Nisha!
    Thank you for your visit. I must have forgotten to link you. But I have linked this site anyway. WHere can I find your blog links?
    Take care!

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