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Saturday, March 21, 2009

So i finally got the whole "buy nisha a cup of coffee" code rightly pasted into my templates html. Not that i've never got it right before but when i had changed templates few months ago, i deleted it and never had it up on my blog again.

Well my main intention is to help those who don't know how to get the code up on their blogs, and i guess many bloggers would love to have this below their posts and be love and appreciated for the hard work they put into their blogs. Its very simple to do it, and with just a tiny knowledge of html you can do it on your own.

But just to make it more simple for you, here's the code below!

When you login to edit your html on the template page, check the box near the term 'Expand Widget Templates' and search for this line below-

Just after this line paste this code-

Then change the TEXT in CAPITAL LETTERS in accordance to your pay pal email, name, change beer to your likes, and hit save template!

If you face some problem, don't hesitate to call on me :-)

Doesn't the steaming cup of hot coffee make you wanna share some with me.. hehe.. i guess you might just want to buy me a coffee too.. while am spreading love around the world :-)


  1. Liza said...
    Sis, what does this widget do? Do you earn from it?
    nisha said...
    Hii Liza.. no, its a tutorial about how to add the code if you want to put up the "buy me a coffee" widget on your blog.. its for those who have little knowledge about HTML :)

    Even i never knew how to do it, in the beginning :).. i guess like me many people will also want to get the code up.

    If someone wants to appreciate a post, they can just leave a donation of any amount for the author

    have a nice day sis!! :-)
    nisha said...
    Its through paypal, which i guess its the easiest and fastest, and everyone does have it these days :-)
    liza said...
    Thanks sis! That's why I asked, hehe. I've seen this widget all over but had no time to check. Thank you for explaining. I might join in the next few days. :D

    nisha said...
    Am so glad to be the one to explain this to you sis.. after all i consider you one of the fabulous female bloggers out here! always discuss about you at home too :-)

    Am sure there are lots of people who will want to appreciate the hard work you put in and information you bring to others :-)

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