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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My 13 years old younger sister Amanda is an extremely avid fan of the celebrity, Miley Cyprus. I'm sure everybody knows her? She is well known amongst the kids wide world and she is none other than, Hannah Montana the teen that stars on the kids channel nickelodeon on television. When my sister had come home for the Christmas vacations, i couldn't believe her transformation from a little girl into a lady. Deeply influenced by the television star, she was singing and praising the star throughout her holidays. When we four siblings(Amanda, younger brother, elder sis and myself) got together to spend time talking and having fun, there were precious moments i will never forget when my elder sister recorded a 10 minute video while my younger sister sang and danced away in glee. She also used a mike which comes with a mini piano keyboard set and my younger brother handled the music on the keyboard impressively. I wish i could show it to all of you but the video is quite huge in size and can't be uploaded here!! We had so much of fun that day and since that day, my kids and myself have turned into Nickelodeon addicts too! Amanda had even recorded messages like "As soon as I step on that stage, nothing matters. I don't think of it as work. It's just so much fun"... those were the messages she tried to imitate and a lot more. So sweet of her, we still listen to the messages while she's away at school.

Here is the best widget where everyone including myself will be able to vote for my sisters favorite television star, which is for the Kids' Choice Awards. The other favorite teen actor of mine is the star Harry Potter but i'll prefer voting for the aspiring young Miley Cyrus(Hannah Montana), who is my sisters idol. You can also vote for different categories like your favorite cartoon, female athlete, realty show, singer, video games, animated etc.. Just vote and help other fans to vote by installing the widget on your social networking sites. This is a good way for our kids to vote for their favorite star.

The widget is marketed by Yovia, which is a vibrant community of more than 159,000 people around the globe and growing every minute. This voting system is based on peoples own choices and the best kid will surely win.




  1. ESRADAN said...
    Hi, I'm waiting for you blog.
    nisha said...
    Hii.. i dont understand what you are saying :)
    Sweetipie said...
    well,she indeed a talented daughters used to love miley but not anymore cuz she has a bad reputation.her bad news was spreading around the school.Your younger is so sweet.I think she will become a singer one day.Seriously,I am addicted in Nickelodeon too!:)
    nisha said...
    Hey sweetie pie.. i guess all younger's at this age turn their idol into a dream, like you know what i mean.. my sis, i hope shes successful in whatever she does.. and its so sweet of you to say it, truly :-)

    Miley's growing in hollywood sis.. hehe..

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