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Thursday, March 12, 2009

My daily rants have been quite on focus these days, finding out time to jot down anything that catches my sight, and i come across Rahul's Blogs on my screen! An author whose sense of chilling out is highly addicting by his fellow bloggers, and why not, his ramblings are dug out of this beautiful world where cricket, calcutta and the world are intense passions for him along with his love for techie stuff, music and photography on which he shares his views and opinions.

His belief being simplicity, sincerity and his dedication can be easily viewed throughout his blog. I was flowed over by the cute birdie post which has pictures of the bird that fell from its nest into his home! I think its a sparrow, Rahul, i mean i'm somewhat familiar with sparrows falling from nests too.. hehe.. and so here's Rahuls zone for you, where harmony prevails :)


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