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Saturday, March 07, 2009

There has been some terrible power cuts in my city during the past few days. I don't understand what we are thought as, even animals shouldn't be treated in the heat, in this manner. The matter has to be taken into consideration and if there is some maintenance to be carried out they should immediately get to work, or else.. imagine the students whose exams are underway, studying with dim candle lights around them and babies suffocating.. we'll all sweat out our lives!

Last night i could hear babies howling their lungs out and mothers trying to cajole them. It was even my baby who loves watching tele till she rocks off to sleep, troubling me with the worlds winces and cries.. Usually there used to be durations of one or two hours of power cuts, but last night was limits! Imagine, from right to in darkness and heat? i mean, many weren't prepared for it.. like me!

My hubby and son for some reason stayed back at my laws, and me being alone, it was not only a hot night but a very scary one too!! hehe.. am afraid of ghosts and who isnt afraid when alone? But i was more horrified last night especially because i had watched a horror flick on tele minutes before the lights went out! oh god! i prayed, let me be safe.. but am more afraid of humans so let me be more safe from them first! haha


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