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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Have you heard your grand mom asking your mom never to eat a papaya while she was pregnant? Those words rang through my ears throughout my childhood because of a huge family and most were females, from my fathers side, his sisters.. and i used to wonder what does the papaya got to do with pregnancy. I finally got the answer one day when i read it somewhere that it would result in a miscarriage, which i dint know the meaning of but then my mom explained it to me:) I was even during my own pregnancy, reluctant to eat a papaya but not anymore because i've just come across some usual info and would like to share it with everyone.

There is no doubt you can eat it, just by being a little cautious because a fully ripe papaya is not considered dangerous, while a raw is... especially in the early pregnancy. A RAW PAPAYA IS CONSIDERED DANGEROUS MOMS, NOT A FULLY RIPE ONE :)

During pregnancy healthy eating is important and one source of vitamin c should be included in the diet of a pregnant woman, and papaya contains that vitamin c to help you get that recommended 70 mg daily.

"Papaya also serves as a natural way to soothe the heartburn experienced during pregnancy. The papaya enzyme that helps soothe indigestion is called papain, or vegetable pepsin. Papain is found in the fruit's latex and leaves. A fully ripe papaya is not considered dangerous, however a papaya that is the least bit unripe contains a latex substance that is believed to trigger uterine contractions and may lead to early labor or miscarriage. Researchers have noted that unripe papaya latex acts like prostaglandin and oxytocin, which the body makes to start labor. Synthetic prostaglandin and oxytocin are commonly used to start or strengthen labor contractions"

Its also recommended you eat the papaya only if your sure of its 100% ripeness, especially during early stages of pregnancy to avoid risks. In the later stages of pregnancy a ripe papaya can assist with heartburn control. If your in the 38 week and a natural method of induction is recommended by your doc, a slight unripened papaya is a good option.

Have a safe delivery, friends :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Here is an author who writes beautiful personalized poems for everybody who has that intense passion for poetry.. and because of poems being a passion of mine too, i've put this special post up on my blog. You will find some nice advice the author has posted for poem and greeting card lovers. I am always sending poem greetings to my loved ones and its the best way to express what we are not able to, communicating by voice.. so its really a great way to express your love and concern to your loved one, who ever it may be.. your mother, father, husband, child etc.. Its so fits into whatever we feel for them and remember your poems can be customized according to your choice of paper, font and specially for the person you are writing it for. Another good news is that you can even buy your poems in many categories available for a little as $15. Hop on the blog to know more..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh my god! entrecard drops couldn't get any better and all thanks to the new entrecard toolbar.. i could drop 100 of them in almost an hour, unlike before, when i had to click on an individual blog which sometimes opened in the same tab or either too many windows! but now its just one click and voila! 10 sites open up in separate tabs, but all in the same Mozilla window.. and i am so happy am able to join the daily droppers category or else i would have categorized or ranked as just a dedicated dropper with a hint of addiction..hehe.. but hey, no, i wanna be a serious dropper too :)

I enjoyed visiting several new and wonderful sites and reading and commenting was a great pleasure. This new toolbar actually saves so much time and i must recommend it to other bloggers, who am sure will have to agree with me. BUT as in almost every case there are the pros and the cons, this one has a con too ;) ummm.. the PC does tend to freeze a bit but that didn't bother much, and in a second its all ok.. and i could get back to dropping :)

If you don't know about it yet, just Google it and you'll find it friends, but its definitely a very useful toolbar. I can delete the other toolbars but never this one :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I was given this triple award by a lady with a beautiful heart and mind, a sister/friend, whose name is LIZA :) Thank you so much sis.. for the year 2009's first award! yippiiii!!! :)

Here are the rules for the recipients:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!

3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I wish to pass these awards to:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I had been watching the roadies show and every episode mind you, from from the start till the end. I admire those who are able to get the change and make it to this adventurous show. This time its the roadies 6.0, and the hell down under auditions was the best part of the show was going on so far. Raghu one the senior producers usually waits to chew on his prey at the auditions.. on who else, but the eager to jump into hell, youngsters! but this time it was double Raghu with his twin joining him for their prey.. they can break a tough gut person and make them cry like babies, yet that doesn't refrain from the roadies hungry guys and girls to land up for the audition's. The judges got to act as shrewed as possible to know which of them are the genuine or the fake and they've really got the courage to participate in this dammm tough show!

The winner gets to bag more than a lakh or how much money they've gathered at the end of the show, but before that there is much fun and adventure to go through. Every episode there is one or two tasks. A money task, an immunity task and a vote out. In the money task they got to complete a task given to them in order to collect funds which will eventually gather up and go on the be the prize money. The immunity task gives them a chance to save themselves from the vote out. Our whole family loves watching these shows which make you so excited.. and little Alisha too, loves watching, and laughs away like she understands everything.

The first episode of the roadies hell down under had been aired on TV this week and i was in splits at the great fall the yellow group had, flat on their faces. They were supposed to tie up both their legs and hands to each other, 6 of them in each group and run, hop, skip and jump their way over a roped wall. That's how they all fell. ha ha.. then crawl under a barbed wire tunnel just above the ground, and too all muddy covered. Then eat dry parathas and done! The green team won anyway for better performance.

The person to be voted out was Sufi who was out by 7 votes! seems everyone was scared of this handsome hunk, a struggling actor i think :) I remember watching his unbelievable physique.. oh yeah! the girls were disappointed and cried too.. so were the guys the ones to vote him out?? we will know that soon, waiting for the second episode.. next week

Ps. This is the same show that brought out a winner in Ashutosh, one of the house mates of big boss season 2, who then went on the win that show too!! read my label, reality shows, to know more :)

Monday, January 05, 2009

Its been 10 days, and no posts from me on this blog of mine.. i dint even post during new year because of the mixed emotions overpowering me during the time. I began writing but stopped halfway when things went too out of control, these emotions and feelings make one feel so down most of then time.

My new new year wasn't what i had expected, with some disappointments nearing 12, itself. Now, though that did affect my light hearted mood, Spot 12, my husband, me and my kids.. we all burst into laughter wishing each other and happily exchanging gifts we had hidden for each other! Not that i believe in gifts but its the thought that counts. My hubby knows i admire flowers and there were roses for me, and a beautiful lady shaped perfume bottle. So sweet of him.. the kids gave me chocolates and i gave them my love and laughter in return :).. i was overjoyed with the surprise :)

The night was fine, but the next day again disappointments, due to loved ones. Not every one went through an easy day, many who had called to wish me had expressed the incidents that occurred during the day.. some reason for being the hurdle in the way of their celebration, which brought in a gloomy feel throughout the day. Somehow there were mood changes with some more surprises from friends and close ones.. We had cooked a special dish too, and tried to remain happy and at peace.

Well i wont deny that last year had bought to my life plenty of excitements as well as loss.. but what i gained more is something i'll be happy about, and cherish last year as it was. First of all Alisha's growing period was the most unforgettable out of them all, then i found many wonderful friends who've truly turned out very close to me, got to know how to earn myself.. he he, and i got to eliminate the bad from my life last year itself.. you know some of those who treat you like nothing :), anyway.. overall the year proved quite a learning experience.. i've absorbed and extracted all the positivity of the year.. so bye bye 2008.. i miss you!

The new year 2009 had just begun and i cant say its going to be hopeless too, lots more to gain, lose and learn.. lets see what we get at the end of 2009 when we move on to 2010! life moves on with each passing year, nothing to regret but lots to cherish :)

Wish everyone a very very happy and prosperous new year, may each of you be blessed with all the love, happiness, peace, luck and success.. and be good, for Santa will visit again this year :)

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