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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The ramblings of joan are quite interesting as she talks about her training classes of Tae Kwon Dohow and says she love the sport very much. Her hub was a black belter during school days and now they want their son to follow in dads steps. she admits not being too fond of granola, though hubby was, but she began to relish it only after sifting to the us and she once got her granola into trouble when she left it in the oven to bake, for about an hour! In her post, My first Christmas in U.S. she expresses how excited and happy she was, while surrounded with kind and loving in-laws. Her hubby, his mom and his sister surprised her with the greatest gifts she ever got and they all enjoyed Christmas together,

Would like to wish her a very happy belated birthday and may she continue enjoying with a loving family, forever:)

Got this tag from ~Martini

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I guess all my friends have done the tag, so who can i tag now? is that you?
Ive put up the code so you just copy and paste, if you wanna save time!! happy linking away:)

Friday, April 25, 2008

An recent survey was conducted by the non profit council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance in the USA, based on three main points as to whether Lasik surgery was as expected, better than expected or worse than expected and the Lasik results certified that the surgery was safe to undergo based on the surprisingly, positive opinion responses from the patients to whom the survey were sent.

18,000 vision correction patients of a group of six doctors, were mailed the survey with a 31% response rate. Out of the whole total of responses, 91% of patients reported seldom-problematic complications, 22% of them reported problems as frequent or always. They were yet willing to undergo the operation again, as they justified it as a better option, rather than causing themselves inconvenience by wearing glasses and contacts.

I recently signed up for this site called but to my horror i found out that it was just a scam site! I've seen many of my friends and fellow blogger still have the banner up on their sites and would like to inform you all that the banner itself contains a malware virus which is cleverly injected into it and causes some bad sites to pop up and may lead to banning of your blogs from Google and other sites. Not only that, even your visitors may believe that its a part of your blog and may earn you a bad reputation.. No wonder, my statics show a decrease in my traffic! so i request you to remove the banner soon, Friends.

The best part is that they will pay you $3.5 for every 1000 page impressions from your blog and they payout is every 5,10,15 days but whats the use of such a site that gives us malware in return?? I had signed up from a referral and did not know it was a scam at first, until i saw that in the google index.. My site is clean and i don't need such quick money schemes which hurt my reputation in this blogger world. what trick have you fallen for??

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Welcome to a writers blog where you will encounter self expressions of a blogger on various topics, for example there are some lyrics, videos and tons of information in the artist and songs category. He has also put down plenty of advice for marketing strategies including how to sell newspaper ads online! If you're a die hard fan of science and technology.. hes giving away advice on battling virus's, blog comment spam and did you read about alligators blood may be a source of new antibiotics?? there's also space for Sunday Gospel sharing too :) how impressing is that!!

Hes pretty well known for his Opinions, Thoughts, and Creative Writing skills and so, i recommend this blog and a source of information to everyone.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I don't have an idea of how many WWE crazy fans are out there in the world but i know for a fact that they're pretty amusing to many of us. And i also know they influence our kids too much which even gets us into trouble sometimes. Like when my son Aryan was as little as two/three years old(now hes almost 8) he had taken a jump from our couch right onto the floor and that too, while our maid was serving 6 hot cups of tea.. You know the rest? The boiling tea splashed all over him and we had to get him hospitalized for about a week! It seems he was attempting to imitate The Rock(wonder if hes doing Mummy part 4,5,6) hehe! anyway, that hurt lots to see him go through the difficult painful phase but that's over long time ago, thank god!

These days we(our whole family) hardly watch WWE on TV, like there wasn't anymore wrestling mania in us until when i came to know about the great khali, The fact that he hails from India. His real name is a Dalit Singh, currently resides in Punjab(a state in himachal pradesh in India), hes 7 foot 3 inches in height, chest measures 63 inches.. oh my, hes also the worlds heavy weight champion too!

People mistake the tall man as a heartless monster for the role he plays in the ring of smack down. But in reality hes very humble, kind and passionate about the people of his state and has built hospitals, schools and other public places for free. Though he goes places as a professional wrestler, some say hes still posted as a sub-inspector in Punjab police and is still a proud resident of India.

Some interesting facts about him are that hes passionate about cars and loves driving, unfortunately his height is the main culprit. I wonder if theres any car he can yet drive, regardless of his height??

His knowledge of English is a bit ignorant but hes learning, in fact he was also shown speaking to Jonathan Coachman in English when he said "I want some competition" on a WWE show!

Married to a Punjabi woman Harminder Kaur, but shes not that tall as her husband 'The great khali'(i prefer to call his by this name):)

Hes a devout Rajput hindu and his name is derived from the Goddess kaali(Indian god). The Americans call him the great kh-aali but the actual pronunciation is Kh-ali!

His diet consists of five gallons of milk, five chickens and two dozen eggs along with chapatis, juice, and fruit daily.

Has bashed up The Undertaker, Kane, John Cena and many more.. but dunno whats happenning to him in recent times:(

Currently hes my favourite, gone are the years of The Rock, Shawn Micheals(was mine and Aryans fav before)who is your current favourite wrestler????... If you know more facts about The great khali, please let me know:)

To know more Read here

Saturday, April 19, 2008

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Friday, April 18, 2008

What do you think when you watch someone aging drastically, someone in your home or maybe in your work place? I think you would always prefer to work your way with anti aging solutions rather than let yourself hagger away! Its a pity that some people just don't bother about their diet, its equally important to have a healthy healthy diet if you dream not to age quickly. Dont you think so? Ive made up my mind, am going to take care of myself a lot more from now on, as its high time i quit neglecting my diet. You take care of yours too and watch out for the benefits of the list of foods below:)

Green Vegetables.. Your greens should include cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, turnip, ladyfingers, radish and spinach. Don't overcook them to ensure that the important enzymes remain intact.

Avocado.. Nutritious and delicious it also contains a good source of vitamin E which helps prevent skin aging. It is also rich in potassium which helps prevent fluid retention and high blood pressure.

Water.. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily whenever your thirsty instead of the concentrated artificial sodas. Water is the best and helps us to eliminate the unwanted toxins from our body.

Watermelons.. Watermelon is an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin A. The flesh contain vitamin A, B and C and the seeds contain selenium, essential fats, zinc and vitamin E. Combine the two into a refreshing healthy drink.

Nuts.. walnuts are high in calories, rich in potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper. other nuts include hazelnuts, almonds and pistachio. They enhance the functioning of your digestive and immune systems, improve your skin help control prevent cancer. Nuts may also help control cholesterol levels.

Berries.. berries are high in vitamins and minerals and contain folic acid too, which helps reduce the risk of heart desease, lowers cholesterol levels, regulates blood circulation etc.. and they're very beneficial for you.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pink Heart Tag

My buddy, martini had passed me this simple tag.

Cut and paste the following starting here.

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The bloggers am gonna tag are Walizdiary, coolingstar, dru, aor-spectacles and mica.. enjoy doing the tag , friends:)

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Friday, April 04, 2008

My 'Top Hottest Five' Award below from blue dreamer.. am so happy to be counted in the league of hot bloggers:)Thanks blue for creating this wonderful game, wish you create many more!

Tagged by Sweetie pie my sweet friend, a mommy blogger too! shes wonderful at cooking up posts with plenty of spicy ingredients:) check her blog out too!

List Out The Top 5 Presents You Wish For:
1.A laptop!
2.A Nokia N72 mobile phone!
3.A wardrobe full of designer salwar suits!
4.An i10 car!
5.A beach facing flat!

The Person Who Tagged Me Is:
Sweetie pie

Your 5 Impressions Of Him/Her:
1.A wonderful mum to her kids
2.A great and inspiring friend
3.A wonderful personality
4.An awesome mum blogger
5.A supportive and encouraging commenter

Most Memorable Things He/She Has Give/Done For You
Been very supportive from day one, since we started out as blogger friends:)

The Most Memorable Words He/She Said To You
'You are really an amazing friend!Don't worry about us,get your duties done first.I truly understand your situation right now.Thanks for the beautiful award.Love it!:)'

If He/She Becomes Your Lover, You Will
HAHAHAHAHHAHA your kidding me? we are both females!

If He/She Becomes Your Enemy, The Reason Will Be
YOU! HEHEHEHE.. never possible even in my wildest dreams!

Pass The Quiz To 5 People That You Wish To Know How They Feel About You:

1. Who Is No.3 Having Relationship With?
No idea ;)

2. Who Is No.5 Having Relationship With?
No idea ;)

3. If No.3 And No.2 Are Together, Will It Be A Good Thing?
Oh my GOD! they'll kill me after reading this! ;)

4. What About No.4 And No.5?
Oh no, never! lalaine is married and bluedreamer is just 18!

5. What Is No.3 Studying?
I don't have exact details but i think shes studying:)

6. When Is The Last Time You Chatted With No.5?
Hes my buddy and am always chatting with him through comments:)

7. Does No.4 Work?

8. Do You Have Any Cousin In His/Her Own School?

9. Will U Be With No.1?
No.. we're both married! hehehehe.. we're females, actually ;)

10. How About No.5?
Hes my best buddy!

11. Does No.2 Have Any Siblings?
No, as hes not married yet!

12. How Did U Get To Know About No.2 And No.4?
Met both in the blogger world itself!

13. Where Does No.1 Live At?

14. How Did U Get To Know No.3?
She was my first blog commenter and i owe an appreciation to her for that:)

15. Is No.5 The Sexiest Person In The World?
Hes a gem of a person, don't know about how sexy though! isn't it friends?? you can also answer this:)


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Everybody passes through a bad credit credit cards phase and it is also the same for the American population of some millions. This is one of the main obstacles with customers, where building a better tomorrow is concerned. But as everything turns out normal again with a little of our effort and aid from another, luckily there are some lenders who will come to your aid regardless of the number of bad credit loans you've got yourself into, through a well known website like They offer features like home and personal loan, auto loans, credit cards etc.. upon applying for the offer that best suits your needs, suppose you require a loan for that much awaited vacation or to initiate a small personal business, you can apply online for the personal loan. Be a sincere customer by returning payments back on time, and am sure you can rebuild your financial future in a much secure way!

I am so heart-broken today and i don't feel like posting anymore! my Google page rank has fallen from pr4 to pr2!! A few months back, my blog short up straight to pr3 and then last month when Google updated, my blogs rank sprang up to pr4 but now what?? but hey i guess its all my fault:(.. off lately i haven't been visiting or commenting on my fellow bloggers blogs, neither have i been visiting any of the communities i've joined and neither have i been posting.. all these points do matter alot.. so i think i deserved this.. now i've got to work harder and steal back my rank from Google:) you think so???

Anyone has any suggestions for improvements or anything annoys you on my blog? am always open to suggestions and criticisms folks.. so feel free to leave me your comments:)

If you feel you should be linked to this blog please add your link to my linker in the sidebar, but only after you've added my link on your blog:)

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