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Friday, September 30, 2011

And so we are bidding goodbye to a month that was paved with thorns and a few roses, with a river of tears and wee bit of happiness. The month of September had seen me on an emotional roller coaster, with outbursts of harsh and cold feelings, and sometimes on the wings of a dove... but as i keep saying that its a part of life! Don't know what will October bring for me as but for sure i always get nostalgic about things gone by. But hope to see a new September when it comes around next year :-)

On the 18Th of next month my Alisha will turn 5 years, OMG! i just cant believe how the years have flown by... she was a little baby in my arms and now she is one talkative girl blossoming into the flower i want her to grow into. She can talk so much that it leaves me amazed sometimes, if i'm hearing the same pinkish little Chinese baby i bought home from the hospital :-)

Its been months i have written about her... how i wish i could sit and pen down everything i remember in these months... all the milestones... some maybe i had even missed out being so busy! Phew! But yeah come her birthday and i would be the happiest mom to see my daughter touching a new one! Her fifth birthday! Welcome everyone, to the party of the 18Th :-)

Today is my elder sisters birthday, and i couldn't help but pen a poem for her in just a few hours when i realized i should do something for all the love and support she has bestowed upon me in the years since childhood and even adulthood! She has always been the best she could to me and i am so grateful to her for being that whom i can look up to when i needed my mom. So i thank and wish her the very best of everything...

I'm truly proud to be your sister, Faus... Thanks for being everything that you are... May you have a blessed day... Very Happy Birthday :-)

Dear sister, wish you a very happy birthday...
Here is an unpolished poem/note straight from my heart :-)
I thought only wishing wont do as i need something more to say
So i won’t lose a moment coz it’s a really special day
With love and warmth, and my heartiest gratitude
I want to thank you for everything you say and do...
So much i wish for you, the world of beautiful things
May you be blessed with, heavens eternal bliss...
We have grown up as three (sisters) separate lives
But in spirit and mind we are secured as one...
And though you may have fed me cheese when i was born
Never mind, coz u have a hand in the beauty queen that i am! ;-)

You are someone i can always count on coz i know you really care
Like a spring rainbow, our relationship is extremely rare…
With you i share a bond which is utterly honest
And it’s so true that sisterly love out beats trying times of test
Coz Of all the love you can find in the world
Sisterly love and bonding is an in born gift,
This is beyond compare to one a stranger would mould!
God created you one of a kind, none a candle can even find…
And you my dear sister, you are truly my best-est friend!
You are a blessing, an angel, a part of my life
You are everything my drying petals need to thrive
For me you are beauty with brains at its royal best!
Your wisdom is honestly what i admire inside
The inspiration to comprehend things unable to figure out…
You can be the greatest sister savior when i need you the most!
Your calm reaction, your love and thoughtfulness, your forte
To our family a light of guidance you've always brought

Out of all the pretty unique flowers in my garden
You are no doubt, the beautiful-est of them!
So much we have shared, those laughter and tears
I’m thankful when i remember how you banished my fears…
They say friends enter into your life at different stages,
From strangers to friends, sometimes they come only to go
But our friendship was the oldest,
And with time will continue to grow...
I may not always say or do things in return for what you've given
Coz love between sisters need not be proven... :-)
We may have squabbled and argued over contrasted views
But we are still together; something’s burning on the news!
I stored all the cherished memories in my heart, of you
And believe me; i've so many more to look forward too...
Now its time i end here with lots and lots of love
Have a good day, a wonderful birthday week ahead...
May he bless you with everything in abundance, the one above :-)

Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world!

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Was in for a shock yesterday when i tried logging into my blogger dashboard coz to my disappointment i was greeted with a page error! I had loads of pending work and was unable to connect to blogger... no site hosted on blog-spot was opening too. Was frustrating as ever and it was then i was regretting not having my self hosted on blog-spot! I wouldn't have bothered if there no assignments to be completed but then i did have and was in a dilemma whether i was the only one facing the issue or were there others too! I also posted a status on my Facebook wall but i guess none of my lovely friends did notice... hmmm.. as i always say everyone is busy updating their own, so its ok! I was relieved by my hubby in the morning, (its my morning the same time we have our lunch) who informed me as i awoke from my sleep that blogger was working fine so i need no worry any more. On hearing those words i jumped out of bed to check and only when i saw it with my own eyes was i relieved from heart! I gave a slight sigh and went on to do other house activities.

Thank god i did have a few hours in hand, its an added bonanza i guess... if not, i would have been doomed for sure! Thanks Social spark for the extended timing, and blogitive too!

Enjoy the pic below... lot of times i find myself positioned in the same situation! hehehe...

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I hate Networked Blogs! phew! they don't seem to auto syndicate the feed on time and if they do, hours later, or else some errors prevent the darn feeds from being pulled in at all, and i hate doing it manually! Think i got to move away to a new found island... Blovin is great! Cant rely on NB, tried but in vain... :-(

Every time i try to auto syndicate my feeds on to my Facebook and twitter but nothing doing, i still get the error email which frustrates me a lot because then i have to look it up and do a little of this and that, which i hate doing. I thought it was so easier... But Bloglovin is a community which not only notifies you of your favorite blogs being updated, can also use it to syndicate the feeds. So its a great new found community for me and you can try it too :-)

Monday, September 26, 2011

I had watched this video about two years ago while browsing for Music mondays, but i don't think i ever posted it. Wasn't into it then as it was only the 80's and 90's that captured my heart but suddenly when i watch it again after years, something tugs at my heart and so loved watching this interesting video, again and again. Ne-yo, is already an adored singer, love his style. Keri's dancing makes me envious of her, what steps, wish i could dance the way she does! Don't know what made me kept hitting the rewind and replay button, coz on the whole i found it an amazing track :-)

So, here is Keri, Kanye and Ne-yo for you... enjoy the vid, the lyrics are below and have a happy MM :-)

Lyrics | Keri Hilson lyrics - Knock You Down lyrics

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Such a beautiful and meaningful song, and this version sung by Ronan Keating is even more touching, reminds me of Elton John. I was so into the song for a few hours that i even penned a poem, a dance balled coz it felt as if i was dancing with my partner all alone under the moonlit night, but with the birds and night creatures as the audience. The words might not be connected to a dance thingy but the music was so slow, haunting yet melodious and i got the words into my mind perfect enough to fit into a poem... lol...

For guys, you must dedicate this song to your love interest or your spouses... i'm sure she will love and pamper you even more! ;-)

Hope you enjoy the video and wish you guys an awesome MM week ahead :-)

Sometimes late at night
I lie awake and watch her sleeping
She's lost in peaceful dreams
So I turn out the lights and lay there in the dark
And the thought crosses my mind
If I never wake up in the morning
Would she ever doubt the way I feel
About her in my heart

If tomorrow never comes
Will she know how much I loved her
Did I try in every way to show her every day
That she's my only one
And if my time on earth were through
And she must face this world without me
Is the love I gave her in the past
Gonna be enough to last
If tomorrow never comes

'Cause I've lost loved ones in my life
Who never knew how much I loved them
Now I live with the regret
That my true feelings for them never were revealed
So I made a promise to myself
To say each day how much she means to me
And avoid that circumstance
Where there's no second chance to tell her how I feel

So tell that someone that you love
Just what you're thinking of
If tomorrow never comes

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Something seems to overpower me once again after months i feel myself on the verge of breaking down again... on the verge of a deadly battle between heart and mind. I've struggled to pull myself together during the last few traumatic months, and throughout the terrible year and finally got myself together to face the world. God help me get rid of this anxiety, these fears, the negativeness and the anguish that seems to overwhelm my soul. Calm the restless sea within me...

There has already been a fight in the past few months, i have lost a lot and i don't want to lose again. I don't want to take a chance where i know i might just give myself up as i see my heart breaking into pieces scattered all over the place. My heart feels like its been shredded and crushed for reasons only known to me. The waves have been crashing on my tender heart for too long now and its too much to bear... And somewhere between those pages of life i'm losing myself... I'm not able to calm. Let me calm.... i need calmness... peace of mind

Monday, September 12, 2011

On a night when the weather is just perfect, and a bowl of flavored butter pepper popcorn to go with it, what else could be the perfect way for family entertainment! nothing else for me, coz i get to comfortably cuddle up with family on the couch watching that much awaited flick on Tele or the latest movie released which i'm were lucky enough to get my hands on!

But one thing that irritates me is the fact that sometimes i'm actually out of stock for popcorn at home and especially when i'm just about ready to settle down, i find this out! No matter how much i tell my hubby to stock up packets, we always fall short of popcorn which happens to be my favorite movie snack! This is the time i think i should invest in a popcorn machine! I should pick the pop corn machine for home use which is affordable and ideal for smaller gatherings when i have visitors at home. The smaller 4 oz. machine is ideal for kids while the bigger 8 oz is ideal for entertaining elder guests.

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I have seen a lot of people talk about Karma on their status's on Fb and finally got to see it visiting someone in my own circle who has been very unfair with me over the years... it must have been an angel visiting when i came across the person which wasn't quite the case when i thought it was, and no one is ever saved from tasting karma. Its natures way of showing you what goes around comes around!!

The ground i was in a few years ago, i see the person standing on that ground looking towards me and i cant help but turn away coz i can actually do nothing about it and sometimes its good for people to learn a lesson they deserve.

Last but not the least thing i would like to say, i don't think i should be happy enough seeing the person in the helpless state they are in right now but i just cant help but convince myself that there is nothing i have done and its just karma's doings. That the sooner they realize how bad it hurts to be in the same shoes, the quicker would they be saved from bringing sins upon themselves by hurting others.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Don't know what made me say this despite the fact that i'm always a little saddened in life for reasons only known to my heart, my best friend in dark times like this. Its not like i lack anything in life but i also miss my mom aside other things, and its those memories that at times make me utterly sad, and depressed when i think i want to talk to her and share some of my deepest secrets with her but then i cant. So, if were with me today i would be many times happier... :-)

But somehow i'm not the one to discourage my friends when they're sad for whatever reasons, and i went ahead and commented on a friends status on Facebook, the lines below, and its so true that i meant it from my heart at that time and even now. Its because i also cherish the past and i have collected a lot of the happy times as precious memories which i do think of to help me deal with the painful present. I wish him (my friend) all the happiness in the world... :-)

Life is meant to cherish the happy past and not be saddened by it, experiences are never repeated because life is meant to discover and explore new experiences to add to your bouquet, which in times to come, will be your gathered basket of happiness... imagine all that happiness? :-)

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Sunday, September 04, 2011

You all must be so familiar with this beautiful country song by Faith Hill. Reminds me so much of Shania Twain, but i like the song esp the lyrics.

Enjoy the video, and have a wonderful MM ahead :-)

I can feel the magic floating in the air
Beign with you gets me that way
I watch the sunlight dance across your face
And i've never been this swept away
All my thoughts just seem to settle on the breeze
When i'm lying wrapped up in your arms
The whole world just fades away
The only thing I hear
Is the beating of your heart

Cause I can feel you breathe
It's washing over me
And suddenly i'm melting into you
There's nothing left to prove
Baby, all we need is just to be
Caught up in the touch
Slow and steady rush
Baby, isn't that the way that love's suppose to be
I can feel you breathe

In a way I know my heart is waking up
As all the walls come tumbling down
Closer than i've ever felt before
And I know, and you know
There's no need for words right now


I can feel the magic floating in the air
Being with you gets me that way...

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"Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life." ~ Brooke Shields
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Kathleen Turner
"What’s Wal-Mart? Do they sell, like wall stuff?" ~
Paris Hilton
"I've never really wanted to go to Japan. Simply because I don't like eating fish. And I know it's very popular out there in Africa." ~
Britney Spears
"Predictions are difficult, especially about the future." ~
Yogi Berra
"So, where’s the Cannes Film Festival being held this year?" ~
Christina Aguilera
"I don’t think anybody should write his autobiography until after he’s dead." ~ Samuel Goldwyn
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Alicia Silverstone
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Thursday, September 01, 2011

I cant believe August is no more, we will be welcoming it back again next year but then who knows whether they there will a next year or not! life is so unpredictable... i just keep hoping and praying i get to see another August since it has always been an important month in my life. Its like we were enjoying 31st July, our wedding anniversary and suddenly we are over with 31st August!

With June, July, August gone, we are just a few months away from Dec, the Christmas month! So exited from now! And soon we will be ending year 2011, welcoming year 2012! It was like as i had celebrated Christmas and new year just a few days ago but then its months past since and i am still sailing in an unstable boat!

Lets see what Sept and the remaining few months bring for me, i hope lots of everything ;)

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