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Friday, September 30, 2011

Today is my elder sisters birthday, and i couldn't help but pen a poem for her in just a few hours when i realized i should do something for all the love and support she has bestowed upon me in the years since childhood and even adulthood! She has always been the best she could to me and i am so grateful to her for being that whom i can look up to when i needed my mom. So i thank and wish her the very best of everything...

I'm truly proud to be your sister, Faus... Thanks for being everything that you are... May you have a blessed day... Very Happy Birthday :-)

Dear sister, wish you a very happy birthday...
Here is an unpolished poem/note straight from my heart :-)
I thought only wishing wont do as i need something more to say
So i won’t lose a moment coz it’s a really special day
With love and warmth, and my heartiest gratitude
I want to thank you for everything you say and do...
So much i wish for you, the world of beautiful things
May you be blessed with, heavens eternal bliss...
We have grown up as three (sisters) separate lives
But in spirit and mind we are secured as one...
And though you may have fed me cheese when i was born
Never mind, coz u have a hand in the beauty queen that i am! ;-)

You are someone i can always count on coz i know you really care
Like a spring rainbow, our relationship is extremely rare…
With you i share a bond which is utterly honest
And it’s so true that sisterly love out beats trying times of test
Coz Of all the love you can find in the world
Sisterly love and bonding is an in born gift,
This is beyond compare to one a stranger would mould!
God created you one of a kind, none a candle can even find…
And you my dear sister, you are truly my best-est friend!
You are a blessing, an angel, a part of my life
You are everything my drying petals need to thrive
For me you are beauty with brains at its royal best!
Your wisdom is honestly what i admire inside
The inspiration to comprehend things unable to figure out…
You can be the greatest sister savior when i need you the most!
Your calm reaction, your love and thoughtfulness, your forte
To our family a light of guidance you've always brought

Out of all the pretty unique flowers in my garden
You are no doubt, the beautiful-est of them!
So much we have shared, those laughter and tears
I’m thankful when i remember how you banished my fears…
They say friends enter into your life at different stages,
From strangers to friends, sometimes they come only to go
But our friendship was the oldest,
And with time will continue to grow...
I may not always say or do things in return for what you've given
Coz love between sisters need not be proven... :-)
We may have squabbled and argued over contrasted views
But we are still together; something’s burning on the news!
I stored all the cherished memories in my heart, of you
And believe me; i've so many more to look forward too...
Now its time i end here with lots and lots of love
Have a good day, a wonderful birthday week ahead...
May he bless you with everything in abundance, the one above :-)

Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world!


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