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Friday, August 28, 2009

Remember the good old times when our grand fathers transistors came in much use to us as kids because we got to listen to the radio and all it offered? and am going back in the 80's and before, when the gramophone, the piano and the violin satisfied our hearing senses in place of what we now have in the form of Dvd's.

The good old times would never be irreplaceable but what about our stuff that we used to put way in boxes once we deemed it as "not in a condition to work"? well am talking about our electronics we use and throw or put them away as we tend to purchase and use the products once out in the market, as the years go by. It's a human tendency to keep replacing old with new, and with what technology has offered from the yesteryear's till today, its obviously irresistible to keep our senses away from technologies magical and tempting offerings! hehe..

Am sure many of you have encountered the frustration of dumping old stuff because if you dint have an attic, a basement or backyard, what would you do, where would you keep those items to rest? Coming to the main point, now you'll never need to worry as to where to stack your broken electronic devices because has come to your rescue by offering to buy and sell your old, unused and broken electronics. Isn't it nice, that they also buy laptops, cell phones, digital cameras, video games, gaming consoles and all your other items like jewelery and books.. and all in an instant offer!

They actually don't buy your items but instead, search your quote from a network of buyers looking for exactly for the type of product you are selling. You just got to complete the appropriate form and the info is delivered by the site to the buyers, well as the buying quotes are delivered directly to you. Not only one, but multiple buyers are enabled to view your products so you are ensured the best quote possible. It's easy as written and when you know you will profit in cash for your trash, head over to know more quickly.. :-)


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Golf has always been a part of India, like cricket. People here love this noble sport of pleasure and not only the calcuttans(the people of my city), but even people from other cities never leave out a game of golf at the Golf Green Club, Tollygunge, whether on a business or leisure trip to Calcutta! I know not only the people of my city but people world wide love to indulge in this timeless and noble sport..

I would also like to tell you that this sport is of-course very popular in primary winters in Germany. I would, without doubt, always recommend a player of golf vacationing most preferably in winters, to a place more warmer and greener, to a place like Germany where a golfer would feel a Golfkurs Platzreife an ideal preparation especially days ahead of his local golf season in his city.

A golfer no matter how professional can take up the Golfkurse . These golf courses can help a player excel in this sport and are available as a weekly course or over a long weekend, spread out over extended periods, or to book only a few hours with a Pro.

The main aim of this German site is to help you learn the tips and tricks in seven courses so you must head of at once to know more. You may want to shop locally but shopping at their online golf shop would get you one of the relevant bill and warranty from the manufacturer dependent. More info about what can be purchased at the Golf shop , visit there right now!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mommy pinches Alisha on her bottom slightly and says "See the butterfly has bitten you"

Alisha pinches mommy, puts her hands behind her, and says "butterfly bit you"

Mommy says "no, your hand has bitten me"

Alisha says "no, see my hand is here " showing her hands are behind!

Mommy starts laughing loudly.. hahaha..

coming up in one of the next few posts, Alisha's 34th month update :-)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oops, i just saw i typed the title of this post instead of my blog into Mr linky which doesn't matter much, i guess, but has left me feeling careless.. hehe.. anyway, i like this video a lot and was a great fan of it when it first featured on music channels about 10 years ago. My mom loved this video a lot too and it still reminds me of her. I have no idea what peter does these days, whether any of his other albums have been released or not. Maybe the others could tell me. I can just say, that as teens we swooned over him during those days! ;-)

Still being attacked by bouts of migraine pains so taking some time of from blogging and trying to build up my own virtual farm on face book! Its addictive and fun and i've learned to pass the levels with ease. It also helps to distract my mind of these migraine attacks and am no less younger than anyone else who's part of it and remember, age(above 18, strictly!;-) doesn't matter when it comes to being on face book :-)

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PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ive been having these headaches since a week now and it all began while away from the computer. The pain begins as i open my eyes in the morning but it doesn't trigger off immediately, it feels as if some tantalizing blood vessels start taking over the brains in my skull and slowly prick them in the form of pain. The pain goes on to become quite intense by the day, pretty severe by the evening, and am seen holding my head in my hands trying to relax to rid myself of this attack. Though it subsides by the night but am attacked again by morning! it just doesn't seem to end and continues as a part of my daily schedule. Its all in one side if my head.. wonder why.. (in deep thoughts now)

I don't want to consume those medications that i believe could be harmful to almost 3 year old baby Alisha, while she still nurses. I mean taking one or two anacin tabs is ok for the first two days and quite acceptable, but never daily, and i better find a permanent remedy for its getting worse day by day. I do use my relaxation method but i need to let it go forever so i better check up with the doc, lets see what he says.. just a normal cold or whether its my eyes, or something more. The doc should know better so i need not crack my head up here itself! haha..

Its bearable yet unbearable, if only i could explain but as i type it does hurt in my brains... so i shouldn't continue here and come back to write more when am fine..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One cant be selective about the best Android app which was launched by Android Storage because all the apps provide equal pleasurable features to the users using the android phone. With six of the Android phone app already being talked about, just launched their third application called AScinema.

Two of the apps may have been released before, but now one of the best apps being the video and movie app has just been launched. Now, i believe that this is so near to perfect for those who love streaming videos and watching them on their phone, for the users can stream all of their video collection from the web, to their android phone.

Its wonderful when you know you got a storage away from your phone, and yet it seems as if your storage is so huge, it overpowers all the phones storage in the world! Let me explain that the video app functions as if the video is stored on the phone and playing. However, the app is actually streaming the video remotely from a free Android Storage account to the phone. Android Storage provides a "virtual" and unlimited memory space for all Android phones and appliances and streams the video content seamlessly to and from the phone. It's as if you have memory available locally, yet accessed remotely.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

note: the pics are of last year 2008

The monsoon rains have yet again caused us a whole lot of losses in health and wealth matters. Alisha is sick again with a cold, cough and loose motions because after spending the days out at my sisters place for the past one week, the water and weather changes there didn't suit her. Infact its also me who is having these splitting severe headaches at the right side of my head. Am doubting its due to an internal cold and i've yet to visit a doctor. Alisha's on meds now, we checked her up and she'll be all right soon.

Not only me and my kid but many others have been going through this and its quite normal but we must take extra care to ensure there is nothing else other than just normal viral fever..

Money wise its been tough when there are disturbances in the internet connection, and we as bloggers miss out on posts. I guess each and every internet user wont be facing the same thing because there are plenty of net options available these days but using the broadband surely bugs!

Not only is the net a problem but the roads also turn slushy and water clogs areas of city making it difficult for commuters to go about from place to place for work. It also makes it difficult for school kids who travel by buses, autos etc.. to be present at school regularly.

We blame it all to the monsoons, yet we love the rains and all its pleasures it provides us with! think about it :-)

Updated: this is not a post based on any of the flood(only the floods) incidents that happened this year but along the years..

Monday, August 03, 2009

The audio version of this song is already world famous and its singer and composer A.R Rahman has won many international awards. The audio is the same song, sung by the pussy cat dolls, and also features one of them which has won the hearts of people worldwide too. Just watch it and if by change you happen to be in your car, don't hold yourself back by your seat belts but infact just jump up and rock on.. hehe.. am sure you'll enjoy it a lot :-)

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

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Its my wedding anniversary today and the rains have washed away my outing plans but never mind, am spending this special day with my husband and kids at home itself. Yes its very true, i tied the knot 10 years ago on this special day which transformed me into wife and mother. Since then life hasn't been the same. It was one great roller coaster ride which had its ups and downs, twists and turns but nevertheless, it was a journey worth the ride :-)

But during all these times if it wasn't for my husband who had been with me molding me into the women i am because i was just 18 when i decided to get married, i guess i wouldn't have known what marriage is about. I wouldn't have been mom to Aryan and Alisha and enjoying the bliss of mother hood, and i wouldn't be here sitting and typing these words as a blogger and friend to all of you, which of course has also been an addition to the immense happiness i have right now. Yes i can proudly say, It was my loving hubby who supported me in my journey towards blogging and made me a proud blogger today.

During the years of marriage there are times when a whole lot of issues set spark to the fires of bitterness between the spouses but i believe, a marriage is solemnized of the sacred vows which is love, trust and mutual understanding and that's what makes a marriage grow.. both work to nurture the marriage and keep the bond alive.. that's what marriage is about in a few words :-)

I want to dedicate this poem to my darling husband and wish us many more years together.

You're my past, present and future
How fortunate I am
To have a husband like you
Someone I love so much
Who's love is so true

You've shown me
In so many ways
That your love is mine
Until the end of my days

I love you for this
More than I show
I hope by my actions
This you do know

Happy Wedding Anniversary

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