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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas is back again and this time tooo soon. What i mean its just like last year we had great fun during Christmas and since then never ending fun and happiness, and like its been one whole joyous year i will never forget. The year had passed to fast which is why i say Christmas has come too soon as it will go soon, too ;)

But what we get from Christmas we can never get throughout the year and that’s what special about Christmas. And am glad it comes every year. The birth of Jesus is celebrated by Christians worldwide and not only do the Christians take part in merry making but non-Christians too. Back home here, i can see people shopping, decorating their homes, baking cakes, and preparing special meals for Christmas even if they do not know the actual meaning, but the spirit in which they celebrate makes a heart smile knowing how special Christmas is.

Though i will not be attending church like i did throughout my childhood (being a Christian/catholic), it doesn't make the spirit any less in my heart. My kids love decorating and feasting and specially waiting for santas gift! I won’t mention how santa brings the gift to my home (even if i know ;)) b’coz i got a kid who reads this blog! Hehe...

Tomorrow i will be going out to spend with family and i’ve lots of work left pending to complete, you maybe knowing what, so see you all... till then... may you all stay blessed and enjoy a happy Christmas. Merry Christmas all of you! :)

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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This holiday season calls for a change in home decor because its also an excuse for everyone to redecorate ones home to feel the spirit of the coming occasions like a wedding or blessed Christmas! But for this we might need to spend a little more out of our savings which shouldn't matter much, and i would to mention my must haves would be new beautiful window panels, furniture, home decor accessories, and dinnerware to create the holiday festive season look for my home.  

I plan to throw a dinner party this year too like most years, but the same old dinnerware would be boring, so i think a perfect no 1 must have for my table top would be a new snowball dinnerware contrasting with poinsettia glassware.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

She's finally in the Big Boss 4 house, and that's Pamela Anderson, the Baywatch and Playboy girl! She entered into the house wearing a white sari, bangles, and a bindi, while she left her beautiful blonde hair open. She looked extremely ravishing in that Indian getup! I remember her in the movie barbwire and her oomph factor hasn't lessened at all even at 42. The next and first day in the big boss house, she wore a bring orange sarong, swept the floors and helped in watching vessels. She was so cooperative and tried her best to understand what the others were discussing even though it was hindi they were speaking in, and poor pam, all she knew was 'namaste and shukriya', but later she showed great keenness to learn Hindi. People greet with a namaste and shukriya means 'thank you'. But well, she was so sweet and went out her way to praise another inmate who was a little weak in english, telling him that he speaks english much better than what she knew about hindi.

Taking part in the fun activities, she danced to our Bollywood's very popluar number "dhak, dhak" with other female inmates Sweta, Veena, Sarah and Seema. OMG, i was so glued on to my screen b'coz the song actually features bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit (my all time fav) dancing to her best who is also the lead actress in the movie 'Beta' also starring Anil Kapoor. I always thought no one could beat Madhuri but Pam did a great job with her western cum desi moves, and i think she had left the other female inmates conscious about how they danced according to TV actress Sweta Tiwari's conversation with bhojpuri star Manoj Tiwari. We saw envious looks on Inmate Sarah Khan and veena Malik's face! haha... while Ashmit Patel and Hrishant Goswami tried their best to impress our foreign guest.

It's her first time in India and she's here for a reason, to spread awareness, and was welcomed very, very warmly to India, it seems, with all the excitement at the airport. But i guess the Bay watch star didn't know what was coming for her when she reached with all the hulla and commotion created by the gathered crowd waiting to get a glimpse of her. Or maybe she knew, after all its India and India is where commotion can be created for just about anything! I guess everyone was just too excited... haha... but India is truly a very warm and hospitable country to its foreign guests, and am proud of it and proud to be part of it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

After weeks of not posting i am back again with my music monday and decided to begin with song sung by a kid. This little girl singing in the video is famously known as Connie Talbot and came to light when she auditioned at Britians got talent. She sang so well for a 6 year old that even Simon Cowell was impressed. The little heart made to the finals but sadly lost out to the winner.

I got so emotional while watching the video even though shes just a kid when i began picturing My little girl, Alisha and my younger sister, Amanda, singing like her. I miss my sister who is away at the boring school, soooooooo much!

Her (Connie Talbot) music brings out the sunshine even in the windiest days and after hearing her, i excitedly got Alisha to listen too, to which she began began dancing! Take a look and take some minutes to watch and sing along with your kids. They will love and enjoy this activity so much :)

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Saturday, November 06, 2010

My goodness... November has arrived and we're on it's second week and look at me, i haven't updated my blog since last month! Too busy shopping and getting reading for the grand wedding this Nov in our family. I would be visiting the beauty saloons to straighten my hair and, i hope i do look a lot better after that. The wedding is to happen end of Nov so i have enough time for beauty sessions while shopping is my priority right now. Soon after the wedding takes place i would be going with my hubby and kids for a holiday to five cities in India itself, so it's really exciting anticipating the wedding followed by a holiday. Then when we return we will be celebrating Christmas and New Years. I guess never ending happiness and excitements this year for me :)

What about you?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

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We celebrated Alisha's birthday on the 18th of Oct, last week and, it was a great continuation of our this years celebrations. she turned 4 years old was so excited with the tom cake and as you can see in the pics, where she already tried to dig in to it before we could light the candles! As only tom, and only tom would do for her as i said in the previous post, we had to give in to her wishes :) The best part was when the cake was cut and we were about to feed her a piece... she took the piece from her dads hand and put it into he own mouth which made us all laugh. hahaha... The little girl enjoyed her day with all her other tiny tot friends and i'm so happy for her.

Throughout the last few months i had kept noticing the sweet changes in my little lady, like how she has transformed from a baby into a little girl who knows how to convince her parents and close ones with her innocent antics.

Oh i just cant believe how unfair i was not to write about her for a over a year :( I remember how she weaned herself when i first got sick this year. She and i, we both struggled to separate or rather adjust ourselves out of the mother, baby bonding we had between us during nursing times because i needed to stop her from breastfeeding as per docs advice and because, it also over 3 years and time she stopped.

During the past one year she has been a sweetheart, lively and playful, always lighting my life in good and bad phases. She already been framing sentences very well by the ending of 2009 and now she is kind of an expert at Hindi and English at this age. I'm proud she is able to converse in both her parents languages. One day she comes and asks me, "mamma i cant find my little bottle (of water), i kept it here, you saw it?" she refers to anything she is close to or likes as 'little' because i call her 'little baby' too. She is still not going to school but she will...

Little girls at three age cant resist breaking up theirs moms make-up and that's exactly what she did to mine too when my poor lipstick popped up and toppled over as soon as Alisha spied it! I don't approve of makeup for little girls of three for their skins too delicate to fight bacteria and make-up could cause harm. As she was nearing 3 years, that time itself she started putting on my platforms(shoes) and walking around... and even started admiring herself in the mirror! this reminds of me girls just wanna have fun!! hehe..

Three year old girls also want to look their best and my baby too, sometimes loves choosing her own colors and designs for clothes, etc. She still hates spiders but not to afraid of lizards. Sleeps quite late and loves good food and snacks and is not too fussy. But particular with cleanliness and anything out of the way. Shes too clever when it comes to searching vids and images on my phone which make her elders amazed at times. Gets irritated when she cant find her free space but since we have moved to this huge house she is one gem of a doll always playful and keeps lighting our life with her smile :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alisha will be 4 years old on the 18th oct, 2010! I know its two days from now and the excitement has already set in. There’s a party for all close relatives and she will be dressed all in pink. We had ordered for her a chocolate cake with toms character decorated on it. Though we liked many pre-designed cakes in the huge catalogue in the Kathleen’s cake shop we didn’t find anything suitable to Alisha’s choice, but we managed to print out a picture of tom for the Kathleen’s cake shop to understand our needs. Tom and Jerry is her favorite character and i didn’t want to disappoint her with anything else other than her favorite, as not even Barbie would do! Right now at four i guess tom appeals to Alisha more than Barbie and Barbie can wait for a few more years to make her way into heart.

I already have her orders days before, to allow her to cut her own birthday cake (she doesn’t want me to hold the knife along with her), and says with actions “i will cut my cake, like this, and eat”… and while she says this her little hands show me how she would slice a piece of the cake, and putting her tiny whole palm and fingers into her mouth, shows me how she would eat the cake too! Haha

She is so happy she will be dressed as a fairy with the wings and the wand, like she watches on the cartoon network channel…

Few days ago, she was asking me if she will grow up like Bobby (Aryan) on her birthday while measuring her legs with her elder brothers… i said yes, and shes replies with a sad face, “mama my legs are small, i no grown abhi tak! Abhi tak means ‘till now’… and that’s her speaking with a mixture of Hindi and English.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

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Monday, October 04, 2010

It’s my most awaited reality show and, yesterday was the first show of big boss on colors. I got ready with my glass of sprite and a chicken bara which contains so n so calories, and couched up to watch Salman Khan, our very handsome Bollywood actor, the host of big boss 4 to welcome the house inmates and entertain us with his self-invented jittery jives. I thought Prena who was the first inmate to arrive would be interesting to watch as we know her as a very popular female television star and whose ex-husband caused great shocks in his presence in season 2 at big boss house or even the two Pakistanis who i believe are controversial queens in their own motherland as one is the estranged girlfriend of the cricketer Mohammad Asif and the other is a crossed-dressed host of a popular talk show, but alas, today first day itself it was Davinder Singh alias Bunty Chor (chor means thief) who stole the show first day first show itself! haha.. He has spent long 13 years in prison (jail) for carrying out 500 clever robberies! Phew! i already feel exhausted thinking of it... ;)

But one certain thing plays on my mind as to why Big boss no more sounds like its going to be boring since from the very first day we (the audience) remained glued to the screen to watch a cool but adamant and aggressively Bunty abuse and cover the cameras with socks, and without regret, walk out of the show after big boss lost patience on trying to reform him in a day! i wonder if the scripted version was being acted out today... hehe.. Because i feel, suddenly after three successful seasons, how come this season allowed an ex-prisoner who had allegedly escaped jail, in the house when they should have known him better through the controversies surrounding him? Damm irritating to watch all those inmates act, as i believe they were... big boss is it something to excite us more, i bet you have turned clever like other shows... :)

So, while i think the other inmates earned their moolah very easily, Bunty earned his too, in return earning big bosses more popularity from the curiosity of the audience!? a very good start... waiting for tomorrow... till then cya :)

The repeat of big boss 4 is at 11.30 pm

Friday, October 01, 2010

On behalf of the innocent...

I lay crying and i was dieing
No cries they heard, from that distance
They neared and had me speared
And they painted me, in vengeance!

Sare jahaan se achha, Hindustan hamara? It means... Better than the whole world, our India... If we have India first in our hearts many questions come to my mind, like why do we allow demonic actions to overpower us and hurt our very own India? Why kill the innocent and sacrifice peace instead of instilling it between ourselves and others. Have we killed humanity for religion? Why cant we just respect each others religious beliefs, stop religious violence and stand united forever. But it is a matter of time... i guess... when we will be a really united country as we are known for... Too much to think of... but if only people settled religious issues without violence, Hindustan (India) would be surely best and popular for everything just as we are, for our colorful traditions, cultures and values...

It rips my heart open to think about all the violence in our country as a kid in 1992. Those memories still haunt, how the riots in extreme brutality, had almost 2000 peoples lives during the time. Apart from just watching it all on TV or hearing it spread from mouth to mouth, to believe, each state in India experienced curfews which were imposed in the cities to prevent further violence and because of that life seemed all up-side-down sometimes having nothing to eat! i remember the scarcity of food staying at a boarding school. I remember how scared we used to be hearing all the news from the other girls who weren't boarders. It was vacation time in dec and how we went through the tough, and scary phase and even in the safety of my home i dreaded the gunned police men!

As a human i feared history would repeat itself today when the verdict of the ayodhya case would be ruled out... You can read it HERE and HERE!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

As usual i was snacking on my daily portion on coconut yesterday, and suddenly i began to choke. It seemed i was going to die. I couldn't breathe and felt the pain of my food stuck in my throat stubbornly refusing to come out of my mouth but choke me so bad, causing me to cough away for about 15 minutes. Thank god i could vomit the food out after my husband patted my back. I know we have all felt choking at some time in our lives but it the first time i felt it seriously... that real extreme choking which almost made me experience near-death. So much, that while having my food today i took great precaution to ensure i wouldn't choke again today, chewing my food well, and swallowing well too. My kids seemed terrified watching their mother choke and i guess i know what my hubby went through too, but he was too comforting to let anything happen. I thank him and my lord above too.

This incident has really made me realize how important it is never to leave our kids alone while eating. Always assist them when they are eating foods like coconut, resins, other dry foods stuff. It would be better it we could be with them when they eating anything. I didn't even allow Alisha to have a bite of coconut today but i'm sure its just because am a bit shaken up and will resume my normality in two days :)

Experiencing death-like incidences are so common in my life, that sometimes i wonder if is it my guardian angel who is protecting me? :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Looking forward to receiving my earring from ebay which has already been shipped to my address many days ago. I obviously paid for it and now its on its way to me, its owner, so wont this make me really excited? also because its the first time buying something or rather shopping online and that too from ebay! while browsing, bidding and losing, i won this fasion jewelery earring i bid on. I'm not keen on bidding anymore as of now, at least not until i receive this item. I'll rather use the buy it now option than the bidding option because it hardly matters. I don't find bidding too much of a profit option unless a person bids for fun. If you begin bidding by 1 paisa or $1, and the bidding may stretch for 3 to 10 days, but by the time the bidding ends, you will be paying the same what you would pay to buy the item directly. So just be careful while bidding esp if its only for fun. Though i may advice 'you' my friends, i'm a first time eBay buyer myself, and always looking out for honest opinions to improve my online shopping experience :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

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In the 90's mycoprotein was grown on a large scale and thus, the first Quorn product which is a savoury pie was launched out of this discovery. What was predicted, never surfaced and the shortage of food never materialized too. However, benefits of Mycoprotein included good taste, health, convenience and nutritional credentials which have never been more relevant in today's world of growing obesity and chronic health issues. This brand has continued to cover almost 500,000 Quorn meals daily in the UK.

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This time its going to be bollwood actor Salman Khan who will be hosting Big boss 3! the macho man supposed to have stated that he is very different from the previous hosts Amitabh Bachchan and Shilpa Shetty of season 2 and 3, and will add oil to any fires lit in the big boss house while hes the host when the season begins later this year and will be aired on television. He calls himself a kid in front of the country's greatest star Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and says his (salman's) style is different compared to the senior actor, and so will the way he hosts the reality show.

Agree, Salman could take the show levels higher with his unique honest and brutal style, and approach, he plans to deliver on the show, plus, the success of his latest flick 'Dabbang' could get the audience to stick more to their screens to watch him just because of who he is.

I don't know who of all the who's, are to be chucked into the house to spend those nightmare days there in isolation but i guess and pray it should be those that have sparked controversies in the past so that we get to continue watching the sparks and the consequences! hehe... what say?

Friday, September 17, 2010

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At the Zoological Garden of Kolkata!
Our trip to the zoo two days after 'Id' was as exciting as ever but i was disheartened to find many of the animals missing from the Calcutta zoo! I was looking forward to getting a glimpse of my favorite animal, the elephant, which used to be kept just a foot away from its visitors when i visited the zoo as a kid. There used to be three of them and the best part of the whole visit was offering money and channa to the elephants that collected the money with its trunk and threw it behind him. Fascinated by this intelligent animal who even greeted us "salaam", which is a respectful gesture and signifies peace, with its trunk, i always ran to the trio on entering the zoo as a kid and this time also expected the same along with my kids, but soon came to know from the other visitors that the elephants named Mumtaz, Uttara and Phulwanti were shifted to an extremely isolated enclosure at the zoo.

We located them and was saddened on watching from them miles away. Though the surrounding area was huge and spacious the elephants preferred to rest inside their shaded home and we couldn't even catch a glimpse of them! Luckily Aryan got the opportunity to watch them from upfront when he was younger and had visited the zoo with his dad and me, but it was Alisha's tough luck. I got red in the face for the way the animals were treated, so lonely, in isolation.

I also noticed the giraffe was the only second most attractive animal in the Calcutta zoo and you can see why in the images. I couldn't find the zebras, the giant tortoise that is assumed dead or maybe moved out to a different zoo location, and, soon the elephants are supposed to be shifted of their home to a national park too. The officials make the excuse of insufficient space for the three fully grown elephants.

I ask, would any parent take their child to the zoo any longest if the main pride and attraction of the zoo ends? I doubt, and soon the zoo will lose its visitors who flock there every festive season be it Christmas, New Years, Pujas (festival of the Hindus), or Id(festival of the Muslims). I guess we have to bid the zoo "goodbye and flock the 'nicco park' or 'clown town' instead but even those would never replace the excitement the zoo delivers to us.

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Oh am really so happy that i've been able to make some increase in weight gain since i was slightly underweight due to an illness and slowly recovering from it, but i've even gained little weight which was the latest aim or goal in my life, and that really, really makes me extremely happy knowing i can turn fat (not obese but healthy). I won’t mention how many pounds gained because i want to reach the goal before i post it along with how i was able to... so that it would be of great help to those many who wish to gain weight like me. I would list the foods i ate along with weight gained at the end of the weeks, and months. This would be specifically for Indians and am sure there are many in numbers dying to gain healthy weight, because believe me; there are plenty of underweight people looking to gain weight!

Since weight gain is about consuming those extra calories needed by the body to increase muscle mass, and no to forget mentioning because of my lack of appetite, the only option is to consume high calories to gain weight quick, i have to consume plenty of those high calories healthy foods which often bore me yet i enjoy eating at the though of how much i would gain before November. Now after consuming all these rich and high calorie foods, i would to some extent, pile up on loads of fat on places that would give me the bulky impression but soon i would begin exercising to shed of the excess fat and gain muscle mass in place. I think i've already succeeded to a great extent and looking forward to posting the results, once it’s over. So please come back soon :)

In the meantime read about my makeover mission for the big fat wedding ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Those tiles you may have seen a thousand times on the city subway while you travel around NY city subway and fancied them as a home design have made a comeback, now as a design for house flooring. Each Subway Tile is made from crystal clear glass at a full 8mm thickness. Would make ideal flooring for kitchen and bathroom where water is much in those areas, because the glass composition is resistant to moisture, and is also available in many vivid colors. They are suited for commercial and residential use, as well as dry and wet areas.

I wish i could reconstruct my home and install these tiles in my bathroom and kitchen to bring about a more trendy and sophisticated feel and charm to my home. I always love to get compliments on home decor and new flooring would transform my home from ordinary to extraordinary. My home's environment could change a lot too because good quality taste matters a lot. Don't you think so? :)

Here is another Taylor Swift's best after Love Story, White Horse, You Belong to Me and many more... her lyrics make you feel as if you are living in her songs and playing the roles yourselves. She herself always enacts her emotions in her songs and her songs make for very interesting videos :) I just loved the way she strums the guitar and wish i could play the guitars like her and i used to as a kid, on my dads guitar and play my grandfathers violin too but hard luck as i grew.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

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We all plan vacations for different reasons, to getaway from the usual crowd, to spend a festive holiday out of town, to escape the homeland weather, to honeymoon, simply just for adventure, etc, but you may not always need a reason to vacation, in fact reasons and ideas can always be created by you! It depends as how a person might perceive a vacation and an official trip can always transform into a vacation if that's how the person wants it to be.

I have huge plans for vacationing with family in two months in my country itself still how i wish i could make it to Florida because by just viewing the fun one can have there, it makes me feel instantly refreshed in mind already, but i want to feel refreshed and contented by body and soul too. Maybe i should consider planning a Christmas vacation to kissimmee, Florida.

A lot about Kissimmee which is the heart of Florida has come to my knowledge and it sounds like the perfect place to be in, especially to experience hiking or barbecue in the back yard. I would also love to indulge and pamper myself in the pleasurable comforts of the luxurious Tropical Palms Fun resort like melting away stress by a massage therapist or going shopping. And to know Florida's other attractions like the Kennedy Space Center are a short drive away, wont it be more exciting? Imagine friends that vacation could be a heavenly experience where one will sense vacationing at a home away from home, but you don't have to do the beds this time! Remember Disney-world is just next door so check out, and plan your Christmas dream vacation right away.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Getting ready to make coconut barfi because tomorrow is id-ul-fitr. It completes one month since Ramadan, and is celebrated to mark the ending of the holy month of fasting. I believe this year we are celebrating happier times than some of the years that went by. This year, god has showed me he is always answering our prayers but everything time comes to us in the right time. I believe my happy times had begun from the every start of this year 2010 and is never going to end.

After a whole month of fasting(not me but my hubby and in-laws) and feasting (i was obligated to doing so ;)) and shopping! it is now time to celebrate the festival of Id-ul-fitr with my family tomorrow. My mom in law will be preparing a lot of rich delicious dishes for tomorrow and i will be joining them for the feasting. Of course i'm also preparing Indian sweets, not much cooking though, on docs advice. We all will be then going out for continuous five days as part of our id celebrations. Wishing all my dear friends, close and distant, known and unknown, a very happy and fulfilling id :)

Monday, September 06, 2010

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Love watching horror movies as i may have already mentioned time and time again on my blogs and last night too, we watched bloody Mary, all alone in our living room! my husband slept in the bedroom... lol.. it was Aryan, my 10 year old son, and myself who tucked ourselves in on the couch to watch the horror flick as i didn't think twice to allow him stay awake that late, till 3 am, because he didn't have to go to school in the morning being a Sunday. So i got act 2 popcorn and some more snacks ready and began watching... and every time a scary scene played where the ghost of Mary appears all in soaked blood and scary make up, i covered my eyes with my fingers while i peeped at the screen from between them... hehe.. so you can already imagine what a funk i am but my Aryan is so brave he didn't even get a winks scared. When the scenes were over , he'd tell me "mummy, its over, you can open your eyes now".

I love the mysteries behind these movies which why i'm so drawn to them and i really don't love watching it because i fancy watching these zombies and ghosts. So are you a lover of horror movies too??

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Recently shifted to my new home and thinking to replace my old furniture with new furniture. I've already started by buying a couch which is so comfortable unlike the old one and i'm really happy for our kids too, who love bouncing on it all day. I'm not a usual buyer of costly modern furniture but if i ever got the chance to buy, i definitely would go for it provided it's comfortable, as to me comfort is first. Take a look at what i fancy right now, which is this modern bed i came across while browsing a furniture website. It's a platform bed. If you're looking out to buy new furniture for your home too, there is a variety of other modern furniture for your living room, dining room, bedroom, and kid’s room, and also a wide range for your office! You also check out the range of dining sets. These contemporary dining sets are graced with unique innovation and elegance and WOW, is what i have to say.

I was watching a show on television few hours ago on colors channel, and couldn't help but be delightfully amazed by the performances. This was a talent show where participants show off their skills in the presence of a live audience and 3 judges. This couple went grooving on the floor like flexible barbie dolls and i must say, hats of to the lifts they handled amazingly and exceptionally well. The hair on my hands stood, watching these two dance as every move had a twist, and with every move my heart almost skipped a beat. Lol.. i got so inspired, i picked up my three year old Alisha and tried the lifts with her. Luckily it turned out well! I wish the video is posted on you-tube, and you should watch it too as it was so internationally performed. I'll post it later once it out.

I didn't know we also had amazing rappers in India and the judges also seemed oblivious to Indian rappers. Hmmm... India is full talents and i'm proud to be an Indian! Jai hind! :)

Friday, September 03, 2010

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I had bought this product, Ponds cream white magic duo set consisting of a face wash and cream(moisturizer) costing me Rs/-185, just few days ago on my shopping spree, and quite satisfied with the beginning results. Its hardly days i've used it, yet i feel my skin improving in health and complexion. You all may be wondering why do i need a fairness cream but i really don't care for my complexion and emphasize more on the health of my skin, because its a spot free skin and smoothness i desire. Too many spots have accumulated on my face due to the water we get here, too many harsh pimples too, but i guess the face wash and cream(moisturizer) should work well on my skin giving it flawless results.

I'm not a great buyer and user of skin care products anymore since years, because i hardly face the suns harsh UV rays and dust which makes my skin less vulnerable to acne, dirt and tan so i hardly bother. If necessary during summers, i would use natural home products if i have to care for my skin when pimples broke out.

I thought of giving creams a try once more and lets see what wonders it works. I'm just hoping my money isn't going to get washed away down the drain though i would still prefer 'Olay' in the winter season because during those cold months i would need an oily skin moisturizer as my skin tends to dry up and i think 'Olay' would do wonders. I have planned my daily skin care regime, what about you? what's your choice of products you use, why and how satisfied are you as a user?

You may have also read how i am preparing myself for the big day!? Give me your take... ;)

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Its been two days i didn't come online much as i had a very tiresome shopping day before and oh god, my back still aches from all the walking around i did. The malls are all crowded esp because of the shopping being done for Id. I met many of our relatives at the malls and it was great fun. But because we had my mom-in-law, my bro-in-law and my sis-in-law and her husband and child(phew) along with us, i ended up not buying many of the things i planned to, but i also knew i would be going twice again as shopping for Id never ends till the last moment so enjoyed myself feasting too! Dinner out with my whole family is also a once in a blue moon opportunity, so made the most of it ;)

Just bought a few sets of clothes for Alisha and for Aryan, some make up, accessories, and a lot of feasting stuff. Haven't bought neither of our shoes and other accessories, plus i haven't completed mine and my husbands shopping too. Anyways, shopping never will never for this year and will definitely take me to the next, because next month will have to make it to the malls again, for Alisha's birthday and the month after that for my bro-in-laws wedding! then again for Christmas and new years! phew! already sweating it out! haha... did i forget to tell you about my planned vacation shopping in Nov? well wait for it in the upcoming posts ;)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tomorrow is a favorable day to go out shopping, and even if it rains, i wont let it rain on my parade. We are shopping for the festival of id-ul-fitr coming up once Ramadan ends, we all need to get dressed in our best to celebrate Eid. But Eid is not the festival where our celebrations end, for there are occasions lined up and calling for celebrations throughout the remaining part of this year. This month we will be celebrating Eid, and next month on October we'll be celebrating my baby's 4th birthday! That gives us a lot of excuses for shopping, shopping and shopping ;)

Tomorrow i planned to buy my kids clothes, as mine i've already bought and handed over to my tailors for tailoring. i'm quite close to the delivery date so really excited. I love Indian suits and thats what i mostly wear but i hate ready made ones so i buy the material and tailor make them. You get good fit and design as well. Anyways, i still have two more rounds of shopping for i'll never accomplish buying the whole list i planned! from clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up, to curtains, bed-spreads, couch covers to a whole cupboard of food items to toys and crockery, and etc, etc, etc! dinner out of course! phew! i am already famished, what about tomorrow? ;)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Wow! just listen to this amazing song girls, which i think most of you would relate to. Ramzi and Ash King, are singers from mixed races, but they both sound so alike and they've got powerful depth in their voices. Just love hearing this song along with the fast paced beats and clarity in the lyrics, which means you can understand and feel every word they sing. Its a sad ballad where a sympathizer calls out to this women telling her to move away from the man who is disregardful and disrespectful of her blinded love. In the end he pulls her away! This is often so truly found in many relationships...

I see you all the time...
Never see you smile...
I try to picture what's going on in your mind...

Go watch the video, love it as i do and, enjoy a happy music monday week folks :)

I see you all the time
Never see you smile
I try to picture what's going on in your mind
He leaves you every night by yourself
He took your love and put it on the shelf
He doesn't really care� how you feel...
You should be moving on girl what's the deal?
I wana see you out that door... cuz girl you know your worth much more

So baby tell me why�you stick around
Always lonely and you only wear a frown
He don't treat you good and you know
The only thing left is for you to go
You shouldn't live a lie with someone
When deep inside you know he ain't the one
I don't know what to say no more
I wana see you out that door

Yah azizi (yo precious) is mahiri
I really don't wanna see u cry
Mujko samjho dil peh mat lo (understand me don't take it to heart)
Don't wana see another tear in your eye
Baby break away
Let him go
I don't know he's done to you
But I know that it's time to move on
Girl your is love blind

Girl I understand
That you're scared
And you feel that you might never love again
But baby that ain't true
No no no
I know that there some there for you
Someone that will see
That you are worth
An undiscovered treasure on this earth
Girl you know your worth so much more
Wana see you out that door

Yah azizi (yo precious) is mahiri
I really don't wanna see u cry
Mujko samjho dil peh mat lo (understand me don't take it to heart)
Don't wana see another tear in your eye
Baby break away
Let him go
I don't know he's done to you
But I know it's time to move on
Girl your is love blind

Yah azizi (yo precious) is mahiri
I really don't wanna see u cry
Mujko samjho dil peh mat lo (understand me don't take it to heart)
Don't wana see another tear in your eye
Baby break away
Let him go
I don't know he's done to you
But I know its time to move on

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Steam burned my fingers accidentally while cooking today as i tried lifting the lid of the pan that was cooking my chicken!! I usually remove the lib sideways to prevent the mishap all the time but today i quite absentmindedly removed the lib top ways, forgetting steam can severely burn flesh... honestly i've been burned by oil, water and what not in my kitchen but evaporation caused steam burns are extremely painful and damaging too.

I had tears in my eyes as Alisha looked on scared, and said "my little mamma got burnt". I didn't know whether to love her or treat my burn first, because i was in extreme pain! :(

I quickly dipped my palm and hands in cold water and then applied toothpaste for that instant soothing effect. Unluckily i didn't have any cream for burn treatment as we hardly need it at home, but i felt better once the toothpaste dried and now i got to wait for blisters to form and then lets see... I swear to be careful in future or else i will be landing up cooking, typing, bathing, etc... with only one hand. I'm worried as to how painful and annoying its going to be tomorrow, so, didn't i land in a stew today? and boy it was painful! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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Weight loss is another story, probably a chapter in every second person's book of life. I've been reading magazines on the topic when i was hardly a teen myself, and realized that weight loss is one of the main wish or goal of people in numbers. It's not easy to lose weight and only with ones determination will one succeed. Every day i watch those weight loss advertisements over TV and wonder how many men and women are trying to lose weight the correct and healthy way rather than getting carried away by those promising weight loss pills they tempt us with. In reality i've been seeing my sister and sister-in-law struggling to lose weight by dieting but in vain! It seemed they were on mission impossible, and it often scared me to think that the results could be adverse to what they imagine, and then i found myself searching for a hassle and pain free, and effective way to help them battle their weight loss ritual the correct way.

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