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Monday, September 21, 2009

Today we are celebrating Eid-ul-fitr which signifies the end of fasting for the Muslims, the holy month of Ramadan. So far the celebrations are going on strong at my in laws home where i spent the whole month of Ramadan and i'll be spending the two days of Eid, tomorrow and day after tomorrow too before i return to my own home. It's a festival of spreading love, happiness and togetherness, so where else would have been a better place to celebrate other than my in laws place.. my kids would have also loved being with their grandparents today and they are also enjoying themselves in their new outfits. While Alisha is busy feasting, Aryan is busy fishing out feasts to his friends! Hehe.. will update more about our celebrations and info about this auspicious occasion soon..

So for now Happy Eid all my Muslim family/friends and everyone else engaged in celebrating this festival in good spirit. May Allah shower you all with his blessing of love, peace and happiness today and always.

Friday, September 18, 2009

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As I must have mentioned in my earlier posts about Durga Puja being the major festival of Hindus/Bengalis worldwide and also the biggest festival of my city being Calcutta, it is celebrated to commemorate the triumph of goodness over evil in10 spiritual cum joyful days around the months of september to november( in accordance to the dates of the Hindu religious calendar). Their goddess Durga is worshiped in her 9 different forms on 9 individual days and on the 10th day, the idols are immersed in scared waters which marks the last day of the festival. It is said that the goddess is evoked on the 5th day, she descends to earth of the 6th day and leaves for her heavenly abode on the 10 day, thus the immersion.

The main days(the last four/five days) when people dressed to kill visit their relatives/friends homes and pandals to exchange good wishes, feast and worship their deity, one cant figure out whether its day even at night time! The city turns crowded yet one would never want to turn back time, because it is only then that the silence of this city gets drowned in the celebrations of music/dance and laughter, and it’s really fun.

The preparations by the city actually begin much earlier when the management communities of each area start collecting ‘chanda’ which is money as in contribution for the making and decorating of the streets and pandals of the city. The pandals and idols are made of wood, cloth, bamboo, mud, clay, decorations etc.. and it takes months of hard work and skilled artisans to finesse the structures and idols. Every nook and corner will greet you with striking lighting decorations and mesmerizing decorated goddesses placed gracefully in her temporary home during the days of this festival.

The people also begin their preparations weeks earlier on the first few days which has the city filled with people flocking to the market like cattle because i’ve been one along with them on the busy streets of Calcutta! The Muslim festival (Eid-ul-fitr) always clashes with the Bengali/Hindi festival (Durga puja) and so both the people of both religions cant help but set out for shopping together!

You may now wonder who and why the goddess Durga is worshiped in 9 forms? also the rituals are of great interest, so don’t forget to come back here in a day or two to know more or don’t forget to type in your email address in the subscription box you see on the right side bar, its spam free and believe me a more convenient way to receive and read my updates directly in your mail!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


It's the festive season of the year that's almost nearing and i can't help but wait to indulge and drown myself into the lively atmosphere that surrounds this city. Here is where i got to be a part of every Hindu, Bengali, Muslim and Christian festivals like Diwali and Durga Puja which is just two of the main festivals of the several Bengali and Hindus festivals, Eid-ul-fitr and Bakr-eid which are the biggest festivals of the Muslims and of course Christmas and Easter which are the festivals of my own religion( before my marriage and conversion to Islam).

Here it doesn't matter what religion you belong to when it comes to joining in the celebrations with ones own families, relatives and friends. People in India love being engaged in shopping, food and music/dance as much as people worldwide and the ‘threesome’ make sure they are the top priorities of the festive celebrators but equally along-side their own religious observance! Having said this, it does make sense to love to indulge into each others festivals even if your religion and religious beliefs don't match because of the way it is all celebrated, with great pomp and good spirit! You have to be here in India to witness the celebrations which will mesmerize your mind and keep lingering in your soul even when you are gone back to your home far away but only to wait until you are blessed to return next year for the festivities!

Note- do return to my blog tomorrow and every day for exciting details on the history, customs, food and celebrations of the coming festivals (Durga Puja and Eid-ul-fitr) in the next posts to come. Durga Puja is celebrated to commemorate the triumph of goodness over the evil and Eid-ul-fitr is celebrated to break the month-long fast of Ramadan which is presently being observed by the Muslims.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

While being parents, have you watched how your kid tries to pick their food off the floor and pop it into their mouth innocently?

I guess as parents we do teach our kids not to pick food off the floor and eat it because as we all know that bacteria gets attached to food making it harmful for us to consume but sometimes parents might think that if we pick up the food as quick as possible, say in an instant of five seconds, it might have less changes of getting contaminated with bacteria. That's not right and not a good idea at all and the best choice would be to throw away foods slipped out of ones grasp no matter how tantalizing it can be!

Foods can get contaminated with bacteria as soon as it hits the floor(especially if the conditions are right) This is because no matter how clean your surface looks it might still have bacteria. Though floors that look dirty will very obviously be likely to grow bacteria but even floors that are cleaned well can house bacteria that can survive for a long time.

Foods that have wet surfaces like cut fruits etc.. can attach more bacteria and the longer the food remains of the floor, the more bacteria will accumulate on the food. Remember while some bacteria are not harmful but some are likely to cause diarrhea and some can make you more sicker. One will never be able to determine the germs on the floor without a powerful microscope so its advisable to banish your dropped delicious butter cookie as i guess you wouldn't want to get your child ill, not even at the cost of a 3 or 5 second rule, right?

Teach your kids to play safe from his/her earliest possible age :-)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hi everyone, today i decided to write my autobiography as a year old laptop which has left me more than satisfied throughout the years. I'm an attractive pink HP laptop which was sold of the shelves like a royal and since then i've been traveling the world with my owner who had always made me her first priority which in return made me feel so special always. I sometimes felt i needed to change places with a HP gaming system because i've been used only for office and personal purposes and would also like to experience a whole new world with kids and families but i guess, one day my owner would be a family person too! wont that make me excited when am used by the whole gang? that would, i bet on it :-) But for now am happily traveling in planes and cruises and am also often in and out of offices and meetings, so you guessed it, am important because the first and last thing in my owners mind is me. She listens to her music while checking on important mails the first thing in the morning, the same at night. Its not only an amazing business world out there but a romantic one too for i get to watch my owner romance with her partner while i relax to some soft music. hehe..

Recently, i overheard her chatting to her colleagues about a $30 stackable site-wide coupon deal from HP. There is a $30 off on orders $150 or greater at HP Home Store so don't forget to use the coupon code SV2132, but remember, this offer is valid through 10/31 or while supplies last(Restrictions and exclusions apply). Hurry, for stocks are going fast!


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Yesterday i watched the third episode of Akshays Khatron Ke Khiladi in which the macho actor himself hosts the show making it more fun and enjoyable. His comments are all talks because he has us tickling in the ribs and the contestants seem in zeal and comfort with him too. This show, for those who don't have an idea about what am talking about is the Indian version of fear factor and this time they've taken it to level two with more dangerous stunts. Yucks! the girls out there, the contestants who are mostly tall beauties like models and film stars, seem to be having their share of creepy cocktail along with risking their lives. The first day it was having to eat worms(literally.. lol), the second it was cockroach's and spiders all over their faces and yesterday it was having to gulp own a mug of milk and then going for a spin, upside down, over sea water.

Each day there are two stunts being performed and makes our whole family sucking sweets(making sympathetic noises and comments).. hehe.. So i'll be back writing a better post about the show. Till then.. cya

Monday, September 07, 2009

For those of you are on the lookout for new xbox games, now know that Modern Warfare 2 will be released in the UK on November 10th. This is one of the most awaited tittle of the year and if you want to get a good deal for it without having to rip your pockets open, so pre-order online through The good news is that now you can even play this game on your laptop as well as high definition TV as is available to play on any version of Xbox 360 and PS3 and PC

I think the best gaming platform will be on the a 29" Tv, and as my son is a fan of games and loves to play these xbox 360 games and consoles at the parlor(we don't encourage at home due to addiction), am thinking to consider buying the game for our home and gift him what he thinks is a dream. I feel our whole family can enjoy a homely gaming experience :-)

Please read below to gain info on a PS3:
When a PS3 is connected to a HD television both graphics and sound are fantastically crisp and clear.

The Playstation 3 comes in three versions, with either 30GB, 60GB and 80GB hard drives all able to play the latest action games - Modern Warfare 2 - with dazzling graphics and awesome sounds.

There is little difference between the three versions of the PS3, with all three being able to store video, photos, music and game information files with ease and speed. The PS3 also features a wireless Internet connection for connecting to the Sony Store, multi-player gaming and new software updates.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

I dint know that my favorite Hollywood celeb could actually sing! until i saw this video on TV and all thanks to my cousin Michelle who i overhead chatting about it. I liked the cuteness in the video and the sweet lyrics which does being a smile to a face, and one can hear and watch it over and over.. it appeals to the heart really :-)

Lyrics | Robbie Williams lyrics - Something Stupid lyrics

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Google has surely made me happy by introducing label clouds for blogger because i've always wanted to have the label cloud instead of a label list but wouldn't risk attempting the second time to tweak my HTML code for it, after the first attempt almost ruined my other important codes. Like i knew there were word press plugins for label clouds that had been converted to blogger successfully by other bloggers but i dint want to mess up again if i tried to setup the code myself. I also knew of the flash widget which dint suit my blogs layout so i opted to patiently remain waiting with my label list till a better and easier solution came up, and blogger has finally come to my rescue! thanks blogger... :-)

It feels so much lighter on the blog now because i've got a huge list of labels and i don't think it appealed to my readers before when they had to scroll right down to find what they searched for. The long label list also took up much of the space sitting on one side of my side column bar and often irritated me. But now.. who is a more satisfied person than me? hehe.. i guess many others will be glad too once they are aware of this and not only did they introduce the label cloud but selected labels too! now you can choose which label to show and hide by going to the selected label feature and checking or un-checking each one individually!! The best thing for me to do now is sort out my labels and then am all done.. what is your reaction to the newly intro label cloud? let me know quickly...

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