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Friday, July 30, 2010

The gold rush will never be over if you are imagining so, and will continue to be a fascination for ages now just as it was ages ago! Gold is known to retain value and therefore, investors give a lot more importance to gold. The metal is a safe haven for people worldwide and is so useful for the futures security.

When gold prices fell some time ago to $300/oz, mining companies decided to cut expensive in order to cut costs and keep revenue. But gold sored once again and mining companies are back in the game and moving at full speed exploring 20-30 year-old deposits with new technology as well as exploring untouched deposits.

India and China lead in the countries that buy gold. Indians exchange gold as gifts during special occasions. So i guess you should buy gold coins and save up for the future.

I'm referring to none other than my new Flat screen... these days am back to watching my late night movies and serials/soaps which i used to watch back at the old home, before moving to my in laws for a few days, prior to moving to this new place few days ago. Staying at my in laws was tough as we had to abide by the rule they set! haha.. actually it was a good idea to switch off the television earlier than usual so that the kids slept early and are able to wake up better for regular school. But here the new place is huge and so i think after the kids and hubby are sleeping in the bedroom i get time to complete my online work as blogging or face-booking, and watching my favorite movies which i'm not able to during the day. The TV keeps me company at nights at least! and oh yeah, not to forget mentioning my late night snacks which i am not supposed to be eating, due to my treatment i'm still undergoing but, i still do anyway! limited amount though ;)

I Seem to be wallowing in the newest things offered to me in life and am loving every moment of my freedom if only i wasn't tied up to my treatment which includes medicines and harsh tests etc... but okay i should not complain, and don't even want to complain and keep let my happiness derive from my kids laughter and our new home :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Very often we get ill because of the lack of proper water arrangements at public places, like the gyms or workplaces. Dehydration can be really harmful, so be responsible for everyone's good health and if you are thinking of purchasing bottled water for your school or office, go ahead and try hydration station which is today’s answer to health-conscious lifestyles. Moreover, installation of the unit at public places will help save spending on useless one time use, bottled water.


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I had made few posts to update on my blog and my internet connection disconnected! i tried and tried but in vain so i fell off to sleep sitting on my chair itself. Suddenly i was awakened by a thud from somewhere in the room and saw that Aryan banged his head against the beds head board. He slept off after a cry and i remembered i had work to complete so i continued to fidget with my connection settings and my broadband+ modem. I was adamant to complete my tasks and wasn’t going to hit the sack until i did so but my connection remained stubborn, so i took a quick nights nap resting my head on the table. Thank god i am now able to settle into bed for the rest of whatever is left of the night... Gn world! Gm too! :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just hooked up our ceiling fans and wondering whether i should change to more decorative ones like those that i viewed on a website. These Minka Aire Ceiling Fans are known for superior performance, progressive engineering, and innovative design. I think i could also look for better ways of lighting my new home from the Hubbardton Forge range of wrought-iron lighting fixtures. Their collection includes chandeliers, pendants, table lamps, bath and vanity lights, wall sconces, and post lamps. As i'll need these lightings for multiple purposes at home i would love to bank on the range from Artemide, which offers the perfect light performance characteristics needed. Lumens also showcases the work of studio glassmakers, like Bacchus Glass, and artisan lamp-makers, like Babette Holland Design and offers designer lines of modern home accessories, like Alessi, Modern Doorbells, and Nelson Clocks.

Now that i found a place which offers a great variety of contemporary and traditional style home accessories, its time to convince my hubby! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Moved to our new place finally and we're still unpacking our stuff while the kids explore their new huge house. There are very happy as they get to see open skies from the windows and below the building, lots of cows! One of Alisha's favorite animals is the cow and so shes really so excited here. I can tell by my kids and hubby's faces they're all too excited and happy to be living in such a pleasant environment, and for me, where there is peace along with my families smiles, there is where my happiness derives from... :)

So here is Lady Gaga and shes singing for you, 'paparazzi'... a video i love watching for the weird things she's doing in it but it does have a story to tell.. enjoy and have a happy music monday folks :))

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Looking for an expertise job training institute for better jobs? If beauty is your interest in this field, consider Florida cosmetology School which is a campus in the Regency beauty institute. This is the fastest growing beauty institute which was founded more than 50 years ago in Minneapolis, and their graduates remains popular and most sought for even today throughout the US. Their graduates also come from other different networks from salons to cruise ships and runways and these are also part of growing networks of campuses and placement relationships by regency themselves. As part of training from regency, students provide high-quality, discounted salon services to the public under expert faculty supervision.

We are already done packing and the kids are really too excited. I can already image the fun we will be having at our new home but am just too stressed out to move a finger right now, even as i sit here and type! I can just about manage to move these hands for anything while sitting though! Clever me, ha?

Moving home is always a headache and moreover, adjusting to new home will be challenging job later once we are there. But i think i shall the get the kids to help so that our things are unpacked quickly, plus they will also find it fun while i asked their opinions on placements and this will help them to remain excited so that they adjust faster.

The imaginations that flowed to your mind when you saw this is something so similar to mine, and i know it so well.. hehe.. Well this is what i call deception in love and, love alone! But, is its really love alone that deceives us?? Heres a couple arm in arm and another hand in hand, but the only difference is the couples share one female partner! You can already see that but deception can be caused by everything even your eyes and no wonder you're viewing a photo-shopped image and already imagining and wondering if you're in the same situation! Ahh.. but thats just a fake image for now ;)

How one would feel if they were illegally invaded of their confidential details is not a big question that arises in our minds, as companies been illegally selling our confidential information, and for your information, one of those is TransUnion who have also been selling credits to targeting companies in the US. A large segment of the American population was effected by this illegal action is entitled to monetary damages from a pre-established $75 million fund.

If you have applied or received any type of credit between 1987 and 2000, a TransUnion Lawsuit is the best thing you can do now taking into consideration all the damages caused by them to you. These companies should be punished to the core because according to me, invading or disclosure of personal information is nothing less than a crime and is also a direct violation of the Federal Credit Reporting Act. Take a free consultation by filling up your form and McCollom & Demerath's expert skilled attorneys will handle even the most complex TransUnion claims by you and, for you.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Waiting to pack and move to our new home soon, and our kids are more than excited by the every thought of it as the new home is huge and spacious. Its a good thing that now at least Aryan would be indoors most of the time and this would also divert his mind from all the outdoor nonsense he's been up to lately, like bursting crackers on cats! yeah, i know its sounds harmful and its also an undisciplined behavior from his side which is quite a worry too, these days. His behavior is getting too out of my hand and i got to take some stringent action on him before hes out of my control!! i've been getting neighbor complaints and hes deemed one of the most mischievousness boys in the society!!

Got to do something about it soon but i think, things will change for the better once in the new home :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm here again to spread the news to my readers who are also my fellow bloggers, mostly parents who are on the look out for a good web hosting for their multiple blogs/sites and though blogging can be fun to write about your family and personal life, i guess not having ample knowledge of a good service provider can make blogging a little mind boggling when your beautiful site is having a down time due to bad service provided by that particular web hosting company. Not a pleasant experience, i know, when it happens...

If you are looking out to switch to a better web hosting, i recommend Web Hosting Hub which is the best possible web hosting company in the market these days which provides excellent service to clients. If you're thinking of opting for other company's, know that you may not get standard shared hosting features, 100% (factory tested!)services, or premium website builder services, etc, for the unbelievable price offered by web hosting hub from any other web hosting. So take your time to compare and decide, but i bet comparisons always work towards a better decision!

Monday, July 12, 2010

This song has been playing since days on my playlist and on my lips and i never seem to get bored of it. The video is really good too, believe me... i watch it like everyday to remember that the things i want to rid myself even today, are so yesterday! Remember the singer of the breathtaking hit 'Un-break my heart'? Yeah right, Toni Braxton and just like you cried your heart out to Un-break my heart... Toni's powerful vocals, in this song too, make you want to dance your heart out esp when she sings...

Honey, you, you are so yesterday
I won't let you rain on my parade
Don't wanna hear a thing you say
So yesterday
Now I never wanna see you,
Never wanna feel you
Never wanna hear you
I don't love you,
don't need you,
can't stand you
No More..

And i can keep repeating this song also to hear Trey lyrics as he just takes the melodious, meaningful song levels higher with his vocals...

Baby what you're saying to me is
There's no more you and I
I couldn't get it right on yesterday
So kiss our tomorrows goodbye
Baby love shouldda brought me home
Shoulda just been a man about it
But now i'm crying like a baby girl your love is like my blanket don't know what to do without it

I'm standing here pleading my case
You dont care to hear what I say

Enjoy the vid and have a HAPPY MM :)

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Sunday, July 04, 2010

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Sometimes i wonder into thoughts about the universe and its elements. I know energy, time and physical laws are three of the universe's main elements but have you imagined what would a zero-energy universe be like? How would we light our homes then?? We need energy resources for every activity in our daily lives and so the lesser energy we utilize, the more we can save on energy, money, and carbon emissions.

Have you thought what would be of our universe if all energies got exhausted in the next 10-12 years? To help keep the lights on and offer affordable energy our industry needs to invest in the next generation of energy technologies. Don't you feel as i do?

Like me, many of you may want to voice your views on energy, get yourselves involved in interesting hot debates on the future of energy topics. If energy matters a lot to you then you must give yourself a chance to talk on the E.ON Talking Energy Live road show. If your home is energy efficient and you're into the habit of saving energy to reduce home bills, disuses your energy saving habits and help others learn while you can find more tips to save on energy yourself and contribute towards protecting the environment.

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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Its too disheartening today as the rains have washed away my plans of going out as always, and to make matters worse i was down with fever but thanks to god it was just mild fever and i was okay by evening. But why do the rains always wash away my excitement and happiness instead of my tears when i depend on it for survival... this way i always leave things undone by the end of the day. Its not that i hate the rains bu but i dislike anything which spoils my plans ;)

I penned down this poem to lift my own spirits and for all of you who are enjoying the rains and deem it a blessing in disguise. Let me know what you think about my poem, and your suggestions are welcome :)

Its raining a beautiful song of spring

Its raining, i see a rainbow for me, awaits
crystal droplets pour from the heavens gates
the orchids, roses, grass beds are glistering
the blossomed scene, a dancing me, reminiscing

Its raining, i feel the warmth of the sun
its leakage of rays, in golden shower has begun
darling buds of may, my deep anticipation
the gentle breeze ignites my tender passion

Its raining, i hear wind chimes in the distance
buzzing bees, butterflies, the pleasures immense
coupled birds of paradise join me in chorus
serene and mellow, some lyrics so melodious

Its raining, i smell the crisp earths crust
the nurturing grass lands, the breeze airiest
crushed out of flowers in spring that bloom
the essence, the fragrance of rich perfume

Its raining, never have i savored, so tantalizing
a scrumptiously prepared meal of picturesque spring
ingredients of crystals, rainbows, sun rays and ecstasy
blended with fragrance, bees and blossoms in serenity

Thursday, July 01, 2010

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Do you use Skype to chat from the internet? If you do use it then you are sure to have experienced mind boggling call disconnections during your chats, just like me. There were several incidences when my family at the other end of our chat sessions seemed frustrated while chatting with me. There were times when my husband couldn't get through to his clients, and sometimes even missed out on important deals due to disturbances during calls. But, now i guess we will be experiencing less or no more interruption during calls or chats with this innovative new technology by faceVsion.

If your're a Skype user, i bet their low quality video calls are a lot more aggravating. Don't you also think so? In this case, Skypes certified VideoCam, FV touchcam N1 from faceVsion can provide its users with a high quality calling experience. Something every user craves for. It will help users connect themselves to their business partners or families from anywhere at anytime, unlike most other so called high definition webcams like Microsoft Cinema and Logitech Pro 9000 which cannot stream true HD over internet. The key to true HD quality video calls is a chip set built into the Touchcam N1 and dual microphones supporting beamforming techniques which offer excellent video and audio experiences to help enhance business partnerships or family relationships across the globe.

FV ExpressCombo includes the FV TouchCam™ L1, the iF award-winning VideoCam that features wide angle High Definition images at 30 frames per second for superb, crystal clear video calls over the internet.

You can check out the products from the faceVision on line store.


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