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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yesterday i went for Id shopping, and thank god my whole shopping was complete! hehe because usually i end up with some missing accessories like matching earrings, hair bands, some other tiny things.. I like to be a perfectionist, you know, in terms of everything. So if i find i have anything missing, the tendency to feel incomplete appears and irritation occurs, and then i cant enjoy myself thoroughly. As every pieces would agree;)?

The market was pretty crowded because the place where i live, west Bengal, will be celebrating not only Id-ul-fitr but also Durga Puja(important Hindu festival). So you see, the Muslims are celebrating Id tomorrow and just four days after that, the Bengali's(other religion of Calcutta) will be celebrating Durga Puja. I don't celebrate puja but just like to go pandal hopping and will explain about it in my next few posts:).

From the market, i bought lovely frocks/skirts/tops for Alisha, some shirts and jeans for Aryan. My husband and myself shopped for ourselves too. Both the kiddies enjoyed lots eating away, but Alisha was a bit irritated with the crowds. We landed home, ate and dozed off like a log... ZZZ.. I dreamed about Alisha's birthday plans.. hehehehe.. That's also surely going to be a pretty exciting shopping too!!

Here at a online sports videos site, i recalled memories of my sports injuries which i can never forget. At this SportsVids site, lots of other sports videos are embedded to recall any of your memories too. Now for my story below..

I was a sports crazy person back in school and as the leader of my house i had some responsibilities, lots of them, so that my team was able to win the cups and medals. In 2007, the basketball practice began. We scored quite a few points in the first round and was quite happy but during the mid of the second, i suddenly felt a pin pain in my head like i always used to feel but never bothered. As i felt so dizzy and felt like fainting i saw my opponent charging towards me with the bounding ball and all of a sudden there was a loud thud, bang and her head butted mine! I thought i died that day but the lord saved me, i was rushed to the school hospital and i was put to rest for a few days. Was advised to visit an eye doctor to find out the reason for the unusual pains.

On the day of the main basketball match, i hurt my toes and my little toe bled profusely under my sports shoe. Felt the pain, which was terrible, yet i ran bounced, ran bounced and scored some points for my team, at least. Though they advised me not to take part i was reluctant and we went on to win:) But i can never forget about my sports injuries even today, it has created a huge impact on my life for whenever i watch any sport, i look for some crazy injuries that are likely to happen anytime.

Out of all the videos, i liked one that somewhat effected my life forever and you will know why when you take a look. It has some serious injuries and how you get them while in a game. You must also upload some of your videos, whether its your child’s first homerun or any sports clips. Am sure it would be loved:)

Sports Injuries - Click here for more sports videos


I remember there used be a huge green bed of land surrounding my home as a child, where a a huge garden lay right in front of my house and it used to be there, that i spent most of my time while on vacations from boarding school.

My mom used to do her gardening whenever she was free from caring for my brother who was little at that time, and she loved all the flowers too, like her own children:) believe me, when you talk to your plants or sing to them, they grow better. Seeing her, i used to be loving them too and observed they responded by growing beautifully!We grew lots of other plants other than flowers but that i'll be posting few posts later.

I had my own side of the garden where i experimented with my plants but as I couldn't dig into the ground, my mom got me gardening pots to do the job. I used to add layers of mud and other mixture into the pot, then plant the seeds below a final layer of mud, but thank god, i never needed to water the plants because my maid done the needful every morning/evening. I couldn't be carring water all the way to he pots;) It would spill and get me a trashing.. hehe.. But yeah when the plants grew way big to keep growing in the pots, mom put them into the ground:)

The garden was always attractive with seasonal plants all throughout the year, like roses, water lilies, marigold, balsam, bougainvillea, bleeding hearts, anthurium, sunflowers, carnations, jasmine, china rose buds, and lots more.. I use to chase away the butterflies from the flowers thinking they were eating them up! hahaha

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dancing in the big boss house

Hahaha whats makes me laugh even right now, is the fun going on at big boss with Rahul Mahajan and Raja Chowdhury fighting like cats and dogs.. they were given a task the other day, and it had to be carried out by both, who dressed themselves like Drona, a charator from Abhisheks Bachchan's coming movie. The story: Good over Evil.. so Drona vr's Evil had to fight it out.. that meant Rahul verse's Raja.. But something went wrong and Instead of good over Evil, it resulted in Evil winning over good.. hahaha..

I cant express how i was in splits while the whole fight was on. Earths enemy won over the saviour! yeah, Raja and Rahul started out fighting with swords like in the movie but slowly they moved onto to boxing each other but all with fun, and Raja who is known to be very hot tempered and who takes to fighting for any reason, cought rahul by his legs and dragged him all aroud. Poor Rahul, he was so embarrassed but luckily Zulfi came to his aid.. finally both, Rahul and Raja hugged and ended the cat fight. It was an awesome cat fight i had seen on reality TV! hehe..

Rahul is our late politician BJP leader Pramod Mahajan's son and now he is a politiction himself!!! But hes a very down to earth and helpful person, has no airs like many others and he comes across as very childish. I must also mention that Rahul also cleans the toilets of the big boss house, and he doent mind dancing like a clown in his bath robe(he cant dance;)) He is nominated every week but maybe luck is with him for hes still in the house.

Raja is our tv actress shweta's ex husband, who is known to beat her while they were married which was the reason for their divorce. But he is also very friendly and has opened up lots since the day he first came on the show. Seems to win over his other housemates by his fun nature, for when he was evicted this friday.. he was missed, and the whole house remained quiet. Normally he is upto all sorts of things.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

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Friday, September 26, 2008

I have seen people with piercings almost covering every part of the body and i always wonder what pleasure does it give a person. I have only three piercings, i mean one on my nose where i wear my gold nose pin and on my ears but i cant bare to think of a navel one or in some other part of the body! I always feel my hair raise when i see a piercing either on TV or real. It seems so unpleasant to the eyes, yet i cant understand how and why people pierce in places that can be extremely risky like inside the mouth. Whatever it is, if it looks and makes a person feel good, just take care of your piercing:)

When a piercing is done, it pains alot and on the next day it pains even more. I hope you agree friends? i must advice you to wash the area with warm water as you awake in the morning so that its clean of puss and clotted blood, after that don't forget to apply some good antiseptic cream ASAP. It should dry up within less than a month completely.

The mouth is the most important part you got to care for, so remember after eating and drinking, always wash your mouth with some alcohol-free, or antiseptic mouth solution.

But most of all, always make sure you use safely methods. You know what i mean? Never pierce with used needles and go for sterile methods. If you have pierced your skin lately, do let me know, and till then.. I will be back with lots more on body piercing soon:)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Disney movies along with their soundtracks, and most of all the characters without whom the movies couldn't have been created have left a great impact even now as adults. I remember during my school years we used to literally delve into the characters of the Disney world while enacting plays on stage. All that was made possible by watching the actual Disney shows repeatedly and even now whenever i get the chance i watch them with my kids who are fans of Disney themselves. Below i have listed my top favourites, and as i take you down memory lane, why don't you leave me your favourites too as it would be wonderful to know how much of our tastes actually match:)

1.Cinderella- The sister who was bullied by her step sisters but won the heart of her prince charming.

2.Disney Princesses- Other than Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, Snow white, Ariel, are what every girl would wish to be like. Love their gowns, and grace:)

3.Mickey mouse- I love his clothes and especially his big round ears.

4.Donald Duck- I like his pout, his tail and the way he talks. His feet too!

5.Pinocchio- The wood boy who turns real boy, and his nose grows only with a lie. The story still captures ones heart even today.

6.Ariel- The lovable mermaid, as everybody already knows.

7.Aladdin- The handsome lad who has the heart of Jasmine, his princess and bautiful soulmate.

8.Winnie the Pooh- I feel like hugging him whenever i watch him. hehe.

9.Colors of the Wind(Pocahontas)- Melodious and has great lyrics and the video is amazing too. One of my favourite songs.

10.A Whole New World(Aladdin)- Loved Jasmine and the handsome Alladin in this magical song.

11.The Jungle Book- One of my favourite movies, which features Mowgli the infact who was found and raised by jungle animals.

12.Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs- I like the cute dwarfs, and because they helped Snow white, they are more admired:)

13.Mary Poppins- Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins is marvelous. I have watched this movie several times and each time was a real treat.

14.The Lion King- love all the animals and when my kids watch the show, they all energized dancing and jumping around.

15.Alice in Wonderland- Alice and every other charactor from the movie simply takes one into a world of exciting adventures.

BTW i found you game lovers a new game called Disney Bingo, where Adults can even play. The game also gets kids to focus on their numbers, colors, and matching skills with their favorite Disney characters and movie clips. I'll tell where you can find the game, its the or sites from where you can make your purchase once you choose any game you like. I think these games will be a treat to play when we watch our characters coming to lives and dancing to the tune of our fingers;)

You better know Disney, and all its knowledge for when you challenge your family and friends to some Disney trivia, you got to buck up too:) Its going to be really exciting to play:) So whats your favourite Disney?


Baby Alisha who turned 23 months(on the 18 of Sept), is totally adored by her parents for all the sweetness, cleverness and funniness that she possesses. These days shes pleading me, says "peash, peash" and no, that's no french word for me but simple English which actually means please, please.. and she does it so cutely with folded hands when she needs anything and am not paying attention! hahaha.. shes been watching her elder sibling Aryan do it several times when he needs something to be done and now shes coping him without knowing the meaning, or maybe even knowing.. and i cant imagine how clever babies are getting:)

Her new words this month are baby, bum, com ma(come here), butter, jam, cat, birdie, bath, go, bobby, die(buy), bread, poto(potato), rice, boo boo(ghost), kool(school), wata(water), poll(fall), catsh(catch), as i remember more of the past months.. ill update:)

She watched any baby on TV, she points and says momaiya(that's me), papaiya(her papa) and baby(herself) and of course still dances like Jennifer Lopez and Malaika Sharavat(she gives those bum shakes).. hehe.. her favourite kids serial on tv is Krishna(Indian god), tom and jerry, bheegi billi and bheem( a child character) on cartoon and pogo channels. I forgot shes crazy over her boyfriend 'BEN TEN' for shes always mumbling ban tan, ban tan.. and shakes her bottom, hips when the title song plays:)

Loves drinking Pepsi and eating chips, also loves butter so much that she eats spoons of them.

Hates to tie ponytail(sigh).. i always wished to tie beautiful ribbons on her ponytail but shes always nods her head and screams at me:(.. even if i succeed, she tosses it. Am growing her hair for her birthday and i hope she allows me to do her hair. Anyone got any idea? mommies, come on , give me some useful ideas please;)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Yesterday marked the completion of 23 months of baby Alisha and its time i put up a countdown to her birthday which is about a month from now.. i have started planning out the guest list, food menu, decorations, snacks and drinks list, what we would be wearing and what my baby will be wearing because i don't want to miss out on a single wish of mine.

I remember we didn't have anything big for her on her first birthday, it was just a simple party with a cake, some snacks and we had it at my mom-in-laws place where i was staying at that time. No one, except my brother had come. In fact we had planned it that way. This year i am so happy and energised to go shopping for a double excitement, as its not only her birthday but before that we will be celebrating Id-UL-fitr(will write about it soon)

Will also update this post as plans start to take off..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I recently encountered a problem with my stats i was totally out of knowledge about which web track i should go for, when now i have found a site that monitors free Web Stats graphical statistics and any other information of individual visitors and their activity on any web site.

iWebTrack being the only hosted web analytics company that offers a truly private label reseller program has voiced its comments on how other tracking services have received acquisitions by acquisition. To name some of them, IndexTools, ClickTracks and WebTrends are those that market themselves as as private label reseller programs but in real they are merely affiliate programs.

White label by index tools restricts holding rights to their customers, also restrict customer prising. Index tools restrict minimum and maximum value to customers and charge fees from resellers, as per customer basis.

iWebtrack have no restrictions for resellers and offer a flat monthly fee. They provide flexibility and the tools to resellers to utilize the product as they own. Their Private Label partners craft their own customized web analytics package as well as given the rights to create special multiple pricing tiers.

What is known of iWebTrack is that they differentiate with a truly private label reseller opportunity vs. a glorified affiliate program.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Recently i read an article on a news website about a mobile ring tone which was supposed to be the most download and listening to worldwide. I read that it was composed in India but was creating waves international too, like in India .. i felt so proud and started my search for the ring tone, but so engrossed in my search for the ring tone as soon as i c*l*c*k*e*d on the link that spelled the ring tone(sorry cant type it here) my PC suddenly rebooted, only to find a virus alert pop up on the restart. It said virus alert, c*l*i*c*k on the link to remove.. what made matters worse was when in nervousness, i moved my mouse over it and pops ups took over my PC.. best or worst part, it was only when i landed on the index page from where i tried searched for the ring tone. I saw that Google actually had a link below saying 'This site can harm your PC'.. I was doomed, why the hell i didn't see that before?? that was because i actually found the link on one of the news sites itself but again when i landed on the index page, i saw the alert link there. Had i been to the index page at first i would have known about the virus.

Let me tell you, it was not an ordinary virus.. within two hours my PC was dead( with restarts and pop ups) I felt like slow poison, and quit attempting to continue use of my PC. The virus wasnt allowing any antivirus to scan, not even the one i had downloaded. Now its all ok with a recent format:).. Thank god.

I would like to advice my visitors never to c*l*i*c*k on any link without knowing what they will be getting into, i mean check before, to see whether Google had labelled the site as harmless or with harmful alerts. They will warn you if the site could harm your computer with a link like this 'This site could harm your computer' and i think its very helpful. I fell into the trap once, but wouldn't like to see you fall so please take my advice:)

Monday, September 15, 2008

I have been a lover of sea food all my life but my kids are simple eaters and don't prefer rich(too spicy) meals served to them. This Sunday, i thought i will prepare a sea food recipe which i got online.

This week being too hectic, the most exciting thing I've done is voting for my favourite sea food recipe at and am hoping the recipe bags the prize! Five recipes, all equally delicious but some didn't suit my taste buds. Of course, one look at them and you know which one will turn out a scrumptious meal. But, i finally chose my favourite recipe from the site to try out.

I chose the Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion
with Seafood Dirty Rice dish by Chef John Currence as my favourite. The recipe is from the state of Mississippi, no wonder its included in the title. This particular dish has a variety of ingredients and meat. The recipe has red fish, shrimp, crab meat, bacon and lots of other ingredients. I would replace bacon with chicken breast as i don't consume bacon, and i think chicken would taste equally good. I also liked the idea of complimenting the meal with rice. I will definitely add chicken breast, minus beer to my dish, unlike in the recipe and i am confident it wouldn't taste any different from the actual recipe. The other recipes use too many sauces which is difficult to find here in India but this specific recipe has everything i can get from the daily market close by.

I have taken such interest in the great cook off contest and am even adamant to try the recipe at home. In my opinion i always prefer domestic seafood for sustainable reasons and when there is fresh sea food around you, it brings the best chef out in you!

Guys, i forgot to mention that there is a contest going on at, where you got to vote for your favourite recipe. Your luck strikes, you may win a package prize which is a trip to the Orleans. There is more than just the trip so visit soon and vote. Now you know the reason for my double excitement:)


Sunday, September 07, 2008

I use aroma oils to massage my skin to rejuvenate it, to strengthen it and to get rid of all my stress. According to me, olive oil, lavender oil, rose oil, sandal wood oil, peanut oil.. these are the best aroma oils which are pretty essential oils that help improve skins quality.

One can treat themselves at home itself, doesn't have to be at a spa salon or some other place. You can do a self massage if there's no one around:) Just after a shower when the skin is soft and damp, take some oil in the palm of your hand.. say about a few drops and not half the bottle(mind you), and rub into your skin from the neck downwards. Don't stress yourself when you do your massage and keep your mind relaxed. It surely works wonders to your skin, keeping it sweet smelling and healthy looking.

I always say that drinking water, at 6 to 8 glasses a day is also essential for your skin. A healthy diet is also important or no matter how you try to treat your skin it wont work. As every living thing needs food and water, our skin needs that's too so we need to feed our skin. Never hesitate to follow some great advice from your elders or you will find lots of information on the web itself and you can attain and sweet healthy looking skin.

Very soon i will bring you some massage techniques so come back soon:)

I have been a lover of furniture since my childhood days. Loved admiring newly designed furniture sets put up for display inside showrooms, while on my way back home from school etc.. but as the years pass, i notice furniture prices dropping frequently while the quality arises. You wont get to know unless you surf around the Internet, because the Internet provides information about the cheap and best.

You may be a restaurant owner, a event planner, or maybe looking out for furniture to decorate your own home. knows what you're looking for, even if its nightclub Furniture. Enjoy the free room planner section on their site as it will give you an idea of how to create more space for your home or furniture arrangements for free.

On the site, your eyes wont believe the variety of gorgeous designs and colors. Each of these pieces are always in stock but in case any time it isn't. A button near the image will alert you. There are also some crazy deals which you shouldn't ignore. Delivery in the USA takes around 4-5 days, and across to 48 continental states. So, plan your events and facilities with gorgeous furniture, right away.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I am a big fan of reality shows, currently a very big fan of big boss season 2.. but before i posted something about the show when it first appeared on air, i thought of watching the first few episodes.. was watchable then, but its beginning to take on a pretty boring twist.. at least compared to season 1.. big boss is the Indian format of the international celebrity big brother. Year before last, Shilpa Shetty landed up at the Big Brother house.. this year it was Jade Goody at the big boss house. The difference was that Shilpa won the big brother show while Jade had to unexpectedly, leave the show within two days of her stay, due to a diagoinsed cancer.

I was very excited when i knew she'd be staying along with the Indian inmates. I wondered what it would be for a foreigner to live, and eat Indian spicy food along with the others and even cook, clean and play childish games at the big boss house.. Oh it would've been quite amusing really, if only.. jade stayed back..

Rahul Mahajan and his two lady love/friends, Monica Bedi and Payal Rotahgi are some of the interesting inmates on the show. The blooming love story between Rahul and Monica, or Rahul and Payal? Sorry to say one of them was voted out on Friday! The other inmates, don't talk about them.. they all two carefull and alert this time.. I feel, they're wearing on plastic personalities all the time, because none is trying to open up and create a blast at the house. I mean, being locked up inside a house not able to see the outside world, who wouldn't want to go out of the way to have fun.. Sambhavna, a dancer does create some fuss, tantrums and that's what livens up the show. but the rest does get on my patience. Doesn't everyone have a different side, especially in different situations? But no, they're trying to be their level best, and having appeared on TV, all of them are very good actors i must say(with anger.. he he)

I think if they aren't going to open up, at least big boss should do something to bring out the different sides in them. The show should turn bold, spicy and lively!! Big boss do something please.. I think you got the season one to play bold games, why such childish games this time? I admired Rakhi Sawant in the season 1, for allowing us to know a completely different Rakhi, other than the bold one we knew.. A tantrum queen and down to earth Rakhi.

Which personality is about to impress us this time? lets wait and watch.. a long way to go.. wish to see Shakti Kapoor, Sherlyn Chopra, Jhanvi Kapoor and other popular people on big boss.. and yeah, am still a big fan of big boss:)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Every evening
As I'm laying here in bed
This tiny little prayer
Keeps running through my head

God bless my mom and dad
And bless my little pup
And look out for my brother
When things aren't looking up

And God, there's one more thing
I wish that you could do
Hope you don't mind me asking
But please bless my computer too?

Now I know that's not normal
To bless a mother board
But just listen a second
While I explain to you 'My Lord'

You see, that little metal box
Holds more to me than odds and ends
Inside those small compartments
Rest a hundred of my 'BEST FRIENDS'

Some it's true I've never seen
And most I've never met
We've never exchanged hugs
Or shared a meal as yet....

I know for sure they like me
By the kindness that they give
And this little scrap of metal
Is how I travel to where they live

By faith is how I know them
Much the same as you
I share in what life brings them
From that our friendship grew

"PLEASE" Take an extra minute
From your duties up above
To bless this scrap of metal
That's filled with so much love!

I love surfing the Internet and looking out for information on different topics, but due to lack of time i hardly spare few hours continuously to just surf websites. I mainly focus on blogs these days, and i find its through the personal blogs that i gain the most amount of knowledge from. Think of any topic and you get to read it on a personal blog.

I bought for you another personal blog tittled 'Chronicle''s of Dodong Henry' where the author blogs about his sweet escapades and petty things relevant in connection to him. Other topics like women, kids, children, religion, events, holidays, movies, youth are interesting to read about.

I opted to read about the women and children topics more as i can relate to them and especially loved the post 'Prosti’s:Outrageous and Rampant' at its very interesting, you should read. Its a word press pr3 blog, and makes up for many other off topic blogs. I would like to offer a flower to the author for bringing us a wonderful blog and will do the same for every blog i write about:)

As a very fidgety little girl, i used to rummage into my grandparents cupboard shelves looking for stuff i could put into my handbag so that i could play house-house(children's games) with my other siblings. I knew they had a vast collection of old coins to the latest coins and the craze was even in me, as i loved collecting old coins and always thought i'd be a top collector one day because my grandfather's collection appealed to me so much. He use to explain the values of those coins and tell me not to lose them at any cost. I don't have the hobby anymore but i assume, children worldwide still do have coin collection as a serious hobby and may need to look for places where they can buy them at low prices, as the more you buy, remember it adds to your collection. If i were a kid i would grab the opportunity at, a site which leads the market in brand coin collecting supplies.

I can be confident that the buying experience at will be rewarding and pleasant for serious coin collectors. The wizard theme actually makes it look like a fun site more and i also read their articles, where they will educate you on how to take proper care of your coin collecting accessories so that your collection rises high ensuring its value remains intact all the time.

In case you do not have some information about specific coin supplies, there are plenty of other articles to help you gain knowledge about your craze. There is even an article about coin collecting for kids, that's quite exciting. I should try to spark some interest in my son, Aryan. And should you rise as the number one collector, please don't forget me.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Flirting is considered an art, and is also a universal essential part of life. Does a styled hair appeal more to you when feelings of flirtation take over your mind? Am sure some Victory Hair will set the spark more on fire. Wonder whats a victory hair? It means the hair style you've worn before and after minutes of serious flirting.. and you know what i mean;) But with victory hair, flirting doesn't necessary have to be connected with vulgarity or indecency.. some impressive ways are flicking him/her on the nose, running your fingers through her hair, some gentle stomach punches, pillow fights.. and for these, a neatly tied back hair look should works wonders! Your hair doesn't mess up and remains appealing:) So, does your 'victory hair' appeal?

For my personal incident on flirting.. when we weren't married, my hubby came up to me during a wedding ceremony, while in our initial courting period and set the few strands of fringe that fell over my eyes from my neatly braided styled hair. I got carried away, and fell more deeply in love with him(remember he just set the fringe straight so 'you' better don't get carried away;)). Even today, my neat hair 'look' remains intact and that's what i feel always attracts more, and btw am in the picture above;). I personally feel a wavy, whirling hair proves disastrous.

So, do you deem yourself the greatest flirt ever with your hair style? Why not play the game Ultimate Flirting Championship in the widget below, its the best way to rip out the flirtatious side of you and find out who matches your newly styled 'victory hair'. That i guess, should prove your mettle right. You got it right here below, but the Extreme Style by VO5 game widget can also be easily used on your social pages and sites.. so go on, take the widget with you and find out who interests you.

For more widgets please visit

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We are on the second day of Ramadan, which will go on for the whole of one month. Muslims fast from morning(during sunrise) to evening(during sunset) without a morsel of food, not even a drop of water is allowed to be taken until evening when the fast breaks. Its tough on the first few days but eventually the Muslims get used to the daily pattern of the fast. They spend their days in prayers and dedication to god.

Here are some food tips:
Try to consume more of grains and seeds like barley, wheat, oats, millet, semolina, beans, lentils, wholemeal flour, unpolished rice, vegetables like green beans, peas, marrow, spinach. herbs like methie, beetroot leaves(iron-rich), fruit with skin, dried fruit especially dried apricots, figs and prunes, almonds. These are slow digesting and fibre containing foods and will be beneficial during the fast period.

Avoid fried foods, they will only cause you indigestion and heart burn making the fast more difficult for you.

Avoid overeating at sehri and too much tea, as it drains out valuable mineral salts during urination, needed by your body during the day.

Drink plenty of water and juices before and after the fast, the time you aren't in fast.

Take advantage of this month to lose weight, but only with a proper balanced food intake so that you dont remain unhealthy in the process.

Will update this post once i find more tips.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

This may sound crazy, but its never completely impossible for a kid of 8 years to buy his membership through his moms pay pal account.. and Aryan, my son proved it right. Know what, i logged into my email for pay pal and found an email stating that a certain amount of money 'has been transferred to club penguin as per your request', a kids game site. I was dazzled at the first few words of the email but i soon realised it was true, still doubted the transaction couldn't have taken place without a confirmation or something.. so i signed into my pay pal account but found it was too late, my $$$ were already transferred to the site as a fee charged for a double membership at club penguin. A dollar means lots if changed to Indian rupees so you can understand what it meant.

My Aryan is a very clever boy and watches each and every move of mine on the PC.. he he.. i was in fits of anger that day, but planned to let him continue his membership with warning he is no more allowed to sign into my accounts and if he does, it will result in severe punishment. I also changed my auto sign in;).. Had this to gain quicker log in, due to the PC being slow. Now its a bit difficult but its a lesson learned again!

Well, on the club penguin site, i noticed, that by just being a free member he wont be able to take part in the games and other activities which he was longing for. So now while Aryan enjoys playing to his hearts content, his studies are also strictly attended to. I am glad he is able to balance both as 'too much work and no play makes Aryan a dull boy':)

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