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Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

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We celebrated Alisha's birthday on the 18th of Oct, last week and, it was a great continuation of our this years celebrations. she turned 4 years old was so excited with the tom cake and as you can see in the pics, where she already tried to dig in to it before we could light the candles! As only tom, and only tom would do for her as i said in the previous post, we had to give in to her wishes :) The best part was when the cake was cut and we were about to feed her a piece... she took the piece from her dads hand and put it into he own mouth which made us all laugh. hahaha... The little girl enjoyed her day with all her other tiny tot friends and i'm so happy for her.

Throughout the last few months i had kept noticing the sweet changes in my little lady, like how she has transformed from a baby into a little girl who knows how to convince her parents and close ones with her innocent antics.

Oh i just cant believe how unfair i was not to write about her for a over a year :( I remember how she weaned herself when i first got sick this year. She and i, we both struggled to separate or rather adjust ourselves out of the mother, baby bonding we had between us during nursing times because i needed to stop her from breastfeeding as per docs advice and because, it also over 3 years and time she stopped.

During the past one year she has been a sweetheart, lively and playful, always lighting my life in good and bad phases. She already been framing sentences very well by the ending of 2009 and now she is kind of an expert at Hindi and English at this age. I'm proud she is able to converse in both her parents languages. One day she comes and asks me, "mamma i cant find my little bottle (of water), i kept it here, you saw it?" she refers to anything she is close to or likes as 'little' because i call her 'little baby' too. She is still not going to school but she will...

Little girls at three age cant resist breaking up theirs moms make-up and that's exactly what she did to mine too when my poor lipstick popped up and toppled over as soon as Alisha spied it! I don't approve of makeup for little girls of three for their skins too delicate to fight bacteria and make-up could cause harm. As she was nearing 3 years, that time itself she started putting on my platforms(shoes) and walking around... and even started admiring herself in the mirror! this reminds of me girls just wanna have fun!! hehe..

Three year old girls also want to look their best and my baby too, sometimes loves choosing her own colors and designs for clothes, etc. She still hates spiders but not to afraid of lizards. Sleeps quite late and loves good food and snacks and is not too fussy. But particular with cleanliness and anything out of the way. Shes too clever when it comes to searching vids and images on my phone which make her elders amazed at times. Gets irritated when she cant find her free space but since we have moved to this huge house she is one gem of a doll always playful and keeps lighting our life with her smile :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alisha will be 4 years old on the 18th oct, 2010! I know its two days from now and the excitement has already set in. There’s a party for all close relatives and she will be dressed all in pink. We had ordered for her a chocolate cake with toms character decorated on it. Though we liked many pre-designed cakes in the huge catalogue in the Kathleen’s cake shop we didn’t find anything suitable to Alisha’s choice, but we managed to print out a picture of tom for the Kathleen’s cake shop to understand our needs. Tom and Jerry is her favorite character and i didn’t want to disappoint her with anything else other than her favorite, as not even Barbie would do! Right now at four i guess tom appeals to Alisha more than Barbie and Barbie can wait for a few more years to make her way into heart.

I already have her orders days before, to allow her to cut her own birthday cake (she doesn’t want me to hold the knife along with her), and says with actions “i will cut my cake, like this, and eat”… and while she says this her little hands show me how she would slice a piece of the cake, and putting her tiny whole palm and fingers into her mouth, shows me how she would eat the cake too! Haha

She is so happy she will be dressed as a fairy with the wings and the wand, like she watches on the cartoon network channel…

Few days ago, she was asking me if she will grow up like Bobby (Aryan) on her birthday while measuring her legs with her elder brothers… i said yes, and shes replies with a sad face, “mama my legs are small, i no grown abhi tak! Abhi tak means ‘till now’… and that’s her speaking with a mixture of Hindi and English.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

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Monday, October 04, 2010

It’s my most awaited reality show and, yesterday was the first show of big boss on colors. I got ready with my glass of sprite and a chicken bara which contains so n so calories, and couched up to watch Salman Khan, our very handsome Bollywood actor, the host of big boss 4 to welcome the house inmates and entertain us with his self-invented jittery jives. I thought Prena who was the first inmate to arrive would be interesting to watch as we know her as a very popular female television star and whose ex-husband caused great shocks in his presence in season 2 at big boss house or even the two Pakistanis who i believe are controversial queens in their own motherland as one is the estranged girlfriend of the cricketer Mohammad Asif and the other is a crossed-dressed host of a popular talk show, but alas, today first day itself it was Davinder Singh alias Bunty Chor (chor means thief) who stole the show first day first show itself! haha.. He has spent long 13 years in prison (jail) for carrying out 500 clever robberies! Phew! i already feel exhausted thinking of it... ;)

But one certain thing plays on my mind as to why Big boss no more sounds like its going to be boring since from the very first day we (the audience) remained glued to the screen to watch a cool but adamant and aggressively Bunty abuse and cover the cameras with socks, and without regret, walk out of the show after big boss lost patience on trying to reform him in a day! i wonder if the scripted version was being acted out today... hehe.. Because i feel, suddenly after three successful seasons, how come this season allowed an ex-prisoner who had allegedly escaped jail, in the house when they should have known him better through the controversies surrounding him? Damm irritating to watch all those inmates act, as i believe they were... big boss is it something to excite us more, i bet you have turned clever like other shows... :)

So, while i think the other inmates earned their moolah very easily, Bunty earned his too, in return earning big bosses more popularity from the curiosity of the audience!? a very good start... waiting for tomorrow... till then cya :)

The repeat of big boss 4 is at 11.30 pm

Friday, October 01, 2010

On behalf of the innocent...

I lay crying and i was dieing
No cries they heard, from that distance
They neared and had me speared
And they painted me, in vengeance!

Sare jahaan se achha, Hindustan hamara? It means... Better than the whole world, our India... If we have India first in our hearts many questions come to my mind, like why do we allow demonic actions to overpower us and hurt our very own India? Why kill the innocent and sacrifice peace instead of instilling it between ourselves and others. Have we killed humanity for religion? Why cant we just respect each others religious beliefs, stop religious violence and stand united forever. But it is a matter of time... i guess... when we will be a really united country as we are known for... Too much to think of... but if only people settled religious issues without violence, Hindustan (India) would be surely best and popular for everything just as we are, for our colorful traditions, cultures and values...

It rips my heart open to think about all the violence in our country as a kid in 1992. Those memories still haunt, how the riots in extreme brutality, had almost 2000 peoples lives during the time. Apart from just watching it all on TV or hearing it spread from mouth to mouth, to believe, each state in India experienced curfews which were imposed in the cities to prevent further violence and because of that life seemed all up-side-down sometimes having nothing to eat! i remember the scarcity of food staying at a boarding school. I remember how scared we used to be hearing all the news from the other girls who weren't boarders. It was vacation time in dec and how we went through the tough, and scary phase and even in the safety of my home i dreaded the gunned police men!

As a human i feared history would repeat itself today when the verdict of the ayodhya case would be ruled out... You can read it HERE and HERE!

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