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Saturday, February 11, 2012

I always thought that a home is the only place where one is allowed to organize their lifestyle accordingly, when you might want to tuck away your do to list somewhere to resume later, or things, where you can keep away in a cabinet in close view so that when you need it, its right in front of you! this way of sorting and storing things would help you to find things easily. Isn't it? saves time and energy! But who though you can also do this online with your favorite sites, pages, etc which might find online and like to bookmark for later viewing. It is possible on a website called clipix

I have just created an account and playing around with my saved favorites clips on Clipix. It allows you to cut and clip and bookmark in style everything you would want to store and get back to later, just at click of your mouse! You can create new categories, as many as you like, and also rearrange your clips according to your liking. You can customize the privacy settings depending on whom you want to allow to view and leave comments on your clips like your pictures, videos, pages, or on your favorite articles, products, etc, just the way i have done it. You can also share them on Facebook and Twitter the two most popular social networking sites but remember, its up to you to use the site wisely!  

I have added some of my favorite videos, beauty tips and recipes to try out later! With valentines day around the corner i have been surfing around for gifts for my family and i have decided to clip a few gifts ideas for my loved ones birthdays too! this tool is very handy for me since i am a person who loves to leave activities midway and get back to it later!

It would be great for you as a reader to sign up, too and don't forget to comment below on how you would be using the site. There is an IPhone app which allows you to clip pictures of things and scenes you like while on the go! Get going now and make bookmarking easier with Clipix!

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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Phew! Love is in the air with valentines day just around the corner as everyone is gearing up the big day ahead.. the shops are filled with love tokens ready to be purchased by lovers to gift their beloved partners... for those who dont find anything suitable in their zone are seen running around to every nook and corner of the town or browsing through the vast web world for gifting and celebration ideas. The proposals i guess are already done by those who were single last year, and those still single, better luck next time.... But remember valentines day is not just about lovers, but for everyone who wants to spread and share love...

One of my posts in the past... I'm sure you'll find GREAT ideas here! ;-) :-)

Happy Valentines day!

"Valentines day" you hear this and your heart skips a beat, your love comes to your mind... You start cracking your head for ideas, for that dinner you long to take her to or for the party you planned to orginize for your family or the gift your mind told you, would be the best one for him/her.. Cupid is flying around looking for someone to shoot with the love bug but lemme tell you, the day is not only celebrated for those in love, it is meant for whoever you love! As is the trend followed throughout the world today... Whatever, its a few day from now and what, you're out of ideas???

Nothing beats the traditional bouquet of red roses, a box of Chocolates or her favourite perfume.. A CD of romantic songs will always remind your partner of you.. You two love to chatter, but distance kills you? what about gifting her the latest mobile phone.. What would be better than to gift your beloved air tickets for a weekend trip to your favorite destination! wow.. A nice piece of jewelry is sure to win your beloved's heart but then, its not that everyone can afford diamonds or gold, why not go for silver or even some nice imitation jewelry.. silver is as accepted as gold these days.. Another romantic gift for Valentine's Day is a photo frame.. however, DON'T forget to put a nice photograph of both of you together in that frame before.. Last but not the least,You can gift your partner an entire day with you, which starts with a romantic movie, followed by a warm candle lit dinner and ends with both of you gazing at the moon.. wouldnt that be the priceless gift ever?

Gifting a nice cell phone to your beloved would promise to keep both of you on all-time communication mode.. A wrist watch and wallet can also form a very good Valentines Day gift idea for him as these things are something which he will always keep with him.. If your man is Jewellery lover, then you have the option of gifting him engraved key rings, money clips, cufflinks, men's bracelets, men's rings, lapel pins etc.. Besides the above mentioned Valentines Day gift ideas for him you can also try out your own creative ideas as you are the one who knows him best, ladies!

Buy a white T-shirt for him, Apply a red lipstick and plant kisses all over the t-shirt, Put it in a box, wrap it nicely and send it to him through courier.. Record a Video or Audio CD telling your partner how much you love him/her.. Sending a bouquet of flowers or some other gift through the Internet is another good option.. Send your partner a watch as a Valentine's Day gift.. Attach a note saying, "Now, whenever you look for time, you will think about me".. Last but not the least, the bestest gift for your love one can only be "YOU".. So, plan a holiday and give your partner a surprise by visiting him/her at their place.

Instead of voicing the usual “I Love You” in the same old-fashioned way, try to play with words to see their effect and speak out everything that promises to linger on in the memory forever.. Make sure to spend loads of time together filled with candlelight dinners and clandestine visits to romantic spots.. Fill your surrounding atmosphere with the melody of romantic musical tracks.Scented bouquets of roses, tulips and discrete colorful flowers will work wonders in turning the romantic mood on.

Take time out and host a theme get-together for your close friends/relatives.. tell them they'll have to dress in red, pink or white, the decorations will be in red, pink and white, the food and drinks will be in red, pink and white! use your creative ideas for decorations, use candles, balloons, roses, ribbons, lights. Play interesting games.. have someone dress as cupid too! sounds exciting? your guests will have a blast.. come back and thank me!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

A few days ago i posted about how i am supporting Walgreens because of the facilities they are continuing to provide to retired families despite their dispute with Express scripts. Walgreens is a pharmacist that has been serving Americas military personal for over 100 years. If you aren't a member on their online site yet, sign up right away at Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens, to receive and enjoy services online. Two million members have already been enjoying discounted prices on medications, and in case you lack or have insufficient drug coverage to drugstores, here is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy these services by registering online.

You can have your families medications provided to you by a reliable pharmacist for just $35 a year. This family membership covers everyone in your immediate family including your spouse, dependents  and younger and pets. You can register for an individual membership for $20.

That is not all, you can also receive other medication offers like discounts on flue shots, nebulizers and diabetic supplies. You will be saving on more than 8,000 brand names and all generic medications! You can also print, share and shop online for beauty and personal items. 

I am following Walgreens on Twitter and have liked the page at Walgreens on Facebook and its just a small gesture to show my support for Walgreens, and i would like to request you to do the same. 

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Monday, February 06, 2012

Heard a lot of her music but this is the first time i'm posting her videos, its the first music Monday of the year, sadly! Havnt been around blogging much because i've been to hooked on to facebook and it is there that i had seen some of my contacts sharing Adele's music and i must mention she is a favorite these days!

This track features her singing about an old love happily married while she is the same lonely lover even after years! Thats love... but you must move on... :-)

Enjoy the video and have a happy music monday week ahead folks ;-)

Lyrics | Adele lyrics - Someone Like You lyrics

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