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Monday, June 30, 2008

A few days ago i heard the most talked and admired couple Aishwariya and Abhishek get into a loud argument, screaming at the top of their voices at an Awards show.. As i always said i admire Aish's looks but i am not convinced by her over-artificial and over-expressive ways. Her hubby seems to dislike that too! yes that's true, at an awards show when Aish was behaving too stupid and trying to grab attention on the stage along with kunal kumar, Abhi called her a side and tried to explain his mind. Aish reacted negatively and began blasting her hubby who got more and more annoyed, he had to ask his personal security to escort Ash to their hotel room!

Now despite being known as a true wedded bollywood couple who walk hand in hand wherever they go, but their rating as one of the best couples has fallen since the time of Aish's unacceptable behaviour.. infact, i now have much more regards for Abhishek and rate than 7/10. Yet hope is all with the couple and we get to hear good news soon :)

Btw why dont you visit for some more hot topics and latest news:)

I am here, yet again with my new template which i feel looks lovely/simple and cool, at the same time soo professional! don't you think so? I've cracked up my brains to get my blog setup on this template, as this was not easy at all.. its also suggested by the designer himself, Cris from original designer being eches of he said that this should be attempted only by the professional bloggers or those who know lots of html but am nothing compared to a pro blogger and neither am an html expert;).. The difficult task was changing the designers codes to my own! as he has some alternatives on the template.. and that's a bit confusing since i don't like tampering with codes much, but as i saw this template i was so reluctant to use this and nothing else. Now am done, but not completely done, as you can the header is so plain.. looks simple and clean though but i like headers that match a blog. I Think this really has cool features like the recent articles though i would prefer a most viewed posts and will try that too..

One more thing i would like to suggest those who want to use this template as i've read comments to the designer regarding problems while loading this template.. The side bar is not 200PX but 120PX and 180PX bars so before adding your elements, change your widgets to the needed size:) This is where i was trapped for hours!! as the second side bar slid right down and nothing doing unless i figured it out some hours later.. hehehe

Friends and visitors, you can always provide honest feedback about this template and ill see i can do my best to take into consideration your suggestions, if any:)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Today, its baby Alisha's tiny update time.. I was so excited and on top of the whole world when Alisha called me 'mam ma'. That word i was so anxious to hear. The more anxious i got, the more stubborn Alisha was.. but all my anxiety ended this month when she finally called me 'mam ma'. All along, Papa was the only word she'd chatter away, no mam ma.. but now its only mam ma, mam ma, mam ma and mam ma and i never get irritated or tired of hearing my name:)

She turned too clever at 20 months.. knows to plug in the ear-phones, dial a number and blabber away! he he and we have to bear the bills!! i cant imagine a mobile phone replacing a doll these days.. toddlers have learnt to operate a mobile at such a tender age, when once upon a time the doll was everything to them.. it was for them to dress, feed, kiss, bite, trample and what all??

Know how i feed Baby Alisha bournvita/horlicks/complan every night? i tell her its tea, 'taya' which she blabbers in her own language:). For her, car is 'kaya', tea is 'taya', papa is 'papaya'.. hahaha.. Evey baby is the world to their 'Mamma's'

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rap Music Videos

Rap music is not only a craze among the youngsters but even the adults. In the olden days rap sounded too loud so adults didnt approve of playing rap music at home, it was not even considered an adult style. These day, the adults, the one time younsters of the olden times, drown themselves into rap and hip hop music. Sometimes i've actually been trying to figure out the Rap Lyrics, just to sing along at parties. Ive had all my male cousins dancing away to glory and the females sitting and sipping cola. Not fair, this time we're going to sing and dance too!

I found out some newly added videos for rap music lovers, here at They're one the most searched and hottest source for rap and hip hop videos on the web. There are about 10 new videos added this June and some of the featured artists are Keak da Sneak with his album 'Deified'(23 songs), Young Jeezy and his album 'The Recession', N.E.R.D. with his album 'Seeing Sounds'(12 song), Tyga's 'No Introduction'(13 songs), Three 6 Mafia's 'Last 2 Walk'(22 songs), Tanya Morgan's Bridge(EP)(9 songs).
You can download songs and ring tones, search lyrics and buy the rap music videos too.

The monsoons have destroyed several homes, and taken away the lives of many. Their families left starving and homeless. Nothing can be more devastating than watching your own home being washed away by the floods, your loved ones being swept away by the destructive waves. Its too tearful to watch it on TV itself, leave alone experiencing it in person.. but the poor are compelled to face such tragic moments in reality...

We, the better off ones, crib when our houses are targeted by power failures almost 12 hours in a day! yes, here at my place we're going through a new phase where load shedding(power failure) is a part of our daily routine.. The deadly mosquitoes i dread, the sweaty atmosphere, the darkness.. all gets my mind bogged up and i remain so grumpy most of the times. I cant log in to post, i lose all my opps!

Even though the rains have also been heavy at my side, lashing on the window panes and threatening to get in.. yet i remain safe within the walls of my home. The rains cant sweep away my home, my family and yet i crib.. at least god gave me.. he never gave the poor :(

Monday, June 23, 2008

Halloween night is a few months ahead, yet the costumes are on demand from now on.. Nobody wants a last minute stitch or hairdo, isn't it! I have set my eyes on the sexiest, funniest, cutest and finest designed costumes from the store at At the store there is an enormous collection of costumes ranging from varieties in each category like sexy Halloween costume, adult costume, kids, toddlers, teen, infant and pet costumes... But that's not the end, each category has every character possible you know from the 20's, 60's, 80's, geisha, ninja and samurai, serial killers, royalty and princess, animal and insect, witches, food, aliens etc etc.. And these are just a few! From the toddler and kids category, ariel, air force, barbie princess toddler, buzz light year and lots more!

I am imagining all the big stars of Hollywood invited to the Halloween party, and who else but Lady Pirate and Fred arrive an hour early, flying right through the hallway on the good witch Sabrina's broom! Ha ha.. You maybe wonderful what is so strange between them... It’s the theme of the party, opposites attract! Well that's actually Nicole Kidman inside the lady pirate costume and Tom Cruise inside Fred's costume. Nobody should recognize the unusual couple!! Any idea where the good witch Sabrina's off to? She’s left her broom to a good cause, i guess :)

The pirate costume is so ultra modern now days, because adults wearing these costumes give us a new outlook to fancy dressing on Halloween, especially we adults. Usually it would be youngsters wearing fancy dress to a party but our stars wear them on screen, why not off screen too. Fred's costume is so unusual. Would anyone want to be Fred for a day? Answer is, he's a nice and humble guy, anyone would want to dress themselves as him.

Wearing this beautiful princess 'Tiara', i picture the reining pregnant mom 'Angelina' and while she worn it, she'd out beat all princesses in beauty wise. Her glowing beauty knows no bounds these days. And where is Shiloh, Brangelina's biological daughter? Aha... Hiding inside that banana peel!

The store also has masks, wigs, decorations, audio and video effects and other props which you can mix and match and cook up your own style and theme for your party.

Psst psst readers... Check out the store online for there is a haunted house secret door somewhere on the homepage, near a brown comma??? Hurry, go on and search for your discount opportunity, it’s of great amount!! And remember shipping charges are only $6.99.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Last night, i suffered a pain around the navel area. I think it was gas related as i has eaten very very hot chilli chicken, prepared by myself! I put in all the chillies i found only to find the food i prepared was too hot yet we ate it. Oh god there was nothing like a pain reliever at home, no eno's or asprins, because usually no one at home suffers with these problems. I was hopping around the whole night from room to room, couldn't even relax on the bed properly.. finally i decided to use my own mind to rid myself of the pain, and it worked!!! I drank two sips of water at an interval of 15 Min's each and kept belging till the pain vanished..

The emergency technique i used:
Instead of moving around quickly and too much, i just walked a little now and then.

Relaxation of my mind helped to focus on other things instead of only the pain.

Drinking a few sips of water made me Belg, and you know belging rids the gas bubbles in our tummy's.

I hope these tips help anyone in an emergency:)

Did i mention about how a pearl is formed, a few days ago? I was also into the idea of purchasing some pearl jewellery online while writing about a pearl:) As i love jewellery, what would make me feel more delicate and loved than a dainty and delicate turquoise and pearl necklace itself! My sis has one, its so beautiful.. and i envy her! Now i think i need to pamper myself to buy some pearl jewellery too. I saw some online stores selling beautiful pieces of pearl jewellery, some had pretty reasonable prises compared to the stuff in real.

Something asked me why should i buy it myself! maybe i could be gifted a freshwater pearl necklace set on my wedding anniversary, now that its nearing.. but then surfing around the Internet tempts a person and specially when jewellery is a passion for a women. Women cant resist it.. what say ladies? I think i can shop for them myself, because now we have the freedom to shop online. Hubby wont even notice what his wife is buying online and i'll be having great fun! How many of you actually shop for jewellery online, without your husbands consent? hehe

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jc's travels

Look out for my newest friend Jc from the US, her blog speaks about her travels, bringing up the kids and she also shares some really useful advice on parenting. Right at the bottom of the page are the pictures of her two sons.. Jaycee, Sean and herself in their lovely home, on their comfortable bed:) looking at the bed i feel like dozing I could very much relate to her situation when she wrote about boys misbehaving at boring places we elders love going to, but the kids get cranky:)

She loves travelling just the way i do, and she has written an amazing 16 posts on the same topic.. travelling ramblings can brighten up anybodys dull day. JC'S uploaded all her vacation pictures with the kids and hubby:) how wonderful and exciting travel can get with family, kids and huge battalion.. so much fun really.

Travel can make us so excited, we tend to forget what we actually needed to pack and Jc forgot her sleepwear, her charger and her wireless mouse which bogged up her mind when she needed to get online to update her blog. I have even been in your shoes Jc! i just want to say i love your travels, keep travelling and keep sharing it with us :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Recently my Hubby travelled to madras on a business trip, he had never been there before. When he was back he bought the kids toys, like a funskool play-doh set(not the mini one) for Aryan and a barbie doll for Alisha which i have packed away, for she might chew up her pretty golden locks and her slender legs;) He bought for me lovely show pieces and plenty of sea-shells from the marine drive beach in madras. They were beautiful oyster shells, and there seems to be living inside the shells, a mollusk.

BTW do you know how pearls are formed? simple.. The animal that lives inside the shell is an oyster, a mollusk that has a soft and sensitive body. To rid itself of irritation, the oyster covers the grains of sand or other substances that get inside its shell with layer upon layer of a hard smooth substances called nacre, which is the same substance which makes a pearl, and that forms what is called a cultured pearl!

Now am waiting for them to turn into pearls.. don't know how long its gonna take. As you all know they are beautiful but expensive so i thought i should initiate the formation of pearls at my own home, itself?.. hahaha

Scrolling your fingers over your mouse, clicking away in search of templates can be frustrating, isn't it? i have been in that situation but landed up with nothing impressive but a simple looking template. Stop your search right here and click on the link which will take you to a paradise of the best beautiful professionally designed wordpress templates. I had come across this site just today and am much assured that i will choose my templates from this site, whenever i update my word press!

Especially if your looking for widget and AdSense ready templates, there is about 50-100 of them on the site. If you're new and having some difficulty in the installation, they have a step-by-step installation presentation right on the tabs section. Even if you need them to showcase your templates on their site, you can leave your queries in the support section, they will respond and tell you if you template design qualifies.

I have voted for this particular theme, Shopping manual, and its the latest template that comes in light blue. Its pretty fascinating and i think it will be a favourite among shopaholics. I always prefer widget and AdSense ready templates so that we don't have to modify the templates ourselves and word press specializes in ready made ones:)

The eye-catching theme of is un-doubtingly an eye-opener to what the other free neat and professionally designed templates look like. The combination of black and white appealed so much to me, that's how i couldn't help going through the complete list of themes. And yes, the site doesn't charge you a single pie, yet they offer free templates that you wont find on a site that charges!

My dear friend Liza passed this beautiful tag to me. Thank alot Liza, you have been extremely wonderful and kind as a friend/sis :)

I love the way you call me sis:) Thanks so much.. hope i can keep this tag going as much as i can..

Now am passing this beautiful tag on to
Aunt Nora, Bluecrystaldude, Bluedreamer, Coolingstar9, Lalaine, Lilytruth, Martini, MIca, Navin, Raajji, Syari, Twinkletoe, Waliz

I hope the love and message this tag brings will be spread throughout the blog sphere.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hey people! Queen of drama Rakhi Sawant wins yeh hai jalwa! A dance show on television and it's months since the show went on air. Her audience had to put up with loads of tantrums and artificial drama from Rakhi, oh but all that paid of eventually.. I remember how she cried and left the stage of another dance show where she was the runner up, even before the winner was handed over their award and blamed the whole TV channel and others for cheating her, even paying no head to Salman Khans request. I thought if she didn't win this time, she would've gone on a gunning spree! hehehe.. she dances well and that was proved at last.

Well this time, she wasn't dancing with her boyfriend Abhishek, but instead a group of kids which rakhi owes accredit to. A lotta hard work was put into all their performances, i used to watch that.. and the chiller party(as they group was named) bagged a huge amount as prize money, which is a whooping 25 lakh!

An over whelmed Rakhi said, “I cannot believe that I have won! I have no words to express myself. All my hard work has finally paid off. God has been kind to me.”

Rakhi, slow and steady wins the race! haven't you heard of that in school?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Actress Kareena kapoor recently hit headlines with her size zero figure, and as rumored, the beauty obtained that figure from glasses of orange juice and nothing more. But the actress broke her silence on the rumors and criticisms and blasted out that her religious yoga and meditation sessions were behind her slim body, not that she never ate NO food.. Her secret: while consuming thousands of calories daily, she burned them down by exercising.

Being of very less weight myself i thought i could gain weight by consuming plenty of junk foods, but soon i realized i was mistaken as i would either blow up, or would either invite problems on myself. It came to my knowledge that we should consume healthy foods instead, not go for a short cut. It does take time to gain weight but eventually, patience wins. I've already started a healthy diet and waiting when ill increase at least 20kgs more! I weight just 34kgs, and very tiny!

Anyway i advice those looking out to gain weight to include in their diets, omega-3 essential fatty acids sources like tuna, salmon and walnuts. Protein sources like lean meats, fish, poultry, nuts, seeds and legumes. Healthy carbohydrate sources like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Use a calorie colunter to claculae how many calories you need to gain weight

Happy time, gaining weight!

Termite Guide

Termites, one annoying word that terrifies us. Spotting the little creatures on our wall or carpet creates a mission impossible, to shoot them down! Of course i can’t shoot them but can spray them to death, though they never seem to get destroyed completely. These creepy bugs make me shudder at the sight of them. I think everyone does? Since the time i've shifted to my new home, my kid’s aren’t playing around freely, for fear these termites might bite them. I couldn’t figure out which type was harmless or not, but I thought i must do something to rid myself of them before they destroy my homes.

Surfing across the Internet on hopes for a rescue, has come to my aid. They have a pretty detailed informative guide about termites and borate, how to identify each type, damages expected and ways to destroy them yourself. Some termite terminating products and a bunch of useful questions and answers are also listed on the site.

My friend complained, her furniture was taken over by some creatures feasting on the wood every night. Maybe the powder post beetles are the culprit, as i found out from the site. Every night they would be sawing noises, comes morning and saw dust is all around the legs of the bed. How awful these termites can get... My poor babies, they fear the things. For sure, ill go through the site once again and ill find out a way to terminate them myself!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Yesterday i watched the children's movie Bhootnath at home, with my family. While i was busy on the PC, Aryan and his dad were watching the movie and i got interested to watch along with them though i missed out just a few minutes of the movie. The movie moved me to tears rolling right down my face.. Funny thing when we watch an emotional scene on TV, how we shed tears. That's always the case with me and it’s too embarrassing at times. My husband teased me along with Aryan, the monkey on hot bricks! Aryan watched the movie excitedly too, as the kid acting in the movie matched his nature being smart and a prankster.

The story centered about a bhoot(spirit) who dies in the house and doesn't allow anyone to live there, scares them away. Then one day a couple Shahrukh and Juhi along with their kid come to live there. When the kid encounters the scary Amitabh for the first time, he isn't afraid and instead tells the bhoot that if he gets scared, to wake him up! ha ha.. after much of trying to scare the boy, his innocence wins the bhoots heart and then they are the best buddies at home, in school and even in the pranks they play on Juhi, the kids mom. There is an emotional story behind his(amitabhs death) no wonder he remains a spirit who roams around not letting anyone live in the house, but the boys family prepare prayers for the spirits soul to rest in peace. Many funny and emotional scenes which makes the movie a topper in recent times. I kind of like horror movies but this wasn't a horror, yet i enjoyed watching it with my family. Parents in India must take there kids out to watch it the movie. some scenes are sure to get to into splits of laughter too.. happy watching bhootnath!:)

Shopping online couldn't be a easy or trustworthy experience for any electronic shopaholic. Some fraud companies aren't of renowned names and the online shoppers fall prey to the online shop, not researching much about the company.

Here's a site at , i recommend, which is customer friendly and creates a safe online shopping experience on the Internet. As recognized distributors of electronics and phones, The site was founded in 2005 and since then they have had a wide range of customers, purchasing online from them. So If you are a phone/accessories fanatic, then this is where you should go. Electronics and gadgets seem to be of reasonable rates. By maintaining a low rental and staff, electronic shop, the retailers aim to supply customers with the cheapest electronics as close to whole sale rates.

Among mobile phones: Apple, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson's, Etan, Samsung and Nokia are the brands that are shipped worldwide. remember, they are brand new mobiles sold at cost prices. Among the electronics: Gps, digital cameras,mp3 players and lots more are even sold by the distributors. A visit to their catalogue will give you an idea about the rates.

Aware that, the Internet can be used as a medium of trading, the company left no effort at putting into use the possibilities that are available these days online. By providing full detailed information about their products online, they can showcase their wide range of Tiga Dua Cellular products, so conveniently. Their mission is to provide the newest brands at best prices for the global market, they pursuit to build leading positions in the market and rise as one of the leading mega-shops online!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Saw Aish on TV, when she was at Cannes and she looked gorgeous.. only thing she shouldn't sport that artificial look, any and everywhere! But anyways, doesn't she look so Hollywood??

Are you blessed with immense love, success, wealth, health? Do you want to inspire others with your spiritually, no where to go.. If you are deeply moved by gods ways, how do his blessing affect us, the spiritual/non spiritual side of you. let me guide you to an inspirational weblog Health and Wellness which invites one and everyone to share their faith, together acknowledge gods miracles upon them and take on the sweet task of nurturing others towards a greater height in life.

Some people aren't aware that there is a spiritual person in each of us. We are all blessed with plenty, but life in the world doesn't move according to our wishes, no matter how blessed we are. life takes it own toil at different points in time.. some day we have riches, but another day we are in rags.. does it mean god has taken away his blessing from us?

The way i don't have a satisfactory answer, maybe you don't! The author of Health and Wellness has written such wonderful articles. You wont to resist reading them, for you??

So you are tempted to play the video, already imagining BUSH dancing with PUTIN.. i know your curiosity is arising and its not going to be long since you will watch Bush dancing. OK, now here's the video at which is from the website. That's going to make you jump out of your seat with laughter. But hey! wait a minute.. do you believe that's actually Bush and Putin? you believed it right? well no, that's advanced technology these days! The video is created by using advanced technology that allows mapping the faces of the dancing actors onto the faces of the celebs. Without Bush and Putin shaking a leg in it, would that get you a rib tickling feeling? the urge to laugh your guts out.. i think everyone wants to see how they shake a leg in reality, apart from the daily politics.

Now that you know whats behind the video, am sure you are looking forward to a new parody, daily. There's more of the celebs parodies to be created in the same series, soon. Just register at the main site so that you don't miss out on the fun and you can also leave your comments and suggest a celebs name or two. When there's such amazing special effects around, getting someone to do exactly what we desire to see.. who wouldn't want to see the celebs acting funnily? ha ha ha i am waiting for new releases, as i've watched the video and that was non-stop entertainment for a few minutes, at least!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do any of you have a profile on facebook? Have you or your friends tried the boobuy application? i have tried it. Its great fun where friends can vote on eachothers shop as buy or boobuy(not buy). Just take a picture of the item and upload to the shop, your very own online shop where you can sign up here at if you haven't yet got an invitation. Its a social shopping and a great pass time activity which you can play along with friends on the facebook community, also you can show off your real purchases to anyone in your friends list, something you couldn't be able to do without this new application. Your friends can then vote a buy or boobuy(not buy) and you can also vote on their shop.

If you haven't got any of your real items as pictures, saved on your computer. you maybe having some other pictures you have saved from the web or uploaded as part of your picture collection? You can show them as the items you want to buy. You know what? i have recently bought a new watch for myself, am hoping i'll show it off there itself!

Monday, June 09, 2008

last night while playing, baby Alisha cut herself near her eyes. The cut was a bit deep and bleeding badly, right above her eyelid. I immediately pressed the cut with some crushed ice.. i don't know whether any other thing could have been done, that was the only thing that came to my mind while she was wailing so loud. And it was quite late at night, no hospitals near by, but(my hubby and me) managed to console her and put her to sleep. Thank god once again, nothing serious and shes quite ok today, active and not complaining. The best part was that while i wasn't near the computer, Alisha was, trying to type letters on my draft posts! while Mommy's away, baby is there to take over! cute ha? :)

I was mad at Aryan because i repeatedly kept yelling at him to watch Alisha while she plays, but i think the TV is the main culprit especially the cartoon and pogo channels. Anyways, Aryan is a male child and i think hes got lots of other ideas in his mind, than to watch his sis while she plays.. he wants to give out our phone numbers/address while signing up on the game sites! he says we'll receive plenty of gifts when he wins any game.. and am like.. omg!

A blogger from kolkata, Jiboner akibuki- Strokes of life who deserves a treat of Misti doi from me! I rarely blog about my city but here we have an author not only talking about his family and thoughts, but also has lots to share about his city, as well. His post about eating fast food got my mouth watering for the lovely puchkaas, bhel-puri, rolls, fish/mutton cutlets and what not.. though i understand the dangers very well, i try my best to avoid my kids and myself from having the stuff. The authors family life is also very interesting, has a baby of few months and lives in a joint family. Now i know i can relate to the blog as i think his thoughts did match mine in some way.. maybe because, being from the same city. Yeah, he also has pictures of our famous Howrah bridge which i always admired when passing the way but didn't have a cam with me always, to click photos.

Jiboner akibuki- Strokes of life blog has been around since two years and its seems like as if hes turning or already turned into an a powerhouse publisher! i got to learn many new things i never knew before. and am so glad to come across a really informative blog.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

I haven’t been to familiar with anime folks on the web, though sometimes I look around for some pictures to use as an a display picture, on the forums etc.. I came upon this blog naruto character and all of abaout naruto which has loads of anime wallpaper, pictures and information on movies. The author seems like he has mastered the art of attracting one and every one of the anime fans as his blog is around, since a year and he has huge traffic. He has written down all the information and stories required for anime knowledge and the stories behind the picture he has on his blog.

He seems to have a mania himself, for anime because the main focus of the blogs is only anime which not only me but everyone admires, for they seem to have such beautiful and innocent faces. The character he mostly blogs about naruto characte so anyone can visit his blog to know lots of anime!

I recently came across Justin, young blog author of Things I want to share. I have seen many new and young fellas writing they way into a world of fun and entertaining others as all, of of course these young lads are often inspired by the pro bloggers and who knows, one day they might turn into pro bloggers too! This blog has some interesting posts written as per the authors own opinions and opinions always matter.

There are many interesting posts in the month of may. The best diving sites in the Philippines, under the label tourism, was an amazing post. Breath taking islands and scenes. Even the women with 3,400 shoes.. i was just going on reading away the articles about the Philippines as i have many blogger friends from there, so i was very interested. Philippines is a beautiful country and I have come to learn this from Justin's blog.

The word as tiny as it is, can attract dangers as large.. It is said anger can lead to heart-ailments to the person who is short tempered, apart from the harm it can bring to others! Anger can be triggered by stress, lack of proper sleep and diet and water intake..

Help yourself reduce dangers by the following practices:
Calm your mind and body by practicing some breathing techniques and relaxation exercises

Sleep at least 6-8 hours a day to avoid irritation to get to you.

Eat well at regular intervals help to keep energy levels in check

Reduce stress levels by putting into use a problem solving technique such as a goal setting and time managing plan.

Don’t overwork or take a break during work to rejuvenate

Indulge in a hobby you like

Be assertive instead of aggressive

Avoid mixing work with personal life

Seek counseling if necessary

Saturday, June 07, 2008

The latest and most talked about site is now out live to the curious eyes, the public! Its social spark, an online advertising marketplace which centers on open interaction between bloggers and advertises, and from where each party can earn or profit a little, or more income.

If observed closely, the main intention behind the users is to socialize, exposure of their blogs, to earn money and SocialSpark comes as a huge platform for bloggers and advertisers to accomplish what they couldn't by any other paid platform.

There’s the marketplace which features the opportunities (paid offers) created by the advertisers, and bloggers can take up the offers as per the requirements of the advertiser. The advertisers can view bloggers profiles/blogs and offer them opportunities directly. If the deal is not satisfying, a negotiation on the price can be a choice. Comment exchanging, voting or reservations on offers can be done in the marketplace, itself.

Plenty of activity goes on with too many applications running, which sometimes gets confusing. But very soon one can get used to it when the props, messages and offers start pouring in. If only, they could change the navigation to be of a simpler kind and the blog approval process is quicker, the rest is fine. I am extremely satisfied with the whole concept, and anxiously waiting for the approval of my blog. Let my fingers remain crossed!

Being a die hard blogger myself, I got to interact with one of the most popular user, roxiticus-desperate-housewives who is a mom like me, while being part of the network. Nice meeting our advertisers too! thanks social spark!

Breaking up is hard indeed, it up may seem the most painful in life, but surviving is far from impossible and in the end, it is the broken-hearts struggle for survival that eventually turns us into a stronger person and helps us overcome all bad things forever. Breaking up means a reconstruction and rethinking of so many plans you once chalked out for life ahead of you. Sadly you have to let go, as that is not the only full stop in life. You got to discover yourself and life goes on..

The sooner you begin the process of moving on, the better. Acceptance will be your first step towards a new life. Don’t let the denial part affect your strength to move on, face it. Say to yourself you are not the loser, he/she has is the loser. Easier said than done, but being realistic is a choice entirely up to you. Reason the breakup, if incapability was the cause and reconciliation was a failure too, then what’s the point of pondering over spilt milk? You two weren’t happy, so the whole purpose of being in a relationship was defeated. It is useless to compromise like they do in the movies, and letting go is a wise step.

Movie buffs of short comedy films, like you and me, should register on the community of and create our own personalized profile page. Then we can easily get to comment and rate our favorite movies on the site. Apart from that we get to send messages to other connections, so you want to watch mini movies? go one.. Even if you’re not going to be that active, the site will send you newsletters and updates about your selected category, once registered.

I forgot to mention, I saw every category possible, even bush and Hillary are in video. Some categories included are dark, relationships, school, cult, sexy, animated, action etc.. cool, isn’t it? One can view news and updates on the homepage, which saves time. Foreign films are also seen on the site, along with domestic films, so regardless of what language you speak and understand.. am sure there will be plenty for you. Happy visiting and hope you enjoy as much I did!

Film makers hurry to the site, as minimovies pays for the videos and short films on their site.. They believe in quality and you can gain from that!

Do fresh fruits/vegetables contain more nutrients or is it the frozen ones? That’s what I always tried to figure out and I finally got a satisfactory answer which is both contain nutrients but at different stages, depending on the time consumed by us. Fresh is best when its farm-fresh and it has more nutritional value and tastes better than frozen and canned foods. But it’s not always the case... Many fruits and veggies are picked during their peak of ripeness when has a chance for spoilage during storage and transportation. By the time they reach our platters, we have a very less intake of the nutritive goodness. Now I got you thinking, right? Think suppose we gather our own items, from our own very farm or immediately after harvest and froze them. This process does deplete some nutrients but locks in the rest and can be stored for almost 12 months. Even when certain fruits/ Veggies are not in season, yet we can enjoy the taste and have all the nutrients to ourselves, instead of losing them while they sat on the selves during transportation, in the supermarket or while in our fridge!! Thinking??? What is your preference???

Friday, June 06, 2008

Snoop dogs wedding renewal after 10 years of marriage created much hype as the occasion was planned in the middle of nowhere, yet Award winning Renewal Event Planning Company Center of Attention for celebrity weddings, baby showers, Record Releases, Grammy Parties.. had captivated the whole event by creating the ranch near Los Anglos, into a a scene worthy of praise. Shante was taken off guard when she was gifted a diamond ring by snoop, all as a part of surprise for her.

Remember the dream wedding renewal of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne at a Beverley hills hotel? Planned by the same event planners at, they bought before every ones eyes a mesmerizing sight with a crystal and rose studded chuppa, draped and carpeted with layers of ivory. A wall of 10,000 roses stood beautifully behind the cuppa creating a sparkling wedding and the event planners were honoured with an award.

A shopping mall built from scratch had sponsors handing out gifts like watches from fifth avenue, chocolate truffles from Godiva.. They also created a credit card "Have fun shopping at my favorite store" with a pic of Sharon on one side, and her kids birthdays as credit card numbers, was a favourite among the guests.

As Sharon turned 50, along with the day being on a new year, The occasion turned out a success and Sharon was so impressed for the second time, she commented to them "you did it again"!

They can delve into your soul and create an event dreamed/desired by you, from the likes of your style.. no matter which part of the world you reside in! contact them at:

Center of Attention
Michele Fox Gott President

Other clients include:
VH-1 (Rock of Love Buzz Marketing Campaigne)
Moon Unit Zappa's Wedding to Matchbox 20 musician Paul Duecette
"Crash" Star Laranz Tate's Wedding to Tomasina Parrot
Emmy's 500th Filmed Interview Party
As well as representing celebrity chefs Helen An and Celestino Drago.

I admire entirely opinions based blogs like the Novice Academician whose blog creates awareness about science, technology and in the engineering field. Am not not much into technology, but nothing harms to learn a few things and the post on rechargeable USB cigarette lighter is quite interesting(am not into cigars) just the techno part.. hehe

If you need some window vista tips, visit there. Plus when he talks about space i get more anxious and read and liked the article about NASAs new mission to explore the moon, to be launched in 2011. Science has always been interesting and theres lots on the wannabe academicians blog.


A personal blog at penggrong where the writer jots down his honest feelings about the authors home being his office.. i don't work in an office but i can understand his sentiments, very well. When the author writes, They try hard to have potential earning resource. And that’s the natural causality; who plants, he will get harvest. Harder working means potentially getting more earning(I agree with you penggrong). When one needs to know a tip or gain knowledge about a certain product, he surfs it over the net but at penggrongs blog there are tips for any first timer.

I liked the tip about using a rice cooker because i don't use one myself but was eager about how it is used, by others. There are other tips for cleaning and cooking on the blog too.. i also write tips on my blog at times, hope i can write much more just like penggrongs blog.

Paris is not pregnant as she appears to be, in the pic.. The tummy does look like a baby bump but then you cant always judge her tummy wrong, no matter how much Paris's is judged wrongly(maybe rightly)..

How does paris annoy/inspire you?

My experience online has been tremendously exciting and rewarding, as i have taken part in several of the paid to blog sites and also enjoyed what they have offered. I want to create a buzz about a website called snap bomb that urged me to sign up with them after i got curious from one of the forums that stated that they pay well.. and they approved my blog within minutes! so no waiting for a month anymore, like other paid to blog sites. I even see opportunities starting from a value of $10 for a review of a post.. so thats pretty attracting. After your sign up, your minimum/maximum value of payment will appear beside your approved blogs URL, depending on your blogs rank but not to worry as they even offer opps for lower ranked blogs. Go to to get a better view of the site yourself.

Your minimum payout will be $25 but it wouldn't take much time to gather that amount as they offer a decent value for each opportunity. I recommend all bloggers who are interested in blog advertising, to sign up asap, its one of the best i have noticed so far!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

If you want a whole lot of information about movies, music, videos.. you must visit arun's movie world. The blog is aimed at attracting visitors who are fans of the film world and who seek its knowledge and he has plenty of other categories to surf like games, sports etc too!.. he also has some download stuff where you can download complete movies.. imagine when you are out of time and money but you desire to watch a movie so badly, but now, arun has made your dream come true for free! fans of Hindi, English and Tamil movies.. hurry and rush to his blog:)

His blog is ranked at pr3 so you know how popular his blog is esp with one craves movies:)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hi friends am back after a long long wait for my Internet connection and a very busy time shifting my home! phew! at last... its my first day after a month and it feels so exciting to be back to blogging and friends, esp now that I've solved the problem that kept me away from my friends blogs(my slow pc)... now I'll be more frequent, friends! i hope you all haven't forgotten me, maybe you thought I've vanished forever.. but i missed you all so much and am back now, thank god:)

My Alisha was so naughty, shes learnt to beat and scream at others.. also learnt a house full of words.. she drags me to the bathroom for a bath and even takes her baby Johnson's soap along(i don't have to take it)..

My Aryan was very mischievous too and both made their momma mad! His vacations were on, so both the siblings are trying to adjust to their new home and its atmosphere around..

I wasn't naughty at all.. lol.. and i missed blogging to the core but it was a change for me, as i spent much more time with my kids, yet i missed my dear friends lots:)

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