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Saturday, August 21, 2010

I am really on cloud 9 these days because my online earnings are soaring high and i am able to fulfill a lot of wishes, maybe simple ones like buying new furniture or gadgets or giving my home and myself a makeover! I wouldn't really like to say these are simple wishes because giving myself a makeover is a dream which i am about to accomplish. For me makeovers don't mean i will be changing the way i look totally or heavy make up makeovers (like Jennifer loypez in the image), but just putting on or gaining more weight and doing a hair makeover, probably hair straightening, because i refuse to keep hearing comments about my lean figure/build and wavy/curly golden locks! lol.. not golden, just kidding, i have dark brown hair and thinking to change the color, increase the length and do a permanent straightening job. Will cost me a whooping amount of $$$ but i am making money online and thanks to God, my hubby and great luck ;)

I am propelling myself to do all this for my brother-in-laws wedding to be solemnized in November. Its a huge wedding and we're all awaiting the big day enthusiastically, preparing from now. Hubby is saving on his $$$ for the shopping to be done for the big day especially because its the last in our family and we want to make the most of it. Just 2-3 months and everyone will get to see the new me too! :)


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