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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tomorrow is a favorable day to go out shopping, and even if it rains, i wont let it rain on my parade. We are shopping for the festival of id-ul-fitr coming up once Ramadan ends, we all need to get dressed in our best to celebrate Eid. But Eid is not the festival where our celebrations end, for there are occasions lined up and calling for celebrations throughout the remaining part of this year. This month we will be celebrating Eid, and next month on October we'll be celebrating my baby's 4th birthday! That gives us a lot of excuses for shopping, shopping and shopping ;)

Tomorrow i planned to buy my kids clothes, as mine i've already bought and handed over to my tailors for tailoring. i'm quite close to the delivery date so really excited. I love Indian suits and thats what i mostly wear but i hate ready made ones so i buy the material and tailor make them. You get good fit and design as well. Anyways, i still have two more rounds of shopping for i'll never accomplish buying the whole list i planned! from clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up, to curtains, bed-spreads, couch covers to a whole cupboard of food items to toys and crockery, and etc, etc, etc! dinner out of course! phew! i am already famished, what about tomorrow? ;)

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