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Friday, August 13, 2010

I was eating a pineapple yesterday and was wondering about the benefits of the bright or sometimes faded yellow fruit we all love to eat. What caught my eye was the fact that pineapple could be a great cure for tuberculosis patients and because i so relate to the illness i must take on the advice and remedies provided. But most of all i wanted to know the health benefits overall, of the pineapple because then i would include pineapple into my family's diet too. Aryan is too fussy when it comes to foods, fruits etc... loves pineapple though, but is a junk lover, well as, Alisha is a unfussy healthy eater. I thought including pineapple or its juice into our routine will be beneficial for our whole family. Concerned for your family's health habits too? try the delicious, juicy pineapple today!

Here are some facts, nutritional values and health benefits of the pineapple:

Remember it is best to have pineapple, fresh, as canned or bottled juice can only interfere with the vitamin content dividing it by 3!


Never have cut pineapple like people do in India! it would only make us vulnerable to illness's and diseases.

People or patients with weak/problematic, kidney and liver diseases should completely avoid eating pineapples.

It is rich in vitamin C and manganese, B1, vitamin B6, copper, magnesium, and is also a good dietary fiber fruit.

It has minimal calories which helps in maintaining weight.

Contains a mixture of enzymes called bromelain which is excellent for the digestive system.


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