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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My son Aryan(10yrs) had a severe toothache last night which was why he couldn't sleep the whole night and i was so worried for him, i didn't sleep too. The worse part was that we couldn't give him any painkillers to help rid himself of the pain as we didnt have, and actually don't keep any. None of suffered from toothaches before and Aryans was out of the blue. I felt so sad watching him cry restlessly and all i could do was helplessly comfort him by teaching him mind healing techniques. Thats what i do when i'm in pain or targeted with headaches, but i guess toothaches are terrible...

Towards morning, when i saw he was still not able to sleep due to the pain i searched for home remedies and found many but the problem was that i didn't even have many of the herbs or spices like clove suggested for the treatment. I already know clove or clove oil is a popular remedy but i didn't even have a single piece. I tried the simplest remedy with onion! I read that onions has antiseptic properties/characteristics and can help in relieving toothaches, if a piece in placed between the affected tooth. This helps to ease the pain if not completely eliminate it.

I convinced my reluctant boy to try it, but he spat it out after a while. I told him not to consume too much cold drinks as too much intake of artificial sugar can cause tooth decay which is formed by the bacteria breaking up sugar into acids, and when its combined with the calcium in the enamel, it threatens our tooth and gums. I asked him to watch TV so that his mind diverts and i suddenly realized he was of to sleep. Maybe the onion and self mind healing technique helped him to some extent.. or was it just the TV! what say??


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