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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aryan (before going shopping)- "mummy why didn't you put on make up, because we are going out now and you are looking dull"

Me- "Oh, baby, why what happened, i look bad...?" taking a look in the mirror i said "OMG! i really look bad, but now what to, its Ramadan and we don't wear make up during Ramadan month"

Aryan- No you don't look bad mummy but you have dark circles under eyes and it makes you look dull, why don't you sleep early? please sleep well"

I almost had tears in my eyes when he said those lines not because i was looking dull but because i sit up late at nights and work on my reviews, not to forget FB, and Aryan (my 10 yr old son) is so concerned for his mother. At first he seemed beauty conscious about me but later he kept stressing on my sleep routine. Of course, i agree any son would love their mothers to look all decked up and maybe my Aryan felt his mom looked too simple when she always wore make up on outings. I usually just put on some eyeliner and lipstick and nothing more, when going out! No powders, concealers or foundations etc, etc, for me.. i'm too uncomfortable in all that stuff and its a big no no for me except for weddings when they would be lights, cameras, action... and some heavy make up wouldn't do any harm but add spice to curry! hehe... You know what i mean, don't you?


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