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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I believe in magic! do you? well, we all believe in magic even knowing beyond those tricks the magicians do there are illusionary objects and techniques that help professional magicians perform magic on stage. It is simply for entertainment and shows how we have given the privilege to the magician to fool us! ;) But all along, like any of you i was oblivious to how they did it and so i believed, until lately. I guess now not only me but the world is aware of the secrets behind magic now. Last year i had watched a program on AXN which was tittled 'magic secrets revealed' and was shocked at the truth! actually though we all know what we see is what is not, yet we believe, right? and thats why magic shows are loved by its audience, but i wish curiosity was let to linger on our minds so that we could have creative things to ponder about like "how did the magician cut through the girl, or how did a bus disappear into thin air, or how is the sadhu(Indian yogis) levitating!!??"... we all know it now but wish the secrets were never allowed to be out, for magic will never remain the same again. YouTube users call the masked man who demonstrates the magic secrets as 'mean' which he is to great extent! Don't you also think so?

I guess many of us also wished we could perform magic in front of our friends but how can we excel in the art of performing magic? practice, practice and practice... i will post about magic tricks for kids on my 'pregnancy and parenting' blog soon.


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