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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The crescent moon is spotted and Ramadan arrives. It is on this holy month that Muslims observe fast from dawn to sunrise without even consuming a sip of water. They break their fast with the sweetness of a date or sipping some water/juice just at sunrise followed by prayers after which the continuation of feasting goes on, and this hour is called the 'Iftar'.

At home, we are all preparing for the sehri... as today being the first day and we will have to get up before dawn to eat something to help the body resist the fast. This has to be done before the early morning call of the prayer, and from then on, till the sun rises, the fast is to be observed.

But this holy month is not only about fasting and feasting, its about how Muslims reflect on their lives and how they devote themselves to prayer and god. If you are interested to know more, i had posted back in 2007 about Ramadan, the month of fasting and in 2008 some Ramadan food tips . Ramadan Mubarak everyone... wish you peace, and blessings from the almighty Allah.


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