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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Steam burned my fingers accidentally while cooking today as i tried lifting the lid of the pan that was cooking my chicken!! I usually remove the lib sideways to prevent the mishap all the time but today i quite absentmindedly removed the lib top ways, forgetting steam can severely burn flesh... honestly i've been burned by oil, water and what not in my kitchen but evaporation caused steam burns are extremely painful and damaging too.

I had tears in my eyes as Alisha looked on scared, and said "my little mamma got burnt". I didn't know whether to love her or treat my burn first, because i was in extreme pain! :(

I quickly dipped my palm and hands in cold water and then applied toothpaste for that instant soothing effect. Unluckily i didn't have any cream for burn treatment as we hardly need it at home, but i felt better once the toothpaste dried and now i got to wait for blisters to form and then lets see... I swear to be careful in future or else i will be landing up cooking, typing, bathing, etc... with only one hand. I'm worried as to how painful and annoying its going to be tomorrow, so, didn't i land in a stew today? and boy it was painful! :)


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