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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Surfing on eBay is my latest pastime and interest! i was surfing some gold sites one year ago and was redirected to eBay where i recollect almost getting into hot water on the site for bidding on items and not meeting their obligations. but once again my interest has surfaced and this time i will pay them and get the product shipped to my mailing address. eBay hasn't asked me to review them... lol.. i'm like too over excited at the latest bids i made which i've also got to pay for an item i won! i lost on the fine jewelery i bid on, but did win a last minute Silver Dangle Earring and red heart charm necklace. I cracked two great deals i hope.

Bidding is fun, but you mustn't bid on items you are least interested to buy, or without browsing multiple stores selling similar items in case you might land up having to pay for something you didn't want or didn't care to check out well before bidding. You may want to request the advertiser to withdraw or cancel the bid if it was done on accident or you are not willing to pay but it all depends on the advertiser if he/she will understand you and let you go, because once you bid you are tied to a legal contract which makes you obligated to pay. Most of them i believe are reluctant to withdraw bids and they can sue you if you refuse to pay, so always be careful if you are bidding just for fun! Fun leads to accidents which further lead to troubles! got me? :)


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