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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Alisha, the baby doll has stepped on her 30th month! that was quick, just like i saw her as a new born few months ago when she wasn't able to move an inch without my help, ah.. you know what i mean.. i remember when she was new born, she looked white and her cheeks looked pinkish. She had the exact tiny eyes and face cut of that of the Chinese. I would call her my 'Chinese doll'.

Shes doing fine on her 30th month, turning out to be the little 'angelic devil' and i know you'll wonder why? Its because shes turning mischievous yet remains inncocent as ever. We've recently shaved her bald due to the heat, and its too unbearable for her esp when shes out traveling between her grand moms house, back home. Lately shes been eating all the stuff we're having for meals. Good girl she is, never whims, very gentle and delicate. Eats like a lady! only uses two fingers at this age, coz she hates getting all her fingers messy. I think shes taken that habit from me.. hehe..

Shes pretty adaptable to any where we take her these days, unlike when she was a baby. Shes getting used to facing new people coz before she was a little shy, and oh yeah, she still shies away from us when shes doing something we praise her for. haha.. when shes dancing or putting the things back in place, she blushes.. hehe.. my pretty cutie baby angel she is :-)

Anyway, they're going for a wedding party now. Going to be served their favorite biryani and other things for dinner. lovely, but i prefer being here and writing and comtemplating over things..


  1. Sean said...
    So the terrible twos are reaking their ugly head huh? They are so curious at that age, but its the curiosity that gets them in trouble
    nisha said...
    yeah.. they're real terrible and curious twos! hehe.. thanks for coming over to this humble blog of mine :-)
    Anonymous said...
    Time really flies! Happy 30 months, baby Alisha. You will always be mummy's baby :)

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