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Friday, April 17, 2009

Day before yesterday night, i was in all tears and a bit terrified as a Alisha, my 29mnth old doll was down with high fever. My pretty usually never catches a cold or never gets a fever but i guess the fevers in the air these days, and so she couldn't escape.. The hope and prayers which kept running in my mind was that she doesn't get the convulsion(fits) that occurred to her when she was almost a year younger(Convulsions are when person's muscles contract and relax repeatedly..).

A younger Alisha :-)

I will never forget that day when the sudden vigorously shaking(jerking movements) baby almost fell of my lap and killed my heart. Yes, she was playing when it suddenly occurred without a warning. Luckily i wasn't alone those days and all the in-laws and my husband were present at home that day, because if they weren't, i'd surely get unconscious watching my baby suffer the con.. They rushed her to the emergency that night and what a frightful, disheartening night that was, only the lord could understand what went through me. I don't know why he made me see that day because never in my life again would i want to watch a baby suffering a fever convulsion.

But anyway, the doc said it was normal and that the con was triggered off by a raised temperature and we must see to it that the temp, never rises too high till she is, at least 6 years old. I know the fever mustn't rise high in any kid for that matter, but in Alisha's case we must be much more alert.

A year gone by, Alisha's always remained playful and active, and then last nights sudden fever on her.. but after doing the cold water sponges and washing her hair, the fever slowly subsided. The whole of yesterday she was fine and no signs on returning fever! Now am a happy, relieved and thankful to god, mommy again :-)

Dont do this!!
I want to advice and suggest all mothers and parents never to struggle with a kid while the con is occurring. Leave the baby alone, not unattended but don't try to press down the baby's limbs or suppress the vigorous and jerking movements. The con slowly subsides on its own and though it seems a baby is almost lifeless, not to worry moms as the baby will be normal again. The risks are high on babies that suffer these fits and that's why parents must always further educate themselves on these common baby aliments.

Note: my kid had a convulsion last year, when she was almost a year younger. Read about it HERE


  1. ApRiL said...
    that is sooo scary, i'm glad that your girl is fine now....
    Jenny said...
    aww poor thing. glad shes ok now.
    bluedreamer27 said...
    great to hear that shes fine now nisha
    take care
    have a great day and happy blogging
    nisha said...
    Thanks April.. yeah shes fine now :-)
    nisha said...
    Thanks Jenny.. shes fit n fine as ever now :-)
    nisha said...
    Thanks blue.. have a nice day to you too ;-)
    Sue said...
    That does sound scary. Glad she's ok now.
    Sweetiepie said...
    IS she doing find now?That's sounds bad.If I were u I will definitely scare and panic like hell.What's the doc says?Hopefully it's just a normal high fever.Hope she gets well soon.Take care and don't worry too much she will alright!:)Happy earth day

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