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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I had written in one of my previous posts about You thought breaking up is hard?. Here i have few more points which a couple should look into when a relationship seems wavy, and letting go is often the choice they're left with.

Its often said and heard that letting go isn't easy, but if you put into consideration that.. though love is an emotion we feel right to the deepest point of our hearts, it should never mean you hold on if there too much to handle. It shouldn't ever be taken for granted, because then love turns sour in a relationship which seems like almost falling off a cliff.

One sided love:
First and most important point is when love is one sided. People often love someone even knowing they aren't loved in return. They carry on loving, but soon negligence follows from the partner, and its not fair to love when you aren't in return. This relationship is just for a short term, think of the future, marriage, kids.. family life. Would you like spending your life in a loveless relationship for a lifetime? There will be nothing to discuss about because love cant be forced upon and from your partner. A sensible decision would be to politely walk out of the relationship and your deserving love will surely return or enter into your life when the time is right :-)

Negligence, jealousy and betrayal:
Secondly, giving time to each other is extremely necessary or else the relationship gets suffocating when either one of the two began feeling lonely without his/her partner. There could a kind of loss in interest from either of the partners, reasons are plenty.. a new relationship maybe blossoming or work related issues. There could be compatibility problems when lack of communications inflict conflicts into the relationship. Either of the partners trying avoiding which then obviously lights the match! Imaginations run wild, doubts empower a neglected mind and the blaming arguments tend to follow.. would the relationship based on negligence, jealousy or betrayal last? Another reason to wish the neglected love/relationship a goodbye :-)

Brutality in a relationship:
Thirdly, when one of the partners are rowdy. OK, in the initial period couples love those convincing moments, they also overlook mistakes or hurtful moments because of the love they share. They hurt partner hopes its not going to be repeated, but when it comes to be beaten up or abused.. habits never die! They can to be eliminated for a while, but back again.. this time making the dominated and helpless partner realize how much their lives are at stake. The entire decision is upto you. Throughout your life, you wouldn't want to be backing a partner who abuses you physically or mentally? Think about it and set yourself free.. your life is a precious gift from god, don't let brutality end it :-)

Don't kill yourself for the sake of love. Let your love free and if has to be yours, it will return to you right?


  1. ApRiL said...
    moving on is really one drastic thing to do in a relationship, but life must go on...

    Anonymous said...
    agree with you, no point to keep a loveless relationship. The sooner we let it go, the sooner we can find a new relationship though it will be hard at first...
    nisha said...
    Right April.. moving on is a sensible decision if a relationship int working out :-)

    Thanks for coming over and leaving a precious comment dear :-)
    nisha said...
    Martini.. so glad to see you here dear!! Hpws the kids :-)

    I agee.. love should be shared between the deserving, not with the one who humiliates,dominates etc.. a partner :-)
    Sweetiepie said...
    wow!you really are a movie buff.One sided love is hard to do.I always think that the person who is one side love is a very brave person.

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