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Monday, April 27, 2009

The winner, Nauman Sait

Oh! That was a heart pounding, struggle to win by the three finalists of the show 'roadies'. Today was the end of the tough hell down under roadies 6.0 and the winner is 'NAUMAN'- the guy has surely proved himself worthy/deserving of the roadies title and the prize money of course!

let me first write down what i think of Nauman, Kiri and Palak as they were the top three finalists-

Nauman(right) and his twin at the auditions
Nauman Sait(m)- he was given a chance to re-enter the show through a wild card entry after he was voted out by the other jealous roadies, but he came back and performed every task with the right spirit and won the roadies in an unbelievable way. Charming as ever, Tamanna's(his girl friend) hero, b'coz he always sided for her and got voted out for her too. So down to earth, never had an ego, hardly used a foul word and always spoke polity despite all the provoking, the criticisms and underestimations. He surely proved his critics wrong and remains the most deserving roadie of 6.0. My heartiest wishes to you, Nauman :-)

Kiri, smiling
Kiri Timung(m)- wild card re-entry too, he thought himself as a warrior, proved it to some extent by performing some of the tough tasks. The most bugging thing was was when he intended to choose Palak, a female, as his competent for the final task. He wanted an easy win but no, thank god Raghu and Rajiv gave him a dose of some competition sense before he finalized whom he would be choosing. In the final task, he was close to being the winner but hard luck, warrior :-)

Palak, deserving task? hehe
Palak(f)- the wild cat/tom boy of of the show, who never lost chances to bully and beat others up! Always faked her cries when she realized she was getting no where. The most disgusting moment was when she fell to the ground feigning a head swing or something.. hehe.. She performed well in the tasks but lost out due to the politics she played, plus the language she spoke wasn't of appropriate sense esp when while, being a roadie! She forgot she was on TV, which was being viewed by a wide audience national and international. She wouldn't have won anyway no matter how tom boyish and strong she was! The task, i guess was set up, like as if, for a man to man battle.. hehe..

Now, for the grand finale task episode-

There were two tasks set up for the final day. Three finalists, Kiri, Palak and Nauman make it to the final. The first task was to climb the high rocky hills tied onto ropes of course, bit dangerous where the loose rocks could have come rolling into their faces but luckily no one was hurt in that task.

Task 1, Kiri, Nauman and Palak
Kiri wins this task and as he mounts the hill, finds the 'hell down under' producer twins, Raghu and Rajiv waiting for him. The other two were stopped immediately and made to wait hooked on for fate to cut of their rope. They could have being praying and wondering whom could that be? Their fate being Kiri who was supposed to cut off the ropes of one them, he wouldn’t be taking with him to the finale. The roadies title and prize money were in his hands! He chooses Nauman over Palak after a tortuous challenge from the twins who literally compelled him to choose the tougher one as he couldn’t have an easy win, from a girl.

Nauman and Kiri, before the task 2(final task)

The second and last task, the most difficult one ever till today out of the ones i've seen on roadies 6.0. The two guys were chained onto a crane which had 15 kgs of heavy load to be pulled by them, walking about 20 steps towards the winning point on a slope. The guys really pulled, tugged, slipped, fell, groaned in pain but kept on pulling onto the chains. The whole scene was a bit heart-pounding all the time b'coz i knew i wanted my favorite roadie to be the winner and that did come true!

Nauman, was way behind Kiri at first, and at some time i guess he gave up hope. The camera zooms into his feet and its seems his feet or toes are bleeding profusely. He was in pain and i was almost disappointed because i didn't want Kiri to win.. I don’t know all of a sudden where and how some kind of force and passion and determination to win, empowers Nauman, and he begins to shout and pull onto the chains with all his might. Of course it was tough as they had chains on their hands, feet, neck.. but he finally manages to root out the flag from the winning point. I jumped with enthusiasm as the winner falls and lifts up the flag to prove his mettle!!

That was a close win between Kiri and Nauman.. but i guess Kiri's self-given title should be passed on to Nauman now, who is 'the true warrior' and the winner of roadies 6.0 :-)

PS. As soon as the final task pics are available, ill post them. Now, though Kiri didn't win, he is also considered a winner to some, he maybe, but i don't think as compared to Nauman! The reason is because the performance rates and mind games between both were much different. While Nauman played along the game, performed every tough task well.. Kiri, he preferred to be too quiet and hardly a performer, and it was his luck that got him in the final three b'coz of the votes from the others, and he was able to prove his win in two of the tasks. The amount of effort Nauman put in? did you see the final task??? hats of to Nauman!!!! :-)


  1. Prettymom said...
    he is really a hunk.. thanks for the visit
    bluedreamer27 said...
    hello nisha that seems to be so fun to watch hope we could have a franchise here
    have a great day and happy blogging
    nisha said...
    Thanks pretty mom!
    nisha said...
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    nisha said...
    yeah blue my friend.. it was great fun all the time.. never missed out on a single epi..

    Same to you dear, have a great day! :-)
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