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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The summer has set in, many days ago! But we're all feeling the heat penetrate into our minds every second. Here in cal, the rain seems to have ceased pouring on us.. was it because we complain too much during the monsoons? hehe.. but all i know is that the summer is sure making me feel as if am in a furnace! but only sometimes, and that's because am always under the shelter of my ceiling. Wonder how the working women goes about her work while shes traveling under the scorching sun, a sun-screen is a must for female regardless of her age.

I never used any sort of creams back then in school and instead played my life out on the basketball courts. yep, in the boarding school:-).. I even got sun burnt but retained the skin color while back at home for the vacations.. hehe.. I loved make up from a young age but hated the creamy substance(oils, gels, creams) on my face. During the winters i just used a moisturizer for dry skin but nothing during summers!

Now a days i see teens too, taking the beauty regime religiously, they don't need no one to tell them to do so! Of course, these days we got the dry based foundation to cover up the oily skin or the lotion. Young girls can even walk freely under the sun without a shade because they are prepared to face the sun, unlike us, years ago when i was a teen. The teens being obsessed with their beauty, they are also fashion fanatics too. They know what to wear out for the day. I watch my younger sibling and that's how i can tell! :-)

The females in their late 20's, the collage and office goers, also love playing safe when the summer heat is concerned but i guess a little more protection should do them just fine to help them save their skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

1. Apply a sun screen lotion, before going out in the sun after washing the areas. Change the lotion if it is a previous summers used one. Look for a lotion which contains an SPF of 15 or higher.

3. Wear cotton and lighter shades of apparel as the darker colors adsorb the harmful Uv rays easily.

4. Try avoiding the sun between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m, the times the suns rays are the strongest.

5. Eat right, and drink plenty of water or juices. Include lots of leafy veggies and other foods rich in antioxidants in your summer diet.

6. Minimal makeup can be used like just a mascara, a lip gloss, a concealer and switch to a bronzing blush to show off your natural beauty this summer.

The after sun care- Lotions with aloe Vera and vitamin E work best to retain the skins damage or use a soothing lotion to reduce sun burns, irritation and redness of the skin.

There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart ~ Celia Thaxter. Happy summer everyone!!


  1. Anonymous said...
    hi Nisha, for me sun screen is definitely a must especially when we plan to be outdoor under the sun for long hours.

    My experience when we went to the beach recently, I applied sun screen to my face and body but forgot to apply at certain area like: back of the neck and shoulder which were exposed to the sun. You know I had a bad sun burnt at those unprotected areas and ouch, they're very painful!
    nisha said...
    Oh!! Thanks for sharing your experience Martini :-) I don't use anything these days as i hardly go out.. but yeah, when i watch the others getting burnt in the sun, i always wonder like why don't they just do something to protect their skin from its harmful rays! We must protect our kids too, ill be writing about it in the parenting blog :-)

    BTW, i hope you had a good time at the beach and have you applied something to the affected areas? And hows the kids?? ;-)
    bluedreamer27 said...
    hello just dropping by here
    have a great day and happy blogging
    ROSILIE said...
    THe weather is really erratic nowadays. We really have to protect our health these days. cool info you have there. tc! mwa!
    Anonymous said...
    Nisha, re the sun burnt, how I wish I could apply some Aloe vera gel at that time but too bad I didn't have it with me.

    The kids also got sun burnt coz the mummy forgot to bring their sunscreen :(

    From now on, mummy has to remember the sunscreen everytime go for holiday, hehe...

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