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Sunday, April 12, 2009

If you are a parent then am sure there is one factor which deliberately arouses excitement, enthusiasm and tensed emotions in our minds and that is, when it comes to shopping for your kids! Like many other moms i am one indecisive mom too when it comes to shopping for my kids because every time i come across the latest products, i feel like grabbing every every piece off the shelves. But then i know i need to make choices, and sometimes just can’t seem to fathom which color or design i go should with and i land up buying products and storing them up months before my kids actually use them. The last time i bought a golden dress for Alisha but she doesn't like the belt and the fit wasn't right! my fault, i had purchased it months ago when she was too little to wear it and when i thought it would've been the right time during another kids birthday party, she actually grew out of its size! That's not a toy i know, but then toys and kids essentials too need color and design to go according to our kids choices. For example: Aryans potty.. he never used that too because the color wasnt right for him!

This is not only about choice or the right decision but about finding the right product which is more important than just color and design. It makes it especially more difficult for first time moms to find the right product for their kids, but i think now our moms need not worry anymore because here comes to our aid, which is a social networking place for parents like you and me who can share, discuss and gather knowledgeable reviews about products between a group of parents. This helps parents make informed product decisions as it would mean much more to trust real reviews rather than normal ads :-)

Parentricity also focus's on bringing recommendations and reviews of products by real parents and you can read it here at which will also provide you information on highest rated products making it easier for you to choose. So i would like to wish every parent a happy knowledgeable shopping, from today :-)


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