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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hi friends, i am too sick today.. got a bad cold, cough and fever again. I think i've been stressing a lot from the time i was back, since the bad phase during the months of January and February. I think i hadn't completely recovered from that difficult phase and its taking over me again. I feel am not able to make it as i planned i would. I couldn't initiate the awards program for male and female blog of the month, and i think according to me, will have to put away all my ideas till the end of this month.

I couldn't even complete that in time. What makes me so distracted i cant figure out, but i think i need to focus on my goals so that am able to accomplish them, and in time. It really harms and hurts my ability to carry out something i want to do. My mind wanders into an imaginative world every time i try to begin something leaving the work pending. To make matters worse, i've even got this terrible cold and cough and to add to that, a fever too!

Am finding my bones aching like anything, feel as if they're giving way and i cant understand why should i take my medicines in time. I hate them! See, the irritations already getting to me.. haha.. yet am laughing coz am not in my senses now! yeah, ive written those posts below and above and now am drained out!

But am not feeling well at the idea to put aside my work and what i've created. Will i have to think another way out :-)

And yeah, this isn't going to stop me from making my rounds, today.. my friends are waiting for me and i've got to visit them :-)

Two hours more and i'll be back visiting.. till them, have fun my friends :-)


  1. bluecrystaldude said...
    Hi Nisha,

    Hope you're getting well. I wishing you a very best from here :)

    Take care of yourself~!

    Syari said...
    Dearest Nisha, I hope you will get well soon. I wasn't well myself today. Headache. Now better. :)Waiting for food to be ready in the oven (for husband's lunch tomorrow) and coming online.

    I have the tags on draft and had answered some. Need to do some adjustments. Hope will be ready soon.

    Get better soon!! Hugz..
    Sweetiepie said...
    sorry to hear that.hope you get well soon.take care :)I hate the bones aching when i am sick :(

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