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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today i lost a very very good friend of mine, a person almost as close to my soul. Stupid reasons always create conflicts between people and before they realize whats happening, things are way to far to come under control. The bitterness, the stupidity of man-kind brings on one almost crushes a heart.. but all one can sit and do is to wait for a something close to a miracle.

Actually, today i learned of two losses, one of a dear friend who passed away few years ago. She was my childhood friend whom i used to count on as a best friend while we were together in the boarding school. A pretty thing she was, and i still remember about the five of us as best friends including 'her', and how we used to wear the same colored skirts and blouses or dresses to match. Whenever one of us were in trouble, the other four were always there for each other. None of us ever felt we were away from our parents because we took each other as sisters. One of them were my own cousin of course. The friendship did have our own share of "not-talking to you for days" or "am breaking my friendship with you" and a lot more of those 'teen fights' but then it happens in all kinds of relationships/friendships. Yet we remained good friends.

We lost touch once out of school and with my marriage at an early age, i began to be so involved with my newly wed and family life and life went on.. only today i heard the news that our friend had passed away due to circumstances she faced, prob because of her in-laws ill treatment. I was shocked!! How come i didn't know, but now that shes no more, may her soul rest in peace. My hearts almost torn today with two unbearable losses, though my friend is still in my heart ill never get to see her again.. the other one will be back in my life soon(i pray to god for that)..

The other was and is a person most dear, but we aren't friends anymore. Why do people turn away from each other despite all the closeness? i cant understand the game fate and destiny plays on us as living beings. It is what we make out of ourselves or was it meant to be? It takes two hands to clap, and when two people, both headstrong and adamant tend to bicker then god could have saved the 'bond from breaking'. Now once broken, the world comes falling down but nothing can be done except 'hope' and 'prayers'. Especially when you know that there is a distance between, which makes communication even more difficult, then how on earth would one understand the feelings of their friends when they aren't close enough to see it. How can someone act upon mere words spoken or written by a person whom is considered a loved one. I just hope and pray that no matter what, god keeps bestowing me with his blessings and lets me have back all my dear friends whom i lost.

No words can be taken back, nothing can be undone but true friends shall always remain true friends and only time can heal the pain and bind back the broken bond.


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