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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Breaking up is hard indeed, it up may seem the most painful in life, but surviving is far from impossible and in the end, it is the broken-hearts struggle for survival that eventually turns us into a stronger person and helps us overcome all bad things forever. Breaking up means a reconstruction and rethinking of so many plans you once chalked out for life ahead of you. Sadly you have to let go, as that is not the only full stop in life. You got to discover yourself and life goes on..

The sooner you begin the process of moving on, the better. Acceptance will be your first step towards a new life. Don’t let the denial part affect your strength to move on, face it. Say to yourself you are not the loser, he/she has is the loser. Easier said than done, but being realistic is a choice entirely up to you. Reason the breakup, if incapability was the cause and reconciliation was a failure too, then what’s the point of pondering over spilt milk? You two weren’t happy, so the whole purpose of being in a relationship was defeated. It is useless to compromise like they do in the movies, and letting go is a wise step.


  1. Bluedreamer said...
    oh now i know now nisha i wish you all the best just be strong and have faith
    have a great day
    Bluedreamer said...
    by the way can we exlinks with my a scene to remember heres the link
    Hicham said...
    Nisha; breaking up may be painful from one point of view but looking at it from another point of view shall reveal that both of them were not in harmony and they were wasting time in fixing things that can't restored by a simple or hard undo.

    So life goes on and people should see what make them comfortable and generalising is not good so it's all about finding the partner that match with.

    Finally I recall Diana Ross's song I will Servive
    nisha said...
    Bluedreamer.. that was just part one of a break up advice;) stil more to come, am sure lots of people will learn to live better!
    nisha said...
    Hicham thanks so much for taking out time and sharing a comment :) i agree with the same as you have wrote above.. that was just the letting go part of a break up, there is a few more and at the end the person will find the right partner ;)

    thanks again and again!

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