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Monday, June 30, 2008

I am here, yet again with my new template which i feel looks lovely/simple and cool, at the same time soo professional! don't you think so? I've cracked up my brains to get my blog setup on this template, as this was not easy at all.. its also suggested by the designer himself, Cris from original designer being eches of he said that this should be attempted only by the professional bloggers or those who know lots of html but am nothing compared to a pro blogger and neither am an html expert;).. The difficult task was changing the designers codes to my own! as he has some alternatives on the template.. and that's a bit confusing since i don't like tampering with codes much, but as i saw this template i was so reluctant to use this and nothing else. Now am done, but not completely done, as you can the header is so plain.. looks simple and clean though but i like headers that match a blog. I Think this really has cool features like the recent articles though i would prefer a most viewed posts and will try that too..

One more thing i would like to suggest those who want to use this template as i've read comments to the designer regarding problems while loading this template.. The side bar is not 200PX but 120PX and 180PX bars so before adding your elements, change your widgets to the needed size:) This is where i was trapped for hours!! as the second side bar slid right down and nothing doing unless i figured it out some hours later.. hehehe

Friends and visitors, you can always provide honest feedback about this template and ill see i can do my best to take into consideration your suggestions, if any:)


  1. Bugger said...
    Hi nisha,

    Thanks for dropping by. As for your request, I'll come back to you with the details. My current template utilizes Ajax for its recent comments, recent posts with images, featured articles etc.

    Again, just to response to your statement which is as follows:-
    ts also advised by the designer himself, Cris from

    The real designer is eches of


    nisha said...
    Thanks so much for coming back and leaving your kind comments..

    Oh yeah, and i'll give credit to the original designer too! ;)
    Anonymous said...
    Nice templete Nisha...looks kool. So, how r u nowadays?
    nisha said...
    Thanks ayush, a long time? where were you buddy? i miss you..

    as for me, am fine:)
    bluecrystaldude said...
    wow.. nice Nisha..Love it!
    Lalaine said...
    congratulations Nisha!! you've done well..yeah, it's really a lot of work changing template..a lot of headache sometimes too..hehe! but you did you said, this has a professional look which is cool!! I'm sure you're super satisfied with this now..Take care!
    exinco said...

    i just talk about your old template in my blog.

    congratulation on your new 'skin'
    :) :)
    nisha said...
    Thanks bludude.. i hope the template works for me:)
    nisha said...
    Hi lalaine.. i am super satisfied with this template much much more than the previous one! :)

    yeah, template changing is damm tiring;)
    nisha said...
    Hi exinco.. thanks alot buddy, it is your words that hit me and i decided to change the layout :)

    I have been experimenting with layouts since i created this blog, but its hard work ;)
    Azlynn said...
    hi nisha.

    i like your new template. it is nice and look professional too..

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