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Monday, June 23, 2008

Halloween night is a few months ahead, yet the costumes are on demand from now on.. Nobody wants a last minute stitch or hairdo, isn't it! I have set my eyes on the sexiest, funniest, cutest and finest designed costumes from the store at At the store there is an enormous collection of costumes ranging from varieties in each category like sexy Halloween costume, adult costume, kids, toddlers, teen, infant and pet costumes... But that's not the end, each category has every character possible you know from the 20's, 60's, 80's, geisha, ninja and samurai, serial killers, royalty and princess, animal and insect, witches, food, aliens etc etc.. And these are just a few! From the toddler and kids category, ariel, air force, barbie princess toddler, buzz light year and lots more!

I am imagining all the big stars of Hollywood invited to the Halloween party, and who else but Lady Pirate and Fred arrive an hour early, flying right through the hallway on the good witch Sabrina's broom! Ha ha.. You maybe wonderful what is so strange between them... It’s the theme of the party, opposites attract! Well that's actually Nicole Kidman inside the lady pirate costume and Tom Cruise inside Fred's costume. Nobody should recognize the unusual couple!! Any idea where the good witch Sabrina's off to? She’s left her broom to a good cause, i guess :)

The pirate costume is so ultra modern now days, because adults wearing these costumes give us a new outlook to fancy dressing on Halloween, especially we adults. Usually it would be youngsters wearing fancy dress to a party but our stars wear them on screen, why not off screen too. Fred's costume is so unusual. Would anyone want to be Fred for a day? Answer is, he's a nice and humble guy, anyone would want to dress themselves as him.

Wearing this beautiful princess 'Tiara', i picture the reining pregnant mom 'Angelina' and while she worn it, she'd out beat all princesses in beauty wise. Her glowing beauty knows no bounds these days. And where is Shiloh, Brangelina's biological daughter? Aha... Hiding inside that banana peel!

The store also has masks, wigs, decorations, audio and video effects and other props which you can mix and match and cook up your own style and theme for your party.

Psst psst readers... Check out the store online for there is a haunted house secret door somewhere on the homepage, near a brown comma??? Hurry, go on and search for your discount opportunity, it’s of great amount!! And remember shipping charges are only $6.99.


  1. Syari said...
    Gosh I love her boots!
    nisha said...
    Hehehe Syari.. you can buy them for hollaween ;)
    Proof Payment said...
    link exchange please

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