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Monday, June 09, 2008

A blogger from kolkata, Jiboner akibuki- Strokes of life who deserves a treat of Misti doi from me! I rarely blog about my city but here we have an author not only talking about his family and thoughts, but also has lots to share about his city, as well. His post about eating fast food got my mouth watering for the lovely puchkaas, bhel-puri, rolls, fish/mutton cutlets and what not.. though i understand the dangers very well, i try my best to avoid my kids and myself from having the stuff. The authors family life is also very interesting, has a baby of few months and lives in a joint family. Now i know i can relate to the blog as i think his thoughts did match mine in some way.. maybe because, being from the same city. Yeah, he also has pictures of our famous Howrah bridge which i always admired when passing the way but didn't have a cam with me always, to click photos.

Jiboner akibuki- Strokes of life blog has been around since two years and its seems like as if hes turning or already turned into an a powerhouse publisher! i got to learn many new things i never knew before. and am so glad to come across a really informative blog.


  1. Bluedreamer said...
    hello nisha thankjs for the willingness to exchange links with my "a scene to remember" blog
    im assuring you that you would like that too coz that blog features a different side of me and mostly deals with my personal life happenings

    im done with you links
    nisha said...
    Thanks for what? bluedreamer my friend, i wasnt active for many days but doesnt mean we should have some formalites as friends??

    I saw the blogs and they're great blogs.. great author and friend your are!:)

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