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Friday, June 06, 2008


A personal blog at penggrong where the writer jots down his honest feelings about the authors home being his office.. i don't work in an office but i can understand his sentiments, very well. When the author writes, They try hard to have potential earning resource. And that’s the natural causality; who plants, he will get harvest. Harder working means potentially getting more earning(I agree with you penggrong). When one needs to know a tip or gain knowledge about a certain product, he surfs it over the net but at penggrongs blog there are tips for any first timer.

I liked the tip about using a rice cooker because i don't use one myself but was eager about how it is used, by others. There are other tips for cleaning and cooking on the blog too.. i also write tips on my blog at times, hope i can write much more just like penggrongs blog.


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