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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Do fresh fruits/vegetables contain more nutrients or is it the frozen ones? That’s what I always tried to figure out and I finally got a satisfactory answer which is both contain nutrients but at different stages, depending on the time consumed by us. Fresh is best when its farm-fresh and it has more nutritional value and tastes better than frozen and canned foods. But it’s not always the case... Many fruits and veggies are picked during their peak of ripeness when has a chance for spoilage during storage and transportation. By the time they reach our platters, we have a very less intake of the nutritive goodness. Now I got you thinking, right? Think suppose we gather our own items, from our own very farm or immediately after harvest and froze them. This process does deplete some nutrients but locks in the rest and can be stored for almost 12 months. Even when certain fruits/ Veggies are not in season, yet we can enjoy the taste and have all the nutrients to ourselves, instead of losing them while they sat on the selves during transportation, in the supermarket or while in our fridge!! Thinking??? What is your preference???


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