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Friday, June 13, 2008

Yesterday i watched the children's movie Bhootnath at home, with my family. While i was busy on the PC, Aryan and his dad were watching the movie and i got interested to watch along with them though i missed out just a few minutes of the movie. The movie moved me to tears rolling right down my face.. Funny thing when we watch an emotional scene on TV, how we shed tears. That's always the case with me and it’s too embarrassing at times. My husband teased me along with Aryan, the monkey on hot bricks! Aryan watched the movie excitedly too, as the kid acting in the movie matched his nature being smart and a prankster.

The story centered about a bhoot(spirit) who dies in the house and doesn't allow anyone to live there, scares them away. Then one day a couple Shahrukh and Juhi along with their kid come to live there. When the kid encounters the scary Amitabh for the first time, he isn't afraid and instead tells the bhoot that if he gets scared, to wake him up! ha ha.. after much of trying to scare the boy, his innocence wins the bhoots heart and then they are the best buddies at home, in school and even in the pranks they play on Juhi, the kids mom. There is an emotional story behind his(amitabhs death) no wonder he remains a spirit who roams around not letting anyone live in the house, but the boys family prepare prayers for the spirits soul to rest in peace. Many funny and emotional scenes which makes the movie a topper in recent times. I kind of like horror movies but this wasn't a horror, yet i enjoyed watching it with my family. Parents in India must take there kids out to watch it the movie. some scenes are sure to get to into splits of laughter too.. happy watching bhootnath!:)

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  1. Anonymous said...
    hi nisha, welcome back to the blogging world, first time to know your case, at first I tot you shed tears coz the movie tells a sad story, hehe...

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