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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Recently my Hubby travelled to madras on a business trip, he had never been there before. When he was back he bought the kids toys, like a funskool play-doh set(not the mini one) for Aryan and a barbie doll for Alisha which i have packed away, for she might chew up her pretty golden locks and her slender legs;) He bought for me lovely show pieces and plenty of sea-shells from the marine drive beach in madras. They were beautiful oyster shells, and there seems to be living inside the shells, a mollusk.

BTW do you know how pearls are formed? simple.. The animal that lives inside the shell is an oyster, a mollusk that has a soft and sensitive body. To rid itself of irritation, the oyster covers the grains of sand or other substances that get inside its shell with layer upon layer of a hard smooth substances called nacre, which is the same substance which makes a pearl, and that forms what is called a cultured pearl!

Now am waiting for them to turn into pearls.. don't know how long its gonna take. As you all know they are beautiful but expensive so i thought i should initiate the formation of pearls at my own home, itself?.. hahaha


  1. bluecrystaldude said...
    Well Nisha, if you harvest it in your home, another twenty or thirty years later you should be able to see the pearl... Oh wait, perhaps we have to wait for 100 years? haha.. I am not sure, you tell me :)
    nisha said...
    Yeah dude.. i'll have to wait till am great great granny and still am not sure ill get to see the pearl, no wonder i laughed at myself at the end of my post ;) haha
    coolingstar9 said...
    You can decorate some pearl in your house make it unique appearence.
    Have a nice weedend and peaceful life.
    Best wishes from coolingstar9
    Nayanthara said...

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