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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today, its baby Alisha's tiny update time.. I was so excited and on top of the whole world when Alisha called me 'mam ma'. That word i was so anxious to hear. The more anxious i got, the more stubborn Alisha was.. but all my anxiety ended this month when she finally called me 'mam ma'. All along, Papa was the only word she'd chatter away, no mam ma.. but now its only mam ma, mam ma, mam ma and mam ma and i never get irritated or tired of hearing my name:)

She turned too clever at 20 months.. knows to plug in the ear-phones, dial a number and blabber away! he he and we have to bear the bills!! i cant imagine a mobile phone replacing a doll these days.. toddlers have learnt to operate a mobile at such a tender age, when once upon a time the doll was everything to them.. it was for them to dress, feed, kiss, bite, trample and what all??

Know how i feed Baby Alisha bournvita/horlicks/complan every night? i tell her its tea, 'taya' which she blabbers in her own language:). For her, car is 'kaya', tea is 'taya', papa is 'papaya'.. hahaha.. Evey baby is the world to their 'Mamma's'


  1. Syari said...
    I know how it feels! :) Bonnie started calling me "Ami" at first. LOL Only much later she started calling my mommy. Better than one of my nephews who called his mom (my sister) "aya". Which was her name. Maria. LOL
    exinco said...
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    nisha said...
    Hi syari.. i guess most moms maybe facing this as part of motherhood;)

    Thease days babys just have their own moods:)
    nisha said...
    Hi exinco.. i liked your review:)thanks so much.. but i cant figure out why my header is overlapping.. got to check my html:)
    bluecrystaldude said...
    LOL. My father said I once called him from my mother's phone when he was in oversea. The worst part of it I don't talk at all (I must push the redial button when I was asleep) Just imagine how high the phone bill would be. hehe. Thank God, I am very much at an innocent age of 3 back then. I am pretty sure he would be mad if I done it again now
    Nisha said...
    Oh my, bludude.. you were too innocent and your mom and dad had to pay for that! hehe

    This age at even 20mnts, kids can be too smart.. even though we lock the phone, my alisha can unlock!
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