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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Attacked by gas bubbles!

Last night, i suffered a pain around the navel area. I think it was gas related as i has eaten very very hot chilli chicken, prepared by myself! I put in all the chillies i found only to find the food i prepared was too hot yet we ate it. Oh god there was nothing like a pain reliever at home, no eno's or asprins, because usually no one at home suffers with these problems. I was hopping around the whole night from room to room, couldn't even relax on the bed properly.. finally i decided to use my own mind to rid myself of the pain, and it worked!!! I drank two sips of water at an interval of 15 Min's each and kept belging till the pain vanished..

The emergency technique i used:
Instead of moving around quickly and too much, i just walked a little now and then.

Relaxation of my mind helped to focus on other things instead of only the pain.

Drinking a few sips of water made me Belg, and you know belging rids the gas bubbles in our tummy's.

I hope these tips help anyone in an emergency:)


  1. vhiel said...
    i love your site.. would you care to trade links?

    I have 4 blogs that I would love to trade links with you? Let me know if you would like to.

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    vhiel said...
    Hi Nisha, thanks for adding my blog but the name does not really match with the url.. you added viels corner with the url and the two does not match. I would appreciate if you change it to the correct title of my blog. Let me know once it has been corrected so I can add your blog to my list.
    bluecrystaldude said...
    Haha.. I love eat spicy food! But I make sure I eat something before. Acidic stomach and hot food doesn't really goes well..
    ê¿ê said...
    Spicy foods will do that to you. I have never heard the term "belging" - we just call what I think you're referring to belching or burping :lol:

    Mo said...
    Not that you'd do this again, but if you have a relapse - try sipping cold milk. Works for me. If you're lactose intolerant - soy milk would do.

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