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Sunday, June 08, 2008

I haven’t been to familiar with anime folks on the web, though sometimes I look around for some pictures to use as an a display picture, on the forums etc.. I came upon this blog naruto character and all of abaout naruto which has loads of anime wallpaper, pictures and information on movies. The author seems like he has mastered the art of attracting one and every one of the anime fans as his blog is around, since a year and he has huge traffic. He has written down all the information and stories required for anime knowledge and the stories behind the picture he has on his blog.

He seems to have a mania himself, for anime because the main focus of the blogs is only anime which not only me but everyone admires, for they seem to have such beautiful and innocent faces. The character he mostly blogs about naruto characte so anyone can visit his blog to know lots of anime!

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