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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Termite Guide

Termites, one annoying word that terrifies us. Spotting the little creatures on our wall or carpet creates a mission impossible, to shoot them down! Of course i can’t shoot them but can spray them to death, though they never seem to get destroyed completely. These creepy bugs make me shudder at the sight of them. I think everyone does? Since the time i've shifted to my new home, my kid’s aren’t playing around freely, for fear these termites might bite them. I couldn’t figure out which type was harmless or not, but I thought i must do something to rid myself of them before they destroy my homes.

Surfing across the Internet on hopes for a rescue, has come to my aid. They have a pretty detailed informative guide about termites and borate, how to identify each type, damages expected and ways to destroy them yourself. Some termite terminating products and a bunch of useful questions and answers are also listed on the site.

My friend complained, her furniture was taken over by some creatures feasting on the wood every night. Maybe the powder post beetles are the culprit, as i found out from the site. Every night they would be sawing noises, comes morning and saw dust is all around the legs of the bed. How awful these termites can get... My poor babies, they fear the things. For sure, ill go through the site once again and ill find out a way to terminate them myself!

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  1. (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...
    ahh... i am glad these things dont exist in these parts of the world...
    at least not in homes... :-)

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