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Friday, July 23, 2010

Waiting to pack and move to our new home soon, and our kids are more than excited by the every thought of it as the new home is huge and spacious. Its a good thing that now at least Aryan would be indoors most of the time and this would also divert his mind from all the outdoor nonsense he's been up to lately, like bursting crackers on cats! yeah, i know its sounds harmful and its also an undisciplined behavior from his side which is quite a worry too, these days. His behavior is getting too out of my hand and i got to take some stringent action on him before hes out of my control!! i've been getting neighbor complaints and hes deemed one of the most mischievousness boys in the society!!

Got to do something about it soon but i think, things will change for the better once in the new home :)


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