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Sunday, July 25, 2010

TransUnion lawsuit

How one would feel if they were illegally invaded of their confidential details is not a big question that arises in our minds, as companies been illegally selling our confidential information, and for your information, one of those is TransUnion who have also been selling credits to targeting companies in the US. A large segment of the American population was effected by this illegal action is entitled to monetary damages from a pre-established $75 million fund.

If you have applied or received any type of credit between 1987 and 2000, a TransUnion Lawsuit is the best thing you can do now taking into consideration all the damages caused by them to you. These companies should be punished to the core because according to me, invading or disclosure of personal information is nothing less than a crime and is also a direct violation of the Federal Credit Reporting Act. Take a free consultation by filling up your form and McCollom & Demerath's expert skilled attorneys will handle even the most complex TransUnion claims by you and, for you.

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  1. Charlotte401 said...
    I just read the contract that this company wants you to sign to claim your share of this lawsuit. You will be signing away at least 80% of anything you recover?

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